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Today I’ll show you the path to a free education online and discuss how you can build the foundation to a successful online career.

I ran across this program and took them up on their free starter membership, and because of this, I’ve learned to create online businesses out of thin air that generates passive income.a free online education photo

It takes time and effort just like mastering any educational program, profession or career, but if you can take 2-4 years to go to college and rack up a pile of debt, you will absolutely love this.

I chose a free education online that allowed me to come check them out totally for free. Building an online business isn’t expensive, but the reality is that it’s not totally free.

However, if you look at the costs compared to the education I got, you’ll see nothing but value.

Using this training center, I was able to keep my expenses anywhere from $2 dollars to $3 dollars per day (60 – 90/month). This is paying for my education, a keyword research tool, and an email capture system

This program is geared towards students that are interested in becoming…

  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Website Developers
  • eCommerce Website Owners
  • MLMer’s that Can Sell Online
  • Niche Website Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers

The free training is offered by a company called Wealthy Affiliate. They offer a certification course called the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

If you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to read my personal review of them to get a better understanding of who they are and what they represent in the online industry. As well you can read how they’ve personally helped me create my own income producing online business.

They are a very impressive company to say the least.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification program has some really cool freebies for budding new online entrepreneurs. They offer…

  • 2 free websites
  • Free Hosting for those sites
  • And 10 Free Classes to get you started with your online education

A Free Education Online – Stellar Support, Education, & Communication

I really believe that all educational programs, online or in a university setting, need to have these basica free online education photo components to their educational curriculum.

By doing so, the educational institution will provide their students the ability to gain new skills, knowledge, and mature into their desired profession over time.

So without further ado, here are the 4 components, that make up a proper Online Education.

You’ll see that the free Online Certification Program that WA provides contains all four of these characteristics to help guide you to your desired financial & career goals.

  1. Intellectual Learning
  2. Practical Application of Newly Acquired Information
  3. An Environment with Good Community Support
  4. Setting Goals for Success

All four of these components will need to be intertwined and mixed throughout the learning process.

And this is what the free WA Starter Program offers their students. A truly holistic approach to learning a new skill, trade, & career.

1). Intellectual Learning

Now this is obvious, we’re going to school to gain knowledge, but we need to recognize that a proper online education must provide the most relevant, up-to-date information in the market.

Here is a snap shot of the free classes that Wealthy Affiliate provides in their (free) Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The program consists of 10 classrooms that cover topics related to online business training, website development, and much more.

A Free Education Online Course Photo

Click To Enlarge Photo

Another really important aspect about learning new information and creating a new career or business, is that we want to be taught by real professionals. Real people that have already created successful online businesses.

You wouldn’t want to learn the Real Estate business from someone who can’t sell a house or market themselves, and this is no different.

The individuals that lead, teach, and design this program have created and ran numerous successful online businesses. This is who you want to learn from and this is what Wealthy Affiliate provides.

Below I have placed a video from one of the first online classes from the Free Online Certification Course. Click the photo below and you’ll be taken directly to the classroom.

Listen in and check it out

A Free Education online Video Course

Wealthy Affiliate also provides weekly Online Webinars which offer a great way to explore tons of topics related to the online industry and assist students in creating their own online businesses.

The Webinars run an hour or so and have Q & A sessions afterwards so that the students can discuss topics with the teacher. Here’s a few examples of some of the course topics.

a free online education photo

Click To Enlarge

There are 100’s of these Webinars to go through and each one is filled with a wealth of knowledge. They also are update every week with fresh new topics to allow you to have the latest educational information at your disposal.

2). Practical Application of New Knowledge

Another strong component of a proper online educational system is that they have their students take the new information that they learn and apply it to their very own online business.

What better way to let new information sink into your brain then by applying it to a real life situation.

You’ll find that new learning is strengthened and internalized much better when you take action and apply that knowledge to your own business right from the start.

How many of you have ever gone into a classroom, learned something new, went home, and a few days later (maybe even a few hours) completely forgot what you learned? My hand’s up, is yours?

If it’s happened to you, don’t worry, it’s a very common experience.

If we don’t apply or study the new information that we learn, that information never converts to Immediate or Long Term Memory.

With the Wealthy Affiliate program, you have a daily class and then daily tasks to accomplish that are related to whatever educational piece you are studying at the time.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

Here are three tasks for one class and the step-by-step directions to apply these tasks to your own online business. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the lingo, just check out the process.

a free online education photo

Here is the breakdown of each task that you need to perform in order to move on to the next lesson. 

Task 1: Select a Banner That You Want to Use

a free online education photo

Task 2: Add Your Selected Banner to Sidebar Widget

a free online education photo

a free online education photo

a free online education photo

  • Here, you can see great structure, guidance, and completion of a small project that builds to your overall task of building an online business. Very easy to follow.
  • The first two tasks took 20 minutes, 30 minutes total with the educational video not shown here.
  • And the review took me about 5 hours.

3). Good Community Support

Sometimes a student can miss a few tidbits of information in a classroom or have a few questions that they need answered. And a good online educational system provides their students with plenty of outlets to find answers to their questions in a timely manner.

This is where the Wealthy Affiliate Community comes in. There are a number of ways to do this at Wealthy Affiliate, you can Click the Activity Dashboard as shown below…

A Free Education Online Photo

And then you’ll go to a forum with other members to ask your question in real time. The Wealthy Affiliate Community members help one another out by answering questions and or offering support.

a free online education photo

Click To Enlarge. This Is An Example of the Wealthy Affiliate Community Support Through Live Chat

If other members can’t help, you can direct your questions to the owners of the program who are happy to help out.

Here’s an example of one of my questions directed at the co-owner Kyle.

I just had established the foundation to my website, and I wanted to get feedback from the owner, check out his response to my original question about how my site looks and the content that I was producing?

a free online education photo

a free online education photo

a free online education photo

You can also just go to the top of the main screen of the WA website and type in your question.

You will find a database of those who have previously encountered your question and have written tutorials or blogs on the subject.

You can also direct your question to the community.

Below you can see that I started out my question on…How to write. I could have put in How to write content, How to write articles, How to write a successful review, etc.

But by typing in the phrase…How to write, I received tons of answers that are related to my question. If I don’t find my topic in the drop down menu, I just ask my question directly to the community or someone specific. See below.

A Free Education Online Photo

Wealthy Affiliate has done a wonderful job integrating “HELP SECTIONS” for their student in their online program.

They also instill this Community Support Concept when you start working with them.

Some of the first tasks that you need to complete when you start your online courses are to reach out to the WA community and connect with other fellow students.

Here’s a screen capture of my homepage at Wealthy Affiliate. You can see that there are plenty of friends welcoming me to the community and that students support one another on a daily basis.

A Free Education Online Support Photo

4). Setting Goals

Setting up your goals should be a big part of any online or offline education. It’s a great way to track your progress and help you stay focused on the tasks that you need to accomplish in order to reach your overarching long term goals of…


Throughout the WA free educational program, you will be encouraged to set up your own goals right from the start.

Here are some examples goals from Kyle, the Wealthy Affiliate co-owner and teacher. You need to come up with your own goals, but this will give you a feel for what kind of goals and daily tasks you will be achieving in the online program.

Goals for A Free Education Online Course


If you are looking for a free education online, you want to make sure that educational institution is incorporating at least these 4 points into their curriculum.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a free membership that allows you to get started learning how to make successful online businesses. They make it super easy with their free membership by giving you…

  • 2 free websites
  • Free Hosting to those 2 sites
  • & 10 Introductory Classes to help get you started

And most importantly, they provide incredible online training and education.

As always, if you have any questions or comments on the post, please let me know and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you know of anyone who could benefit from a free education online, please let them know of this article by socially sharing it or by email.


a free education online photo

photo credit: National University via photopin cc
photo credit: Jordan Weaver via photopin cc

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