Auto Mobile Code – The Laughable Scam

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Homer’s Auto Dialer Compares to Auto Mobile Code Scam

I heard about the Auto Mobile Code about a week ago and just got around to reviewing this product. I must say that this is one of the funniest scams I have seen so far.

It actually reminds me of a Simpsons episode.

Maybe you remember the episode where Homer finds an auto-dialer machine. Marge recommends Homer to throw it out because it’s used to scam people out of their money.

And that’s when Homer’s get his idea of HAPPY DUDE.

He releases the auto-dialer on Springfield with the message…

“Greetings friends, do you wish to look as happy as me? Well, you’ve got the power inside you right now. So use it and send $1 dollar to Happy Dude at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield. Don’t delay, eternal happiness is just a dollar away”

Of course the auto-dialer call goes to Mr. Burns who decides he’d be happier with the dollar than eternal happiness.

But really, this is exactly what came to mind when I viewed the infomercial for the Auto Mobile Code program. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s quite comical.

I digress from reminiscing about the Simpsons. Let’s begin the review for Auto Mobile Code

Auto Mobile Code Review – The Basics

Product Name: Auto Mobile Code
Overall Ranking: 0/100
Price: $49 dollars with multiple upsells – See below
Advertised Owner: Giovani & Tessa Leoni
Real Owner: Ronnie Montano
Verdict: Scam

Back To The Auto Mobile Code Infomercial

There are two videos going around. One portrayed by two actors, Giovani Leoni & Tessa Leoni. The other by some guy who never gives out his name, but he sure is a cheesy actor.

This is the one that I will be referring to in this review. You can see an excerpt of the video below.

Giovani Leoni and his wife Tessa are the supposed owners of the Auto Mobile Code. They are not the owners at all, but actors. The real owner is a scam guru named Ronnie Montano.

Mr. Montano is associated with tons of online scams which include: NHT Global,, Plan B Profits, My Binary Code, Mobile Money Code and eMobile Code.

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If you do a Google search of these programs and add scam on the end of your search, you’ll find numerous reports of people being scammed by these programs.

The actor (shown below in the photo) specifically tells you that you’ve got to keep the Auto Mobile Code invitation a secret and this program is by invitation only. Then he guarantees that you will make $500 a day using their free Auto Mobile Code system – GUARANTEED!

photo of auto mobile code actor

Sales Pitch Actor In Auto Mobile Code – Notice Only 19 Spots Left -Better Hurry And Sign Up

This spiel goes on for about an hour. After a while it’s painful to sit through. But what’s worse is that people are getting suckered into this scam right and left.

If you’ve been one of the select few to receive an invitation to join the Auto Mobile Code, then please read this review before getting lost in a whirlwind of expensive upsells.

The Auto Mobile Code is another “automated income” scam that promotes little personal effort for huge financial compensation. It’s a waste of your time, efforts and hard earned money.

But at least it’s good for a laugh or two 🙂 Enough said, let’s continue the review of the Auto Mobile Code.

Auto Mobile Code – Screams Scam All Day Long

If you haven’t been subjected to the Auto Mobile Code infomercial, you can see a short clip of it below.

Notice the amount of times the actor in the video refers to making $500/day – guaranteed. Like I said above, there are a couple of infomercials going around representing the Auto Mobile Code.

I had the misfortune of sitting through this one – with the pompous looking guy – in the video above. He babbles endlessly about the amazing opportunity presented before you. First, he states that you can make $500 per day and then shows you his bank account going up by over $2,000 per day.

He rambles on about how easy it is to make money with the Auto Mobile Code and that this invitation is limited to 100 people. And if you want access to this miracle system, you must act now.

As you watch the video, the counter continuously goes down. And although I paused this video while doing this review for over two hours, the counter was still at 19. Clearly, the counter is false and so is the limit on invitations allowed by Auto Mobile Code.

He offers a free secret report, but only if you sign up right now. Swearing that he is not making any money off the advertisement as well.

He stresses that it’s up to you to take advantage of this system today. Also, he can’t discuss too many details about this program because the chairmen of Goldman Sachs and other large financial corporations will alert this system to the FEDs and shut the system down.

Can you believe this ?

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He then states that the “Big Banks” don’t want you to know how to do this because they want to keep you poor and keep themselves rich. Of course, this is his way to try to come off as “relate-able” to you.

Does any of this work for you guys out there? Or is it just me who’s shouting B.S.

Also, he wants only serious beginners who are dedicated to the training and committed to learning their system to sign up for the Auto Mobile Code.

Why’s that? Because online money making scams pray on inexperienced internet marketers all the time. That’s how they make their money. You join, get suckered into the scam, then keep paying for upsell after upsell. Don’t be a victim.

Ahhhhhhh, do I really need to go on with this review? OK, I guess so. Let’s break it down.

Auto Mobile Code – What Is It Exactly?

auto mobile code photo

Actor playing Tessa Leoni referring to your special selected invitation and pitching the Auto Mobile Code Titan Upsell for $295

Auto Mobile Code is a software application that manages SMS (text) messages to drive traffic to various products and website emailing lists. It’s supposedly designed to capture cell phone numbers all around the world that you can use to make automated money.

You can use your own list of personal contacts, but of course this will just upset your friends and most likely you don’t have 1,000’s of contacts to begin marketing via text message.

So that’s where the upsells come in. You need to continually buy another automated program and pay for sending out text messages to make the business work.

Auto Mobile Code – A Sea Of Upsells 

Once you get into the members area, you have a series of products to “Help” you automate your income with Auto Mobile Code. And of course each one comes with another price tag for you to purchase. Here is a brief list of some of the upsells you can expect to see with Auto Mobile Code.

Auto Mobile Code Photo

Here’s a inside look at Auto Mobile Code training site. Notice the amount of Upsells you can look forward to wasting your money with Auto Mobile Code

1.) 50 Done For Your Business: price of $297.

50 Done for You is a list of 50 Private Label Products. These types of products are licensed by the developer and then they sell the intellectual rights for these products to whoever wants to buy them. Most of these product are of low quality and provide little value to the buyer.

2.) Auto Mobile Code Titan: price of $295.

This program is designed to allow you access to send text messages all over the world. You think you’ll get full access to sending messages for $295 dollars, but in reality you just get access to the program. Then you will have to continually buy credit packs to continue to send messages throughout the world.

3.) Viral Texting Machine: price of $179.

This product appears to be the same as the Auto Mobile Code Titan. It also sends texts throughout the world. Not sure what the difference is, but it appears just to be another way to milk more money from the unsuspecting users.

Maybe you get more texts sent out, but again you’ll be paying for each text sent by this program on your behalf.

4.) My Top Tier Business: price of $97 with huge multiple upsells.

This is a product produced by Matt Lloyd, another well known multi-level marketing scam artist. If you would like to read my full review of My Top Tier Business, you can do so here.

You definitely want to stay away from this one. You can lose thousands of dollars. On my review you can read about a poor gentleman who lost over $3,598 when he tried to get a refund. He would have lost more, but was protected by one of his credit cards due to a breach in the contract with My Top Tier Business.

5.) Money Mobile Code: price of $47 with many upsells.

Basically the same thing as Auto Mobile Code. So no need to buy this program if you’re already trying Auto Mobile Code.

6.) Emobile Code: Again $47 with multiple upsells.

Again, same concept as Auto Mobile Code and made by the same scam artist, Mr. Montano.

Why The Auto Mobile Code Won’t Work

The reason I feel this program is doomed to fail is because you need a large list of cell phone numbers to market their products. If you don’t have this list, you need to buy lists from Auto Mobile Code.

And of course Auto Mobile Code will provide this service, but you will need to pay for each message sent from the Auto Mobile Code application. You buy credit packets for $50, $100, $150, $300 dollars and mobile code signup form

And the last and most important reason I dislike this program is because this style of text marketing is extremely annoying and invasive to most cell phone users.

When was the last time you got a spam-like text message from someone you didn’t know, opened it, and then actually bought something?

Maybe I’m the exception, but I delete these texts immediately from my phone.

And although it’s true that there are more smart phones in the world then computers, there are also more people using free SMS apps on their phones versus their own SMS texting service. Programs like…

  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • ChompSMS
  • Textra
  • Facebook Messenger

Another good point is that a large majority of mobile users are from developing countries. So you will be paying to send messages across the globe to market products to people who either don’t know the language, have no need for the products, or can’t afford them.

This is a very poor form of marketing. Most of the people that you send these messages to will just delete the message and your money will be sent down the drain. This is not a good marketing strategy.

One Last Point About the Auto Mobile Code 

If you Google Auto Mobile Code, you’ll find several websites where the name of the website is based on the name, Auto Mobile Code.

That is because these are affiliate marketers that have already signed up for the program and set up websites with the title of their site somewhat based on the keywords of…Auto Mobile Code.

They have created the website and written positive reviews on this product to market this product. And these reviews are designed to get you to sign up underneath them, plain and simple.

You can also read of one Auto Mobile Code Member’s experience with this program right .

Lastly, look at the video. Look at what it promises you. Claims that this is by invitation only, and that you’re not to share this secret information, hush, hush.

WOW. When you hear statements like that, you know your looking at a scam. This program is based on you getting more people to sign up and then have others sign up underneath you.

There are just too many sales like statements that are false. Is this the type of company that you want to work with? Not me.


I’m constantly amazed at how many people get suckered into scams like Auto Mobile Code. It wreaks of the same long winded, sleazy sales pitch that people fall for time and time again.

Read my post on how to spot a scam to learn about these sales and marketing tactics in order to avoid losing money in the future.

If you truly want to learn to make money online and build a long lasting business that has the potential to provide you monthly income and eventually passive income, get started on the right path.

Time and time again I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate University. The reason why is because it’s a true educational platform that teaches you how to put up a real online business.

And they don’t charge money for you to come and check out their program.

They will actually provide you with a free membership that comes with 2 free websites, hosting for those sites, and an entire course to set up your online business for free. See below for the courses they provide in their free membership.

Auto Mobile Code Photo

Lastly, I would like to give you some simple advice when it comes to making money online. Programs that offer get rich quick systems are scams.

If you really want to make money online, it takes time, dedication, and passion to create a real online business.

Everyone wants the easy system to make money at a push of a button. But that’s not how it works.

The only people who make money off of “automated programs” or Multi-Level Marketing schemes are the ones that start them.

Everyone else loses money or makes very little money. The average amount of money made by people who try these types of systems is less than $300 per year.

Take a look at the comparison chart based on my findings of Auto Mobile Code versus the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Have a look and see why it’s the most superior training program to help people make money online.

Best of luck,

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