Click Ad Pays – Scam, Legit, or Worth Your Time?

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Are you thinking of joining Click Ad Pays? Wondering if it’s a scam, legitimate, or if you really can make money Cover Photo for Click Ad Payswith Click Ad Pays?

I was introduced to Click Ad Pays as a honest way to make money online.

I’ve seen other traffic exchanges programs that I felt are nothing but scams, My Advertising Pays for example.

And the reality is that Click Ad Pays is set up exactly like My Advertising Pays, but without all the hype and redundant claims of making tens of 1,000’s of dollars overnight.

As a matter of fact, Click Ad Pays states in the F.A.Q. section that their program should not be considered an investment. Here’s the snippet below.

Investment statement from Click Ad Pays

Click To Enlarge

Not only that, they also state…

  • Any purchase you make (from clicking other participating members ads) is at your own risk (that means – watch out for scam offers).
  • That by signing up, you agree that you will only spend money you can afford to lose.
  • That investment dividends (this is in their credit pack investment program discussed below) are not guaranteed nor should you expect the same performance from past dividends.
  • That you will hold harmless of liability of any losses that may occur from using any program that you purchase from Click Ad Pays (including programs from other CAP members).

You’ve got to find their honesty refreshing.

But still, we have to ask ourselves the question, can you make money using Click Ad Pays?

Read on to hear my breakdown of the Click Ad Pays program and find out if it’s worth your time.

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Click Ad Pays Overview

Name: Click Ad Pays
Owner: Jean Duclerne
Price: Free to join
Overall Rank: 40/100
Verdict: Appears Legit? Limited income potential

What Is Click Ad Pays?

Click Ad Pays is a type of online traffic exchange network. If you don’t know how these systems work, I’ll give you a quick breakdown.

Online Traffic Exchanges are designed for website developers and affiliate marketers.

Traffic exchange’s provide a way to advertise an individual website or an affiliate marketing program.

The web developer or marketer agrees to click on a certain number of other websites or ads in order to get traffic to their site.

This offers websites and marketers greater exposure and more potential visitors to their websites or affiliate programs.

Members of Click Ad Pays use a referral link within their ads that allow them to track their sales.

Now one thing to note, you don’t have to be an affiliate marketer or website developer to enter Click Ad Pays.

You can participate by buying credit packs and clicking on advertisements.

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You also can find affiliate programs in the Members Area that you can promote as well.

The difference between Click Ad Pays and a tradition traffic exchange model is that you have to buy credit packs for $5.00 per pack.

So it’s a form of a paid online traffic exchange network.

Members of Click Ad Pays buy credit packs that are then used to purchase various forms of advertising. Click Ad Pays provides 7 different forms of advertising…

  • Login Ads
  • Business Directory Listing
  • PPC Banners
  • Solo Ads
  • PTC Advertisements
  • Text Ads
  • Banners Advertisements

Once you’ve purchased your credit packs, you select your preferred form of advertising and Click Ad pays will run your ad in their “Surf” feature.

Here, all members of Click Ad Pays will be able to view and click on your ad to be taken to your site or affiliate program.

How Do You Make Money With Click Ad Pays?

If you listen to the Click Ad Pays infomercial, they list three ways to get paid.

1.)  Purchase credit packs and earn a daily profit share every 30 minutes.

However, this is somewhat confusing because they state on their website that profit-sharing is dependent upon sales performance and is not guaranteed.

For every $5 dollar credit pack you buy, that pack is maxed out on it’s profit sharing when it reaches $6.25.

That’s 125% ROI (return on your investment). But there are no guarantees of profits or how long it will take to max out your profit shares. See the snippets below from the Click Ad Pays website.

Click Ad pays Profit share statement

Click to Enlarge

Click Ad Pays Investment Statement

Click to Enlarge

2.)  Participate in Click Ad Pays referral program. For every member you refer to Click Ad Pays, you will receive a 10% commission on every Click Ad Pays product that your referral purchases.

If you’re going to do the Click Ad Pays program, this is your best bet to make some cash.

If you refer someone and they go on to buy 100 credit packs for $500 dollars, you’d make a nice commission of $50 dollars. So this is clearly the best way to make money with this system.

But in order to do this, you need to have some type of marketing campaign to promote your Click Ad Pays referral link.

3.)  View and Click PTC Ads (pay to click). Click Ad Pays doesn’t disclose their compensation for clicking on an ad and waiting 10 – 30 seconds.

Normally, with PTC sites, the compensation is extremely low.

For example, with a well established company like, they pay commissions that range from .001 cents to .02 cents for 30 seconds of your time.

So let’s take the high end pay range and say you make 2 cents every 30 seconds. That comes out to $2.40/hour or $19.20 for an 8 hour day. You would be better off getting a job at McDonald’s than spending your day clicking PTC ads.

If you are already a Click Ad Pays member that earns money from PTC ads, please share what you make per ad for your time in the comments section below. This could really be of great value to other potential C.A.P. (Click Ad Pays) members.

Are You Really Getting Quality Advertising With C.A.P.?

In general, I have a problem with traffic exchange programs, and here’s what it is..

Online traffic exchange programs reward members based on clicking on websites they visit.

You have to stay on that website for 10 seconds, then it’s off they go, off to the next ad to wait another 10 seconds.Photo of a Click Ad Pays Advertisement

If you are an online marketer or website developer, this is not the form of advertising you want!

Maybe every now and then you’ll get lucky and someone will find your product of interest and will buy from your website or affiliate program.

But for most, this is not the case.

People who join these types of programs are there to click away, then move on to the next ad.

So traffic exchange systems like Click Ad Pays are really a poor form of advertising.

And this is what makes me leery about these types of programs.

What they sell is a poor quality product.

This should influence your decision if you want to get involved with a company like Click Ad Pays.

If you want to drive traffic to your site or affiliate program then you want to advertise to people that are already interested in your product.

banner for free traffic ebook

PPC (pay per click) advertising through companies like Facebook and Google are a form of advertising that is based on keywords that people are searching on a daily basis.

So these customers that click on your Google/Facebook Ad are somewhat of a warm sales lead.

They’re somewhat already interested in the product or service you’re selling.

These types of leads really are better for opting in to your email marketing.

What converts content best? Debatable, but I’d side on quality content that ranks #1 in Google or YouTube.

With Click Ad Pays, you’re getting “Clickers” and nothing more. People who are there to visit for the minimum amount of time and then leave.

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Is Click Ad Pays A Scam?

Let me just play devil’s advocate here for a second.

If every person who comes into the Click Ad Pays system buys 100 credit packs, that will cost each person $500 dollars, right?

If more than half of those people were referred by another C.A.P. member, those members receive 10% commission ($50 dollars).

Then if every member earns $625 for their original $500 dollar investment (125% ROI), then Click Ad Pays is loosing between $125 to $175 per person.

So how does Click Ad Pays make their money? Are they selling advertising outside of their members area? Are they paying you to click ads directly from companies that are just paying them for advertising?

I highly doubt this is the case.

These are questions that I don’t know nor could I find disclosed on their website. If any Click Ad Pays member knows the answers, please leave a comment below and explain it to the rest of us.

If Click Ad Pays was a scam, how would they do it?

They’d pay their members profit sharing right from the start.

This would build a lot of excitement and incentive for current members to go out and recruit new members. A personal referral goes a long way and people start telling their friends of an easy way to make extra money online.

And just like that, the easy money making idea spreads like wildfire.

When the system is based on bringing in new members to buy credit packs, the profit sharing continues.

What happens when the influx of new members goes down? What happens if you have 2000 shares valued at $12,500 dollars and the company tanks? Your shares tank and you lose all that hard earned profit sharing.

BTW, can anyone tell me how long this company has been around? Do they have a long standing established business history? Or are they less than a year old?

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What Do I Really Think Of Click Ad Pays

I think that in order to make any money with this company, you need to be willing to purchase a lot of credit packs and bring in a lot of new referrals, and that the whole system is designed around you purchasing as many credit packs as possible.Photo of a Click Ad Pays Advertisement

And of course, Click Ad Pays needs “Clickers” to hit the referral links to be able to charge their advertising fees.

Special Note: There are no refunds for any products or credit packs you purchase.

So by purchasing a lot of credit packs and not knowing how long it will take to receive profit-sharing, you could get yourself in over your head.

Also, many of the ads on Click Ad Pays are other money wasting scam products. So if you find yourself interested in another product, do your research before investing any money. Remember, all sales are final with Click Ad Pays.

Again, another statement from the Click Ad Pays website. See below.

Click Ad Pays Refund Statement

Click To Enlarge

So let’s do a little math..

If you purchase 100 credit packs for example, you will pay $500 dollars.

Then when the profit-sharing kicks in (and we don’t know how long that will take nor is it guaranteed), you’ve earned yourself $125.00.

Click Ad Pays will encourage you to reinvest that money and that makes sense if you have a 125% profit guaranteed, but we already know that that’s not the case.

But say you pull your $125.00 profit out, they charge a 2.4% fee for all funds deposited. So that eats up $3 dollars. To accept payment, you can use Solid Trust Pay, Paypal, and Payza to deposit and withdraw funds from your Click Ad Pays account.

So that’s going to be another 2.5% – 4% fee from those money exchange providers. And at last, you’ll most likely have to pay some amount of taxes on your profit.

So if it takes you a month for your credit pack to mature, and you have a small budget, then it’s going to take a long time to build any real money using their profit sharing plan. And who’s to say that your credit packs will ever mature to 125% profit. It’s clearly not guaranteed.

So essentially, it’s another My Advertising Pays system that is dependent on bringing in new members. The advertising quality is poor, and you’ll find that the income potential using the Pay-To-Click method of earning cash is about the equivalent of completing Online Surveys for a living.

You’ll make some supplemental cash, but is it really worth your time clicking ads all day long?

Conclusion With Click Ad Pays

Name: Click Ad Pays
Owner: Jean Duclerne
Price: Free to join
Overall Rank: 40/100
Verdict: Appears Legit, Could Be A Scam? Limited income potential

For me personally, I’m more into creating online businesses (or offline businesses) so that I can eventually receive residual income.

I’d rather work on creating a business like Click Ad Pays than participate in it.

And that requires education, work and dedication.

If you’re down for clicking ads all day, then don’t let me stop you.

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Please don’t hesitate to post any comments and questions about our Click Ad Pays Review below.

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