The 3 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know!

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When it comes to getting good search engine results rankings, you need to learn exactly what the most important SEO ranking factors are.

In this post, I’m going to talk about what you need to know when it comes to ranking up in the Google Search Results.

I’m sure you have read a lot of search engine optimization information online, already. Most of the general SEO information in the cyberspace is very simple. You have to do On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, etc.

I’m going to share with you more than just “general SEO information” – I am going to share with you the 3 most important SEO ranking factors you must know, if you really want to benefit from the search engines online.

These 3 important SEO ranking factors are connected to what leads in the search engines today, QUALITY CONTENT. You are going to see what I’m talking about by the end of this post. 😉

Getting free traffic from the search engines is the best!

You can get a lot of free targeted traffic from Google alone. You just have to learn how to do everything the right way, and be very consistent with what you have to do.

Here are the 3 most important SEO ranking factors you need to know, to help you rank up in the Google search engine:

  1. Social Media Activity
  2. On-Page Activity
  3. Off-Page Activity

Now, this is not the typical on-page SEO and off-page SEO, but it is something similar. Just keep reading to find out more. 😉

Let me go into more details on what each one of these SEO ranking factors are all about.

The 3 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors You Must Learn

Before I talk about these ranking factors, let me talk to you about what the search engines are all about, especially Google.

What do you think the number one priority of the Google search engine is?

– The user! …

Their number one priority is to deliver the user with the best search engine service possible. If they don’t provide the best content possible, for the user’s search queries, they would not be the number one search engine in the world, right!

If you are someone looking to rank high in the Google search engine, you must always keep in mind the user, before anything. If you focus on over delivering value in your content, for the internet user, the rest will follow.

Content is definitely King!

But, not just content alone. A better phrase would be; “Quality Content that ranks, is king!”

You have to lead with the quality of your content, and the search engine optimization will become a lot easier to implement.

Got it! 😉

Let’s get to the 3 most important SEO ranking factors you need to learn…..

1 – Social Media Activity

Social networks play a huge role in the search engines, and with the search engines.

Social networks don’t only get you a lot of free traffic, they also help you get better search engine rankings.

And here is why ….

If the search engine’s number one priority is deliver the user the best content as possible, then the search engine has to learn how to be able to tell what content online is the best answer for that user’s search inquiries.

One great way to be able to tell how good and valuable a piece of content online is, is by looking at how many people are sharing it in the social networks, and how many people are talking about it online.

If a blog post is being shared by a lot of people in the social networks, people are leaving comments on these social shares, etc – that tells the search engines the content is really good.

If people like the content so much, the percentage of people sharing it goes up. More shares, equals more traffic, and that equals better search engine rankings.

Now …..

How can you make a blog post be shared in hundreds of social networks?

The answer is obvious ….. you HAVE TO be able to over-deliver on the value of content you are sharing, and more important than that, you need to come up with high demanded information online.

Find out what people are really looking for online. Find out high demanded solutions for specific people’s problems. Do a little bit of research to see who is sharing these solutions already, and just do a way better job than them on delivering these solutions.

Once you have an amazing problem-solving piece of content, push as much traffic to it as possible. Your post will need a push-start to make it go viral online.

If your content is very unique and it offers a lot more value than everyone else on that same topic, it can easily get a lot of attention between social network users. Just imagine how much free traffic you would get if one of your blog posts went viral in social networks!

2 – On-Page Activity

When do you feel like leaving a comment on a blog post?

When it is damn good, right!!? ..

The more comments a blog post has, the better it will rank in the search engines. And this is also connected to social networks. A lot of comments and social share a blog post gets, the more valuable the page is in front of the search engines. I would call this On-Page Activity.

The search engines also look at how many comments a blog post has. And that is because it is another sign that the content is very valuable and interesting to a visitor.

Again, the quality of the content is what leads here. The more valuable and epic the content is, the more comments it can get. And more comments, can help the post get more search engine traffic, more traffic will help the post get more social shares, and in return you will get a lot of free traffic for a long time. Get it!?

I hope so! 😀

I hope you are seeing the picture I am trying to paint in your mind. These are some of the most important SEO ranking factors in the search engines of today.

3 – Off-Page Activity

This is the backlinks part.

Backlinks are still an important factor search engines use to rank a page online. A while ago, backlinks were the most important ranking factors – but not anymore. They are still important, though, just not as important as before.

This is because social networks came into the game of ranking in the search engines. And the search engine’s technological progress, over the years, have impacted the backlinks strategies in a lot of ways.

You can no longer rank a page in the search engines only with backlinks. You need to combine social network activity, on-page activities (comments), with backlinks.

And the best backlinks are the ones that come naturally!

Backlinks were meant to be acquired naturally. People just decided to manipulate them and find sneaky ways to get as many as possible, in order to rank high in the search engines. This is why search engines keep on improving their algorithms!

Their most important job is to deliver the best content to their users, right. If people start to manipulate the search engine results, the search engine’s service quality can go down. Of course they do not want that to happen!

Think about it ….

This is why backlinks are now just A PART of the ranking factors. There are other search engine ranking factors that need to play together in order to get the best results.

The best backlinks are the ones made by the people who LOVE your content. Just think about this for a moment … when you find a blog post that is so amazing, so unique, it solves a problem like no one else online, and it is just an epic post all around, what are you more likely to do??? ….

…. you are more likely to link back to it!!

You are more likely to share it with your friends. You are more likely to link back to it from your own blogs.

You get where I’m going with this?

Once again, quality content leads here!

You can see now what I was talking about earlier in this post; that QUALITY CONTENT is what leads in these 3 most important SEO ranking factors.

If you learn how to put all of these 3 ranking factors together, very well, you are in for a good amount of free search engine traffic!

Wrapping it up

If you take good care of all of these ranking factors, they will take good care of you. 😉

You need to always lead with the quality of your content. The next step would be to push as much traffic as possible to that content. And the rest will follow.

This is very simple information, and there are no excuses to why you shouldn’t be able to get a lot of free search engine traffic to your blogs online. You just gotta take massive action with everything you learn.

Once you learn what works in the search engines, run with it!

Take massive action, and reap the rewards! 😀

This is enough information for you to make it happen, if not and you still want more, I would recommend you check out the SEO/Internet Marketing Institution of Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for passing by and reading this. I would love to hear from you … please leave your comments below!

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