AdBizCentral Review – Scam, Legit, Would I Use Them?

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AdBizCentral Review

I just got notification of the latest traffic exchange program that’s being released and wanted to give you my take on it.

Is AdBizCentral a scam, legit site, and would I use them for advertising?

Well, let me ask you a question, do you take the approach with your online business of throwing spaghetti up against a wall and seeing what sticks? If so, perhaps Adbizcentral is the right place for you.

But if you want to drive targeted traffic, that’s already interested in whatever you’re selling, then there’s a much better approach to get the job done.

Let’s begin our Adbizcentral Review.

AdBizCentral Review – Product At A Glance

Name: AdBizCentral
Owner: Owners Identity Has Been Hidden
Price: Free to join
Overall Rank: 30/100
Verdict: Appears Legit? Limited income potential, Poor form of Advertising/Investing

AdBizCentral – Product Overview

Adbizcentral is another paid traffic exchange program that offers website owners and internet marketers a way to advertise their products or affiliate programs through the Adbizcentral membership website.

The site is fairly well organized and easy to navigate. They have their disclaimers, terms, policies, how to section, and a standard FAQ section in order and the site appears legit.

They offer you advertising in the form of purchasing credit packs with the minimum buy in at $10/pack. If you click on at least 6 other advertisements per day, your ad packs qualify you to earn a return on your credit pack up to 120%.

In this case, each credit pack would mature at $12 dollars.

An individual can purchase 1 up to 5,000 credit packs.

As with all paid traffic exchange programs, you are not guaranteed a ROI (return on investment) and there is no time frame as to when the credit packs will mature.

Per Adbizcentral website, each credit pack will get 500 Guaranteed Visitors to your website/advertisement.

There is also an affiliate program that you can use to make more money by bringing in more members to Adbizcentral.

You are paid on 2 levels for your referrals. The first level pays you 10% commission on the credit packs that your referral purchases and 5% commission on the second level.

Can You Really Make Money With AdBizCentral?

If you are looking at Adbizcentral as a way to increase traffic to your website in order to increase your online sales or are looking to make money on their investment program, I would say you may have a chance of making some money, but most likely very little.

With all traffic exchange programs, the lure is the ROI for the credit packs and the hope of driving more traffic to your site and/or affiliate programs.

There is one major problems with these types of paid traffic exchange programs and here’s what it is.

  • You are getting “Clickers” to your website who are only there to spend the minimum amount of time on your website/advertisement so that they will qualify their credit packs in the profit sharing program.

So you are essentially getting very poor quality traffic to your site/advertisement that stays the minimum 10 – 20 seconds and then leaves.

Even if you’re getting 500 hits to your advertisement, if they are not there because the are already interested in what you are selling, your chances are slim to none that you will make a sale.

Now every now and then your ad may capture someones interest, but in general, this is a very poor form of advertising.

The other important factor to consider is that in order for you to make any type of return on your investment, by buying credit packs, you have to buy a lot of credit packs.

AdBizCentral Review Photo of Example Earnings with Adbizcentral

Click To Enlarge: Adbizcentral Earnings Example

And that means that you are risking a good amount of money with a company that is..

  • Less than 60 days old
  • Is using a service to protect their identity & location
  • Has NO GUARANTEE on the investment
  • No Guarantee on how long it takes for the credit packs to mature

Now just because the owners of Adbizcentral are hiding their identity and location doesn’t mean that they are a scam, but this is very typical of online scams and should be considered in your decision to buy credit packs with Adbizcentral.

If you are going to use Adbizcentral, I would first find out the business location and owner information before investing any substantial amount of money.

Warning Advisory: You have no guarantee as to when your credit packs will mature or if they ever will.

AdBizCentral Review Screen Capture of Investment Disclosure Statement

Click To Enlarge

The Real Problem With Companies Like AdBizCentral

The real issue with any company like Adbizcentral is with what they are selling, cheap advertising that is very low quality and completely untargeted.

You’ll have much more online success if you learn how to create relevant ads using services like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads.


Because you can target a specific audience and create a relevant ad for what your audience is looking for.

For example, let’s say I’m selling a vacation package to Mexico and I want to target that ad using keywords that someone online is already searching for that’s interested in vacations to Mexico.

Using a keyword research tool, I can see how many people are typing in various keyword phrases into Google that related to my vacation packages.

Searches like all inclusive vacations mexico” which has over 3600 people/mo searching this phrase, or all inclusive vacation packages mexico” has over 2800 people/mo searching this phrase.

AdBizCentral Review Photo of Keyword Research Results

Click To Enlarge

Results Provided By Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

I could then compose an ad in Bing, Google, or Facebook that targets these exact keyword phrases.

When someone online (who is looking for all inclusive packages to Mexico) searches these two keyword phrases and lands on my Mexico Vacation Ad, I would be much more likely to make a sale than having a random ad being clicked on by an Adbizcentral Clicker.

In other words, I would produce a warm lead that is already looking for my product.

Let’s take it a step further..

Because all these phrases are low in competition, I could easily write up a post using these keyword phrases and rank my content on page one in Google. Then I would get this targeted traffic for free and increase my chances of converting this traffic to sales.

What’s The Point?

Any paid traffic generating programs (My Advertising Pays, Click Ad Pays, AdBizCentral) are really untargeted forms of traffic or advertising.

There is no guarantee on the ROI, nor will you make any money from the revenue share program without spending $1,000’s of dollars. And who wants to risk $1,000’s of dollars on an unknown company?

With a little education on how to put up relevant pay per click (PPC) ads or rank website content naturally, you don’t have to pay for “Clickers” but you can get highly-qualified-targeted traffic to your website or product.

Now What?

Your welcome to continue to try to generate online profits with traffic exchange programs like Adbizcentral or you can learn to generate your own traffic naturally or use relevant PPC ads that convert.

I would never personally use a program like Adbizcentral because of the poor targeted traffic and the fact that I know how to get my content to rank in Google as well as how to create relevant PPC campaigns.

Want to learn how to do this too?

You can get an education and learn how to rank content, complete keyword research, and use PPC campaigns without too much trouble.

I learned how to do this using the internet marketing education provided by Wealthy Affiliate. They’ve been teaching online marketers for over a decade and they know exactly what they’re doing.

They also offer a complete all inclusive educational program to learn just about anything you can think of related to internet marketing, online sales, or building websites.

Take a look at this comparison chart to see all that Wealthy Affiliate offers their students.

Thanks so much for reading my AdBizCentral Review and I hope it will help you in your online career. If you know anyone that may benefit from this post, I’d love it if you could share the post via the social share buttons.

Thanks and take care,

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