Email Processing 4 Cash – Is This For Real Or Another Scam?

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Chances are that you have seen advertisements for money making opportunities that promise to pay members for reading emails and completing similar, simple, tasks.

One such opportunity is called Email Process 4 Cash.

It’s a program that is supposed to pay members up to $25 for each email that is processed, and the process is supposed to only take a few minutes of your time.

A few minutes of my time for $25? Sounds good! Where do I sign-up?

Hold on a second, everything is not as it seems. Let’s uncover the truth about this opportunity and see if it really holds up against real online business opportunities.

Email Processing 4 Cash: What Is It All About?

Email Processing 4 Cash or EPS Prosperity Hotline is an opportunity that allows members to earn $25 for each email that they process.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it looks.

Once you collect your log-in details and access the website, the next step is to start promoting the same product for a commission fee.

You earn $25 for each person the signs-up under you. To be fair, that’s not a bad commission rate.


Here’s how the Email Processing 4 Cash system works, in a nutshell…

  1. You buy into the program, it costs $25.
  2. You’ll be redirected to a company called Ya Ya Services to buy a domain name and create a website ($20).
  3. You take your newly built website and fill it with pre-written content, the exact same advertisement that you clicked on.
  4. You post your links on Craigslist a few times a day and wait for people to sign-up under you, in which case, a $25 commission is added to your account.
  5. When someone signs up; send them a welcome email with affiliate links.

The idea is to sell other people a dream, a vague idea of how to earn a lot of money; there’s no physical or digital product, it’s essentially one huge affiliate program.

Does that sound unethical? It does to me.

So your duty is to take these pre-made advertisements and your affiliate links and share them wherever possible, in hopes that someone gullible enough will click on the link and buy into the dream.

I’m going to be blunt with you, systems like Email Processing 4 Cash are scams, and people nowadays have a low tolerance for spam and online scams.

If you do make some sales (somehow) the conversion rate will be incredible low; it’s won’t be worth your time. You might have to work all day to make one sale, and that’s if you’re lucky!

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The Flaws With Email Processing 4 Cash

It’s easy to spot the obvious flaws with this system.

First, Craigslist is not a reliable source of traffic and they have a low tolerance for spammers.

If you post the exact same advertisement day in and day out, sooner or later, Craigslist will catch on and ban your account.

If Craigslist bans your account, what can you do?

Promote on a different platform? What if that platform bans you too?

It’s a constant game of cat and mouse. I wouldn’t call that a legitimate business opportunity!

(You’re also told to promote your ads in “Job” sections of Craigslist, even though it’s not a job, and it’s against Craigslist’s terms and conditions. It’s like tricking people to attend a job interview and then slapping them in the face with a sales pitch) 

Secondly, it requires active marketing. If you don’t promote your links, then you don’t make any cash, it’s that simple.

I’m a fan of passive income.

That’s one of the reasons content based businesses are so effective because content, like reviews, bring in traffic on a regular basis. This article could be bringing in traffic years from now!

income shops photo

That’s why I encourage people to create their own business, find a decent internet business training center, and take action.

Let’s also not forget that the Email Processing 4 Cash websites are all cookie-cutter websites, exact replicas of one another.

OH, duplicate content – something that search engines don’t appreciate and kills websites ability to rank organically.

This means you won’t be able to rank for keywords and you won’t be able to benefit from search engine traffic.

There’s also absolutely no value in this product. It’s all an illusion. It’s not a eBook. It’s not a physical product. It’s not a community or a training center with useful information.

There’s really no value in the members area.

No one will buy this product and feel the urge to promote it on their website. There’s no substance in Email Processing 4 Cash!

What makes this scheme interesting is that, when you sign-up, the payment goes directly to the person who referred you.

In other words you pay the affiliate directly, instead of the company; this makes it easier for people to make money with the system. It also makes it harder to get a refund.

Email Process 4 Cash Ad

If It Sounds To Good To Be True, It’s Because It Is. Plus You’d Think This Guy Would Be Happier Lounging At Home Making $750/Day.

Final Word On Email Processing 4 Cash

Email Processing 4 Cash, EPS Prosperity Hotline, and Ya Ya Services are all linked, and they are all scams.

These website’s specialize in creating work at home opportunities. Except, the opportunities are false promises wrapped in hype and sugar coated with dreams of wealth.

You have to be careful with these scams.

Even through the $25 entry fee won’t make a huge dent in your bank account, the amount of time that you spend promoting this scheme could be used for much more beneficial purposes.

So next time someone says that they’ll hand you wads of cash for processing emails, think again, it’s not what you think.

Want to make money online but don’t know where to begin? I was in that situation once too, it was hard to find something that actually worked, money was spent, and no progress was made; I know how frustrating that can be.

I found a system to create websites from scratch, market it, and how to achieve my dreams of owning an online, location independent, business.

And you can do the same thing too. You got to be open to learning new information and then take action and apply that info to your online business.

If you can do this, plus have the desire to break free of the 9-5, I’ve got a proven system that works.

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