Earn Cash Yearly Review: Is Earn Cash Yearly a Scam? Discover The Truth!

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Earn Cash Yearly, a program that promises to make it possible for you to earn $10,000 a month with no prior experience, marketing knowledge, hard work, or education. In this Earn Cash Yearly review, we’ll breakdown the hype and see what it’s really all about.

If  you thought about joining Earn Cash Yearly I suggest that you hold off your judgement until you finish reading this article, the program is not everything it claims to be.

On the surface, the product seems to be another affiliate marketing training course with a focus on Ad-Sense and Click Bank. Okay, that’s not so bad.

But what really lurks behind the payment page is something entirely different.

What Is Earn Cash Yearly?

  • Name: Earn Cash Yearly
  • Creator: Jean (likely a fake name, and no last name is given)
  • Price: 3$ for 7 days, $186 set up fee. 
  • Type: Ad-Sense and Affiliate Marketing with Stock Websites
  • Verdict: Revealed at the end of this review. 

Earn Cash Yearly is a program that looks very similar to well-known scams, the type of scams that use click-bait content to lure in clicks and sales.

The core lesson in the product is to show you how to build a website that can bring in affiliate income, from affiliate products as well as Google Ad-sense.

On the other hand, there seems to be more affiliate links within the members area than there is actual training material, something that I really don’t appreciate.

There’s a clear cry for sales, and not much actual value, a massive red-flag that most scams have in common.

But what the product wants you to do is use their website templates, add your affiliate links to the website, and promote the website.

They’ll tell you that these websites convert and the ready-made content is top-notch, unique, and written by a team of professionals to guarantee conversions.

Well, that’s no-where near the truth! 

As it turns out, all the content on these websites is exactly the same, and it’s essentially the same article re-written with a bunch of Click-Bait hooks.

Earn Cash Yearly Review: A System That Is Designed to Fail

Let’s also not forget that using the exact same website template and content as a bunch of other people is a fool-proof way to get flagged by Google for duplicate content.

earn cash yearly review photo

As a rule, avoid all programs that provide “income claims” because they’re rarely true!

And with that penalty all your search engine optimization efforts will be in vain.

Basically, Google won’t show your website in it’s search engine results. That means you won’t be able to target keywords and nobody will see your website… and yes, that means you will not make any sales.

So, Earn Cash Yearly is setting you up with a system that is destined to fail, a steady up-hill climb that can be avoided all together.

Unfortunately a lot of people fall for these scams because they just don’t know any better, and it’s a shame.

I can’t stress how important it is to avoid stock websites and stock content.

I know it might seem like a shortcut to success, but it really isn’t because you’ll encounter more problems, and you’ll be fighting against Google and anti-spam policies.

I understand, writing is hard work.

But once you learn the ropes, writing a in-depth, keyword targeted article becomes a walk in the park.

For starters, check out this article on how to write hot keyword targeted articles!

Let’s also not forget that you can hire writers to help with the content creation process!

Here’s one program that writes original content for an excellent price. If you don’t have time to write, you’ll want to check out these guys.

Earn Cash Yearly Review: Cons

To summarize, here’s a list of Earn Cash Yearly Cons:

  • Expensive.
  • Not much actual training material.
  • More advertisements inside the member’s area than training material.
  • The training material explains how to use their websites and integrate your affiliate links.
  • You have to buy their websites, and that’s more money down the drain.
  • Their websites are all full of the exact same Click-Bait content.
  • Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate content and will likely remove your website from it’s search engine results.
  • Only a handful of website templates to choose from and very few configuration options.
  • No training material about how to market the websites.
  • A program that tells people to fight against Google’s spam policies.
  • And much more.

Those are just some of the many Earn Cash Yearly cons.

Is Earn Cash Yearly a Scam?

Here’s the part you have been waiting for… is it a scam?

Generally speaking this product should not be on the market, and I hope it gets removed soon.

It’s a complete scam and I really hope that people avoid it at all costs. 

People spend their money expecting to learn how to make an online business but are instead sent to more advertising pages and offers, it’s ridiculous.

Fake Testimonials:

earn cash yearly review photo

These “testimonials” are stock images and the names are made-up too!

I also noticed that the sales page is full of stock images, another red-flag that most scams share.

The testimonial section is full of stock images, and it’s obvious that the names are not real people either.

So, let’s avoid this scam.

What’s The Alternative?

After reading this Earn Cash Yearly review, I imagine that you’re still curious about how to make an online business but you’re not entirely sure where to start.

I know how you feel, I was there once too, but I stumbled onto a program that made a huge difference in my life.

It picked me up and put me on the proper path.

And that’s after I tried a lot of different products and wasted so much money – it’s embarrassing!

Let’s look at it this way, creating an online business is actually not that hard once you know the basics.

The one online business technique I recommend is affiliate marketing because it’s just the easiest to get started.

You could spend hours and days searching on Google for affiliate marketing advice, it’s free after all. Or you could skip that and head to a place that has all the information you need in one area.

And let’s not forget about the awesome insider’s community that’s always ready to help new members!

If you’re interested, check out the comparison chart between my #1 recommended training program Wealthy Affiliate and Earn Cash Yearly.

You will see the value, education, and support are superior to any training program. You need to be willing to learn and take action on that knowledge, but you have all the support you need to make it happen.

Click the link below and you’ll be taken to a review I wrote about my favorite training program.

Then you’ll have to make a decision.

Do you want to join me? Or do you want to continue trying different things on your own?

The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading our Earn Cash Yearly review, now you know what is Earn Cash Yearly and why you should avoid it. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Take care,

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