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Most everyone loves to travel. And I’m no different. Truth is, traveling has changed my life for the better. Today I’ll share with you some easy travel tips to make your next travel adventure a blast. I’d also ask you to share any travel advise you have as well.

Don’t be shy, if you’ve traveled and know a secret or two, please pass it on so others can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

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Traveling and Working Online has so many benefits, this is a photo I took at the beach Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Take on the attitude of “pay it forward” and help fellow travelers make the most out of their next travel destination.

I’m no travel expert by any means, but I’ve had my fair share of travel experiences in life. During my trips I’ve picked up a few easy travel tips and want to share them to those interested in traveling.

Ready? Here goes.

Easy Travel Tips #1 – Investigate Your Travel Destination

I’ve read numerous studies that show that the actual “planning stage” is when people are most excited about their upcoming trip. The imagination runs wild and we start to mentally plan out the things we want to see and do.

I have found this to be true in every trip I have taken, and this is where one can go overboard in the planning process or under-board, so to speak.

Make sure you first investigate your travel destination online

Read everything about the area that you plan to visit, look for the highlights as well as travel advisories. CreateEasy Travel Tips Photo a list of places you want to see and things you want to do.

But don’t go crazy here. There’s something to be said for traveling and living in the moment.

At the same time, you want to know…

  • Visa requirements of you travel destination
  • Vaccinations that may be required
  • Expected weather during your travel dates.

By doing a little homework before you book your flight and accommodations, you can learn more about your travel destination and be better prepared.

Easy Travel Tips #2 – Consider House Sitting

Many people travel the world without spending a ton on housing or accommodations by using house sitter positions. It’s usually a very simple gig. You have to usually join a house sitting site, put together a profile, and then review listings of places you want to visit.

Check out housecarers.com if your interesting in travel savings and unique experiences.

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Look for homes in places you want to travel. When you find a home that needs a sitter, you apply for the position. In most cases, the homeowner is looking for a reliable person to care for their home and/or their pets.

To land a gig, put together a strong profile as a person who is trustworthy, reliable and experienced in caring for homes.

The duration varies with each house sitting request, so click on the house carers link above to find out more.


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Easy Travel Tips #3 – Booking Your Flight

Book your flight at least 3 weeks in advance. Flight go up if booked within 3 weeks of your travel dates.

When you book your flight, try to book it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Flights are usually much cheaper on these days of the week. I’ve personally found that Tuesday is most often the cheapest day to book your flight.

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Less people normally fly on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, so airlines try to increase bookings by decreasing flight prices on these days.

Book your flight really late at night or early in the morning. Most people book flights in the evening when they come home from work. The airlines know this and they increase their prices during these peak hours of the day.

Book late at night or early in the morning, and you can find cheaper fares and better deals.

Easy Travel Tips #4 – Create A List of Places You Want To Visit

Come up with a list beforehand of places you want to visit. This will give you a little bit of direction as you take off into the unknown. But don’t be too rigid about this. If you’re traveling solo, you can do whatever you like. But if you’re with a group, try to be flexible with your travel schedule.

Easy Travel Tips

One of the best towns in the USA, Santa Monica. Check out the playground here at the Santa Monica beach, a short walk from Venice Beach

Not everyone wants to approach travel the same way. And in general, it’s nice to be carefree and easy going when you travel. Maybe you hit your major destinations and maybe not. But traveling to a new culture and country can be exciting enough. The last thing you want to do is add more stress to the situation.

Be a laid back, cool traveler.

Easier said then done at times, but give it your best effort and you’ll enjoy your experience and the people you’re traveling with will enjoy you.

Easy Travel Tips #5 – Travel Light

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Pack Light, Forget the Hassles of Extra Stuff You don’t Need

I’m just as guilty as anyone else on this tip. It’s hard to develop this philosophy to travel light because we never want to be ill prepared for our trip.

But what happens most of the time is people over-pack with unnecessary items. They bring too much stuff and never use half the clothes or personal items that they bring along.

Think minimalism here. I knew an Australian couple who traveled around the world for a year. They packed one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, and 5-6 shirts.

Now this may be too extreme for some travelers, but trust me, simplicity is best. Most of the time you will find yourself wearing your favorite shirt a couple times a week.

And really, who cares. Unless you plan on going out and trying to impress someone, just go with comfort and necessity. You will find it easier to travel and less stress keeping track of all your stuff.

Leave your valuables behind as well. Most of the time, wearing jewelry or fancy clothes just make you a target for theft.

Easy Travel Tips #6 – Tips On The Plane

If you are traveling through multiple time zones (i.e. traveling east to west or west to east), combat “jet lag” with a few easy suggestions.

Easy Travel Tips photo of noise cancelling headphones

Wear Noise Cancelling Headphones to Decrease Jet Lag

1). Research shows that the constant humming of the plane’s engines and excess noise on the plane are major contributors to “jet lag”.

Wear noise canceling headphones when watching movies on the plane or when resting or taking a nap.

You can also use ear plugs. The important thing is to let the body rest and avoid excessive stimulation.

2). Stay hydrated. Many travelers opt for coffee or alcoholic beverages on the plane, but this just dehydrates the body and increases the symptoms of “jet lag”.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Avoid sugary juices that spike blood sugar levels as well. Staying hydrated is a major factor to minimize “jet lag”.

3). Once you land and get settled into your accommodations, try to do some exercise. Now if you’re absolutely exhausted, then get to bed and get some rest.

But if you find yourself halfway across the world and feeling a bit groggy, then get your exercise on. A walk, a jog, hit the hotel gym or pool, but do something physical.

Exercise helps restore the balance in our circadian rhythm that “jet lag” disrupts.  It facilitates the acclimation process of our bodies into a new time zone.

Easy Travel Tips #7 – Go Local

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Take a break from working online and go hike a traditional Indian Village in Ecuador, South America

I hear a lot of people talk about traveling to all inclusive resorts or fancy hotels. And I’m not knocking this, it’s nice to live in luxury for a while.

But the most rewarding trips I’ve ever had are when I “Go Local”.

Meaning, get out of your hotel room and go see the area where you’re staying. It’s fun to meet local people and let yourself get to know a new culture.

Many times you can ask people at your hotel or hostel about the local scene. Locals are more than happy and proud to share their favorite hot-spots.

Many people these days are using services like Airbnb.com. You can stay with locals, forget the high costs of hotels, and have a unique experience you would never have had by staying in a hotel.

Regardless of where you stay, try to get out and see your new destination, it will give you a better appreciation for the area, the culture, and the people.

Easy Travel Tips #7 – Take Time To Appreciate New Cultures and Your Own

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Local BBQ in Medellin, Colombia

One of the most rewarding experiences of traveling is that it broadens your horizons.

It makes you more appreciative of your own culture and of others. I always approach new travel destinations with a sense of humility.

Being an American, I never realized what a bad reputation we have as travelers; loud, obnoxious, and overbearing.

Not every American, but it seems like new travelers (And not just Americans) loose some form of self-control.

Maybe it’s over-stimulation and excitement from their new surroundings and situation.

Try to step back and take in the scene of your new destination. Listen to others, don’t speak to loud, meet locals and mix in as you are going out to see local destinations. But try to do it with a little bit of humility.

Friendliness, kindness, and a smile is what works best. Soft spoken, respect, and being positive seems to be a great way to attract the local crowd and make new friends.

Think about when foreigners enter your country. Do you want to interact with those that are obnoxious and overbearing, or those that are kind, thoughtful, interesting, and easy going?


Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experience that we can have in life. It can shape and change who we are and most definitely improve our outlook and perspective in life.

Use these easy travel tips to make your travel experiences more real and authentic. And please, if you have any easy travel tips that are not listed here, share below in the comments section and “pay it forward”, good karma will come your way.


Be Awesome! Share This Post & Help Someone..

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