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If you’re here because you’re looking for an honest and detailed Affiliate Titan 2.0 review than you came to the right place.

Affiliate Titan 2.0 is a new affiliate marketing software and training platform that is currently still in the pre-launch stages.

It hasn’t been completely released to the public yet, but it will soon, so it’s important for you to know what to expect from this upcoming affiliate marketing product.

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review Details:

  • Name: Affiliate Titan 2.0
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing Tools and Training
  • Creators: Chris & Ken 
  • Price: $7 Front-End
  • Website:

What is Affiliate Titan 2.0?

Affiliate Titan 2.0 is a cool new product that grants you access to a few tools and some excellent affiliate marketing training advice.

It’s not the same re-hashed training material that you can find anywhere on the internet, it’s actually software that you can use to boost your conversions.

On the other hand, this a system that, when used with the software, can be quite profitable.

There are four tools that you’ll be able to access once you purchase the product:

  • King of The Zoo
  • CB 100
  • One Click Affiliate Tool
  • Launch Pulse

I can’t go into too much detail about all of these tools because some of them are still under construction.

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Nevertheless, the core tool, King of The Zoo, is an updated version of the previous version found in the original Affiliate Titan product.

King of The Zoo

The purpose of King of The Zoo is to link you with the hottest launches on JVZOO so you don’t need to spend hours looking for products to promote.

It compiles all that data and creates a list of the top 100 “Hottest” products to promote. And of course these are not just popular products but also products that offer excellent commission rates.

In other words, King of The Zoo is a simple research tool for the JVZOO platform.

CB 100 is similar to the previously mentioned tool but mainly for the Click Bank platform.

It creates a list of the top 100 sellers and products on Click Bank for your convenience.

1 Click Affiliate Tool, this is a tool that’s designed for the email marketers out there.

It makes it easy for you to create simple, one-click, landing pages to collect email addresses and build a list.

These landing pages are copies of the same templates that have been used by expert marketers around the world. You just have to add your own content.

Launch Pulse is a new system that’s still in development which notifies you of upcoming affiliate launches. This product is ideal for the affiliate marketers who want to “Snipe” a product before it hits the market.

Sniping new products is a popular way to earn some cash as an affiliate marketer. Basically all you have to do is be the first one to promote the product.

If you write a review before the product launches, when the product does launch and people are looking for information about the product, the review you wrote will be the first result they find.

So, these four tools can really make it easy for you to find products to promote as an affiliate marketer!

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Pros

There are quite a few things that I like about this product. For starters, I like how you are given access to four excellent tools.

There’s also a lot of training material that teaches you how to promote the products and how to use the tools for ideal results.

Secondly, it’s cheap! 

The front-end is only $7 and that’ll give you access to most of the material.

In my opinion, it’s an excellent deal, especially because you’ll be able to use their product finding software.

Third, the one click landing pages are pretty cool. I know most people give up on creating a landing page because they have no idea how to create them from scratch.

This tool makes that super easy! 

All you have to do is type in the keywords you want to target and the tool will find landing page templates related to those keywords.

In general, I think it’s a very cool product that’s definitely worth a look.

I also liked how the training material is not the same re-hashed content that can be found in every make money online product nowadays.

It’s pretty basic but to the point and it covers how to use the tools as well as some other topics.

So, though the training material is not as good as my favorite product, it’s still not bad.

It’s also really popular because of how easy it is to use these tools to find high converting affiliate offers.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find products to promote but these tools make it super easy! There’s also a good section about how to get traffic, that focuses on YouTube and other fast-traffic resources.

P.S. Read this article about how to get fast traffic from social media. 

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Affiliate Titan Cons

One thing that I thought might be a problem with this product is that the landing pages are not unique. There will be many other marketers using the same templates as you.

There’s also not much information on how to get into email affiliate marketing or Pay Per Click. You’re going to need PPC campaigns if you’re going to get traffic to your landing pages.

The training material is lacking but the tools make up for it for the current price.

There’s already plenty of affiliate marketing training courses out there, and some are much more complete and offer much more support and guidance.

Conclusion On Affiliate Titan

To conclude this Affiliate Titan 2.0 review let’s take a look at what it has to offer:

  • Three Tools That You Can Use to Find Affiliate Products to Promote
  • One Landing Page Creator
  • Good Affiliate Marketing Training Tips

So as you can see, that’s quite a lot of value packed into an inexpensive product.

I think the price will increase soon when the product officially launches so you might want to buy the cheaper version.

In general, Affiliate Titan 2.0 is an excellent product that I recommend.

The tools will make it super easy for you to find products that you can promote on your website or to your email list, wherever you please.

And you can also create instant landing pages that are copied from high converting templates!

If you want the worlds most complete affiliate training program, check out my favorite training center. Hit this photo below to join me within Wealthy Affiliate.

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