Affiliate Titan 3.0 Review: What Is It? Let’s Find Out!

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It is no secret that there are whole lot of affiliate training programs out there that are either scams or a complete waste of your time and money.

So, naturally you’d want to check out reviews, because diving blindly into an affiliate system can cost you an arm or leg, figuratively speaking of course.

I did some serious digging so that I could deliver a review that can hopefully help you make the right decision in terms of investing your hard earned money.

Alright, well before we get into the review we will talk about what Affiliate Titan 3.0 is all about.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 Review: What Is It?

Affiliate Titan 3.0 is a package composed of 6 software which are all designed to help you on your affiliate marketing adventures.

Yep, despite the numerous schemes out there that claim you can make money online quickly and without much work, real/effective affiliate marketing actually takes a lot of tools and work to be successful.

In addition to the software, the package also comes with a number of training materials, which are mostly in the video form.

According to the official website for Affiliate Titan 3.0, their software can be hugely beneficial for affiliate marketers in countless ways.

There are also numerous claims that you can make 4 digit incomes in just one day, which I believe are incredibly exaggerated.

Affiliate Titan 3.0: What Should I expect?

Like I said before, starting a new affiliate campaign is anything but a walk in the park. So, a little help will certainly go a long way.

If you lack the experience or the know-how to create a successful affiliate marketing campaign, then training materials and tools from Affiliate Titan 3.0 can be helpful.

However, it is still somewhat lacking. More on that later.

If you are looking for a more well rounded training program, then the button below will take you to a program that gives you pretty much everything you need to start your own online business.

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Now that you what Affiliate Titan 3.0 essential is, let’s talk about the individual programs in more details.

Affiliate Titan 3.0 Software

There are 6 major tools that come with the Affiliate Titan 3.0. Below is a short summary for each tool.

Rapid Video Ranker (Video Editing Software)

With this software, even beginners can start producing decent quality promotional videos.

They make it really easy for you to create a video by giving you voice over tools, royalty free music, subtitle tools, and more. You will also be able to integrate sales script into your videos.

While you won’t be producing Hollywood level videos, the software is more enough for affiliate marketers.

Why do you need a video editing tool? Well, you can post your promotional videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media websites to help generate free traffic for your website.

King of the Zon (Amazon Product Finder)

Amazon offers one of the most well known affiliate programs out there.

However, it can be difficult to choose the ideal product, as there are numerous new products that appear on the website each day. Not to mention that some types of products have heavy competition.

So, the King of the Zon software sorts through the Amazon products and shows you the top Amazon products that is both new and have low competition.

You can further sort through these top 200 products by using the number of filters available on the program.

King of the Zoo (JVZoo Product Finder)

This software is just like King of Zon, in the sense that it helps you find the top performing products.

However, instead of products from Amazon, you are shown top ranking products from JVZoo.

Once again, you can use King of the Zoo to earn more money from JVZoo’s affiliate program, because the more products people buy from JVZoo using your affiliate link, the more money you will earn.

CB250 (ClickBank Product Finder)

ClickBank is another popular affiliate program where you can earn some decent commissions. The software will help you find the products that are best for promoting.

1 Click Affiliate (Website Page Builder)

This program gives you a the tools you will need to build a SEO friendly promotional page.

Launch Pulse

Being ahead of the curve is important for any business. With Launch Pulse you are given information on the top products that will be launched in the coming few weeks or so.

Do I Need Affiliate Titan 3.0?

So the real question is, whether or not Affiliate Titan 3.0 is worth your time. Most of these tools only make your job slightly easier.

The truth is you can do almost everything these software do manually.

For instance, if you have enough knowledge then finding the top products to sell isn’t that hard on JVZoo, Amazon, and ClickBank as they have their own filtering tools on their websites.

As for the sales script and video tools, there are simply better tools out there that help you generate traffic for your website.

Need solid affiliate marketing training?

Wealthy Affiliate, for instance, is a recommended program that helps beginners get started with affiliate marketing.


According to their website, the Affiliate Titan 3.0 only costs $9.95 right now, which is quite affordable to be honest.

The software it offers can be useful, but are certainly not essential for making money online.

In fact, you still lack quite a lot of tools needed to earn money through affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a more well-rounded package, then I suggest you check out the link below.

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In conclusion, I hope that this Affiliate Titan 3.0 review helps you make the right decision in where to invest your time and money.

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