Audio Video Spinner Review: Does It Work as Promised?

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Audio Video Spinner Review – Is this product worth your time and hard earned cash? Let’s find out if Audio Video Spinner is right for your business.

If you had access to a software that allowed you to create videos with professional voice over actors, high definition stock video footage, and images; could you use it to grow your business?

Audio Video Spinner is a downloadable product that allows you to create videos from stock voice over segments and video footage. The segments can be combined and re-configured to create unique videos for your marketing needs.

Video marketing does work and can be incredibly powerful if done correctly but does Audio Video Spinner deliver as promised?

Let’s take a look. In this Audio Video Spinner review you’ll learn the truth.

Note: I don’t work as an affiliate for this product, this is article solely based on my opinion as an experienced product reviewer. 

Audio Video Spinner Review – Product Details

  • Product Name: Audio Video Spinner
  • Product Creator: Eduardo Gutierrez
  • Price: $57
  • Website:
  • Up-sells: None – refreshing isn’t it
  • Type: Video Editing Software With Stock Files

What is Audio Video Spinner?

The idea of the product is to allow people to create unique videos with the same collection of audio and video files.

Audio Video Spinner Review Photo

This is a Video Clip from Audio Video Spinner – Notice how they use the same actors over and over again.

It’s similar to how you would re-write an article to make it more unique in order to avoid penalties for duplicate content. I’ll explain how it works.

The software includes a massive collection of stock images, videos, and audio files. The program includes voice over work that is divided into 3-5 word snippets.

These are based on the most common marketing and business topics, mainly designed for promotional purposes, such as in sales videos, and what not.

You can choose the snippets that you want and rearrange them to create a unique voice over audio track.

It’s all done within the program, the voice over artists all sound great and the files are formatted to the highest possible quality. There are also several different types of voice over artists that you can use.

In order to understand, think of a standard promotional audio track that has been cut up into multiple files that are only a couple of seconds long each.

Then, the process is repeated with different scripts until you have a collection of tiny files that you can snip together for a unique script and voice over track.

It’s definitely an interesting idea.

What I Liked About Audio Video Spinner?

This product has several features that I thought were quite useful.

For instance, the watermark feature allows you to post a watermark on your video in any position that you desire. This is a cool idea for people who are making instructional videos and want viewers to know where to head for more videos or information, it’s where you’ll include a link to your website or your company’s logo.

I also like the collection of stock files. It’s important to note that these files are extracted when you install the program so you can use them with other programs and edit them as you please, they’re all stock files that can be edited without breach of copyright. The collection includes high definition images, audio files, and video files (with audio and no audio).

Audio Video Spinner Review Photo

Another screenshot from Audio Video Spinner stock videos

I also like the voice over editing idea. In fact, that’s the feature about this product that I like the most. It makes it possible for you to avoid hiring voice over artists which can be quite expensive depending on where you look for talent. The clips connect smoothly and you can hardly tell that they were not a part of the original file.

What I Didn’t Like?

There are a couple of things that I didn’t like about Audio Video Spinner.

First, the software needs a lot of work. It’s confusing to use and it can be challenge for some people. There is a tutorial included and a guide that tries to walk you through the program’s various features but I still think the program is difficult to use.

There’s no visuals for you to work with, it’s all configured by changing numbers manually which can be a challenge especially when you need everything to be in-sync.

In other words, there’s a learning curve.

This product is not like any commercial video editing software, it’s more low-budget and specifically designed to create simple stock videos.

Don’t expect too much. You won’t be able to create any Hollywood graphics or action sequences with this software!

So, the user interface is not as user friendly as I hoped.

Additionally, I noticed that you can’t really make professional videos with the stock media that’s included. The stock video files are all cheesy people in suits, the same footage that can be found in a lot of sales videos for known scams.

Audio Video Spinner Review Photo

Same actors, understandable, but a bit cheesy. Your call, it might make for a professional presentation depending on your niche.

In other words, I’m not sure if this program can create videos that are actually useful for marketing purposes.

It might be cheaper to head over to Fiverr and hire someone to create a whiteboard animation video and read a fluid voice over script.

Then again, I guess it all depends on how you use the software. I’m sure some people can benefit from the Audio Video Spinner software.

I just don’t like the idea of creating videos that are based on stock footage that thousands of other people use. It’s like basing your business in re-writing other people’s articles and publishing them on your website.

So, I think this software would be useful to make some videos for quick YouTube marketing but it shouldn’t be used for the long-term video marketing.

I also think you can be more effective creating your own videos, it’s more believable and convincing, but again, it depends on your niche and what you’re trying to market.


To summarize what we learned in this Audio Video Spinner Review, the product has some cool features and it’s definitely not a scam.

The features can be used to create fast and relatively unique videos that can be uploaded to video hosting websites for some fast traffic. I particularly like the voice over editing feature and the collection of stock files.

However, there are better ways to promote your business, techniques that don’t rely on re-arranging footage to create a unique video.

One of the best ways to promote your online business is to simply focus on delivering as much value as possible. If you have a website, write the best articles possible, articles that actually help the reader.

If video marketing is more up your alley, do the same thing. It takes time but if you’re patient and consistent, it will be worth it.

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Thanks again for reading our Audio Video Spinner Review and if you have any feedback, please leave us a comment below.


audio video spinner review photo

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