Freedom 5 Review: Just Another Revenue Sharing Scam!

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I decided to sign-up, and in this Freedom 5 review, I’ll let you know if it’s a good investment opportunity or just another scam to report and avoid.

On June 5th a new opportunity will launch, it’s called Freedom 5 and it’s supposed to make it possible for you to achieve everything that you ever wanted in this life.

What is Freedom 5? Revenue Sharing and Ad-packs!

So what is Freedom 5 and is it a scam?

It’s supposed to be the solution to all your problems, a retirement ticket, and a chance to live the millionaire lifestyle.

Or, as the website likes to put it, Financial Freedom in Just 5 Clicks a Day.

It’s advertised as an advertising platform with a revenue sharing feature, that’s what they want to be called, but it’s pretty obvious that there’s a pyramid scheme going on here.

Here’s what we know Freedom 5 has: 

  • Revenue sharing
  • Ad-packs
  • 5 Level Deep Commission Levels.
  • Encourages Members to Use Bit Coin.

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about revenue-sharing! 

Revenue sharing is a concept that has been around for a long time.

Forget About Revenue Sharing Schemes! Here’s How You Can Really Build a Successful Business…

It’s one of those business models that look good on paper.

But there are rarely any successful revenue sharing opportunities out there.

Truth be told, creating a successful revenue-sharing business is extremely complicated. 

Most marketers who can’t create a legitimate product or service will resort to creating these kind of schemes.

You’ll be told that you can buy shares in the company and become a founder.

They’ll make it sound as legitimate as possible, except there are no real shares or share holders.

Most revenue sharing websites fail because the model is flimsy – the structure is horrible! 

But the idea sounds good.

Who wouldn’t want to invest a few hundred bucks and earn money-back every month for the rest of your life?

freedom five review photo

Focus On The Good Life – The Hallmark Sign of All Scams!

But that’s exactly how people get you to sign-up for pyramid schemes! 

The idea brings in hundreds of members, maybe even thousands, and everyone is investing cash into the company hoping for the cut that was promised.

Unfortunately, what happens 99% of time is that the company comes up with excuses to pay their members, maybe they’ll say the website is not earning enough revenue, or they’re still in the launch phase.

Then, they’ll vanish, claim bankruptcy, and disappear. 

But what happened to all the cash the members invested?

Well, it’s in someone’s pockets! 

Opportunities that promise you a percentage of the company’s total income every month are almost always scams and I strongly urge you too avoid them at all costs.

Here’s a list of scams I already busted, including other ad share revenue distribution programs such as.. My Advertising Pays, Traffic Monsoon, Five Days Profit, AdBizCentral to name a few.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about how Freedom 5 works.

Unlock Financial Freedom with 5 Clicks?

Here’s how it’s supposed to work:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Buy an ad-pack ($5 each).
  3. Let that ad-pack mature (could take months).
  4. Use the revenue generated from that ad-pack to purchase more ad-packs (ads mature at $25).
  5. Click on 5 ads a day to keep your account active and participate in the rev-share program.
  6. Earn up to 5% of the company’s revenue each month.
  7. Collect affiliates, five levels deep (and they say it’s not a pyramid scheme)   😉
  8. Use Bitcoin to buy ads or withdraw earnings via Bitcoin Wallet.
  9. Promote the system wherever possible.

That’s the basics.

Really, the whole system revolves around people clicking on ads and buying more ad-packs.

The problem with this model is simple; the people clicking the ads are other members.

The members are trying to promote the opportunity to other members; obviously that won’t work.

Ad-Placement: Where are The Ads?

From the looks of it, there are two places the ads will be, within the member’s area of the website, and on the homepage of the website.

If you visit the website, there are a few slots for square ads at the bottom of the page, I’m assuming members will be able to buy these ad-spots for their campaigns.

Here’s another product that’s almost exactly the same. 

You’re supposed to buy an ad-pack, wait for it to convert, and then re-invest the cash into the company.

The problem is that there’s no way to tell when the ad-pack will mature (it could be months) and there’s no explanation for what “Mature” means in the first place. 

I think you’ll be able to create custom ad-packs that point to your other offers and websites, but most people will use the ad-packs to promote the opportunity, thus flooding the advertising space with identical ads.

Identical ads don’t convert. 

freedom five review banner example

Within the member’s area, when the system is active, members will be required to click on five ads per day to retain their revenue sharing membership.

The company plans to invest in a few different advertisement platforms to promote their system and get more traffic to the website, they claim to be search engine optimization experts.

Freedom Five Review: Rev-Sharing System

The revenue sharing system is not set in stone, there are no exact numbers to expect.

The only details that have been released is the maximum amount: 5% of the company’s income.

This means there’s the option to earn up to 5% of the company’s revenue. 

But that doesn’t mean you will be given that exact amount, it could, and most likely will be, much lower, like below the 1% mark, depending on how much money the company generates.

If the company earns more money, then they’ll increase the percentage of the income they’ll share with the members, but it’ll never go over 5 percent.

It’s still unclear if you’ll get cash every day from the rev-share program or once a month, but more details will be released soon.

Freedom Five Review: Red Flags:

I noticed quite a few red-flags, here’s a list:

  1. Promises of financial freedom with no work required.
  2. Only allow members to use Bitcoin, an untraceable digital currency.
  3.  5 level deep affiliate system, let’s members earn commissions from their affiliates five levels deep (the exact definition of a pyramid scheme).
  4. Promises a 500% return on investment (is that even possible?).
  5. Claims to be a new business phenomena that the world has never seen before (all scams say the same thing!)
  6. Clicking on ads everyday is not exactly a sustainable business model.

Brush up on how to spot scams, read this detailed article on how to spot a scam! 

Freedom 5 Review Summary:

To summarize, these revenue sharing programs are shiny on the outside, but rarely contain much value.

They run hot for awhile and then they fizzle and die out, leaving a lot of people behind with empty wallets.

Before you consider signing up to a revenue sharing program (or any other opportunity for that matter) ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you really want to base your business on buying ad-packs from low converting traffic sources?
  • Do you really want to spend hours and hours a day advertising a silly scheme that’ll only pay you a few dollars?
  • Do you really want to risk losing all your progress and hard work?
  • What happens when the company goes bankrupt or disables commissions?
  • What happens if you lose your account?

Avoid those risks and create your own online business. 

You can create a website that brings in a good amount of cash each month if you just follow a the right steps and invest the required amount of time.

Nope, it won’t be an overnight success.

It takes time to build a business, but you’ll never be able to reach your goal if you don’t start.

If you never start then you already failed.

You have to start – that’s the point to take home.

Ready to Start? Grab Your Free Training Series Here!

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