5 Days Profit Review: Can You Really Turn $5 Into $8 In 5 Days

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In this 5 Days Profit review, we’ll find out if the opportunity is legitimate or just another scam.

5 Days Profit is a so-called investment opportunity that claims to deliver a 160% return on investment within 5 days.

What is 5 Days of Profit?

It’s a revenue sharing system based on selling ad-packs and recruiting new members.

The idea is to sign-up and purchase ad-packs that are used to advertise the opportunity on the homepage of the website and profit from shared revenue. Let’s see how it works.

It’s quite a flimsy business model but maybe it has some potential.

In fact, there are a lot of negative reviews out there about this program, a lot of people claim it’s a scam, while others are skeptical. I have to admit, at a glance, it seems like another classic revenue-sharing scam.

But let’s take a closer look.

Is 5 Days profit a scam? In this 5 Days Profit Review you’ll discover the truth about this opportunity!

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Keep your distance from this opportunity! What does that description even mean?!


  • Name: 5 Days Profit
  • Price: Free (but an account with one of their preferred payment processors is required) 
  • Type: Revenue-sharing Business Opportunity 
  • Website: http://5daysprofit.com/index.php

5 Days Profit Review: First Things First…

When you land on the website, it’s difficult to figure out what it’s all about.

There’s a lot of talk about ad-packages and investment opportunities, but it’s all rather vague and difficult to understand. From what I managed to gather, the idea is to purchase ad-packages to advertise your affiliate link to earn two-level deep commissions.

Red flag: When a website is not transparent and doesn’t reveal, in detail, how their system works; it’s likely a scam and you should avoid it at all costs. 

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a multi-level marketing system in place, and you’ll be able to profit from your affiliates, two-levels deep.

It seems like the idea is to keep all the money circulating through the website, the members purchase ads, those ads advertise the member’s affiliate links, some commissions are made, and the cycle repeats thousands of times.

I wasn’t able to figure out where the traffic from these ads comes from, some members claimed that their ads never delivered results. From looking at the website, it seems like at least some of the ad-space is on the website’s homepage, near the bottom of the page.

I noticed this because my Ad-Block plugin was lighting up with notifications, apparently there are a lot of ads to block on this website.

It’s also easy to tell that the ads on the website’s homepage are all affiliate links. I’m not sure if your ads are placed on other websites too, I couldn’t find out, but if it’s only on the website’s homepage than this business is bound to fail really soon.

The idea is to buy ad-space and promote the opportunity in hopes of getting referrals and cash.

5 Days Profit Solution: Buying Shares for More Profit?

A lot of websites pop up that promise to make you a co-owner or a founder for a fee, the idea being to purchase shares in the company in hopes of receiving compensation at some point in the future. It’s one way for these companies to collect the funds they need to expand their business.

They’ll convince you that the shares are extremely valuable, maybe even compare them to Facebook or Google, but the reality is that the company will likely disappear with your cash in a matter of months and you’ll never hear from them again.

Don’t do it. It’s almost always a scam. 

5 Days Profit promises that you’ll earn a 160% return on investment. That means if you purchase a $1000 ad-pack you’re supposed to be able to earn $1,600; a $600 profit.

But is that true?

As it turns out… not really.

With this system, withdrawing funds seems to be a pretty big issue, there are a lot of reports from members who were unable to withdraw funds. In fact, there are more complaints about 5 Days Profit online than there are positive reports, that’s a huge red-flag!

What it looks like is a classic pyramid scheme, members invest money in the packages, and then the company divides the invested money between the members.

5 Days Profit is very similar to other traffic exchange scams I’ve reviewed like My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon. Bottom line: all are really poor way to advertise your business and a guise to have you invest in B.S. ad packs.

It’s basically a money-making scheme (for the owners). 

Basically, it’s an online billboard that people can advertise their affiliate links on.

There are three packages: 

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As you can see, each package is supposed to deliver a 60% profit within 5 days, but these are just claims that are rarely true. Why spend money on these ad-packs when you can use a trusted source like Google or Facebook?

You can purchase a few different locations for your ads: banner, sidebar, and the footer; and your ads will be cycled with all the other members.

Instead of paying for random traffic, why not build your own online business by writing keyword targeted articles and promoting a specific product as an affiliate (or create a product of your own)


Let me break it down.

  1. Sign-up to the program.
  2. Purchase ad-space.
  3. The ads include your personal affiliate link.
  4. When someone signs up through the link, a commission is earned.
  5. Your ads are cycled with all the other members on the homepage.

See, this wouldn’t be that bad if a few changes were made, but currently, it’s a really ineffective model, and I seriously doubt you’ll see a return on investment.


It’s simple, all the ads are promoting the same thing; the opportunity! (but the opportunity is just ad-space!)

This would only work if the opportunity included many different features and tools, but that’s not the case. There’s only one feature; buy ad-space and promote your affiliate link. 

Imagine if you landed on a website and it was full of ads advertising that same website!

It would be a mess and you definitely wouldn’t click on any of those ads!

Well… that’s essentially what happened with 5 Days Profit.

Now, if you spread the ads on multiple websites, and didn’t over-crowd one website with identical ads, the results would be different.


5 Days Profit is a scam, and I really don’t recommend it.

Word of warning; stay away from companies that promise revenue sharing bonuses, that’s a classic hook that a lot of scams use to lure people in.

P.S. Check out this list of scams so you can avoid falling for known scams. 

Of course, there are always some honest people who really want to create a revenue sharing business, but the truth is that these businesses rarely work because the revenue sharing model is far too complex to survive.

It collapses after a few months, it happens all the time!

So, avoid so called opportunities that promise a cut of the profits, it rarely works. Instead, stick to something that actually does work, like earning money as an affiliate marketer (or create your own products).

Not sure where to start? 

That’s okay!

I happen to be a member of the absolute best online business training center, called Wealthy Affiliate, that I found during my many years of trying out different programs. It’s not just a simple product, it’s a community with tons of cool features and tools that you can use to kick-start your online business.

From newbies to advanced marketers, this program’s got it all. I created a comparison chart with 5 Days Profit so you can see the difference in an authentic online educational program for those that want to make long-term online success.

All the tools you need for success in one place.

Thanks for reading our 5 Days Profit review, please leave a comment below.

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