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It wasn’t long ago that I asked myself “how do I start an online business”? I wanted to do something I enjoyed, something that’s beneficial to others.How Do I Start An Online Business photo

I wanted to take my professional skills as an Occupational Therapist and put them online so that I could make money off of what I teach on a daily basis.

And also have the advantages that go along with working online.

  • No alarm clocks
  • No commuting
  • No Boss
  • Ability to create my own business
  • Travel when I want
  • Live where I want
  • Incredible income opportunities

Hi there, my name is Todd and nice to meet you. I am actually an Occupational Therapist who travels quite a bit and have a good amount of experience with online businesses for over the last 5 years.

How Do I Start An Online Business – I Pondered One Evening

I learned about the awesome power of internet based business when I first met a friend from Canada. He had an online “niche website” that helped people find better cell phone plans in Canada.

At the time I met my friend, he was clearing a net profit of $1,000 USD’s per DAY. Can you believe that?

Obviously, I was pretty impressed with his earnings. And after getting to know him and understanding what he did on a daily basis to create his business, I wanted to learn more.

But at that time, I felt like all the information and education that I needed was far beyond my abilities, knowledge base, and skill set. He told me that it took him years and 1,000’s of dollars to learn to do what he did.

I didn’t want to go back to school for years of education, but still, I was intrigued nonetheless.

I continued to work as an Occupational Therapist. And in my spare time, I learned about other niche websites, importation, and selling products online in places like Amazon and eBay.

And of course, I started thinking of ideas for possible niche websites that intrigued me. Things that were based on my knowledge and skills as a therapist.

How Do I Start An Online Business photo

My First Niche Website Idea

My first idea was to set up a website to teach people how to care for their aging parents. As an OT who predominately works in hospitals and skilled nursing homes, I’m constantly teaching people how to assist their loved ones on…

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Balance programs
  • Fall prevention
  • Daily activities
  • And overall general care for the aging population.

And it’s not that I don’t value and love my job, I just thought it would be beneficial to millions of families who are caring for their aging parents.

Especially in a time where health care is extremely expensive.

So for example, I could put a balance program together in a video training format that I do with my patients on a daily basis.

Put that video online, and then sell my balance training video for say…a dollar per person. This is a service that therapy providers bill Medicare for at a rate of around $110 dollars per hour. So these type of training videos would benefit the public greatly.

How Do I Start An Online Business photo

The only trick would be how to get that video and my website in front of those that need help with their balance.

I also didn’t know how to get started online or what it would take to complete such a project. I knew of the huge potential the internet provides and had positive feedback on the idea as a valuable service.

But how do I get started with something like this?

I Started Searching 

Like you, I started searching online. I Googled…

  • How to create niche websites
  • How to make profitable online business
  • How do I start an online business 😉

I was referred a program by “somewhat” of a trustworthy source called International Living. They recommended a program to teach people how to make niche websites that earned pretty good money. I’m talking around $10,000/mo to $12,000/mo.

The program they offered was called Kevin Thompson Automatic Income System. I listened to the owner, Kevin Thompson, and his sales pitch. Afterwards, I felt like it might be a good educational system, but I didn’t really like how he presented himself and the cost to join ($1,200 USD’s with a $99 monthly fee, OUCH) was way too expensive.

The program created interest but also had something to it that made me feel a bit uneasy. Little selling points like…

        • Limited amount of space for new clients, so you need to act right away if you want to buy this program
        • The audio presentation was poorly put together and lacked professionalism
        • Story after story of ordinary people making extremely successful online businesses in just a few months (all signs of online scams)

But I really wanted to learn how to put up my niche website and I was so close to forking over $1,200 dollars.

Thankfully, I did my due diligence. I started to research the program and the owner. I started to see some negative feedback and eventually found a very honest review website that made me realize that this guy was just selling a overpriced system that couldn’t be trusted.

However, the review site gained my trust and recommend a program that does provided a professional online education to create niche websites.

  • It was free to join
  • Free to check out
  • And offered 2 free How Do I Start An Online Business photowebsites along with free hosting.
  • And 10 free classes to get you online business rolling

I knew the value of this, so I decided to check it out. The program’s name is Wealthy Affiliate. I thought at first with a name like that, it had to be a scam. Wealthy Affiliate, sounded, I don’t know, a bit strange to me.

But I went ahead and signed up for the free account. There was no credit card information to give out, I just had to give out my email and set up a user name and password.

So I went ahead and did it. I wanted to take advantage of the first week by learning as much as I could, but I was preparing to go down to S. America ( I have also been developing a life abroad in Colombia for the past 5 years). So needless to say, I was a bit busy.

But I got to watch the first video from the co-owner Kyle about the Wealthy Affiliate program about making money online. Kyle is Canadian (you can subtly hear it in his accent as he pronounces the word process). And of course this made me flash back to my Canadian friend that I had met a few years ago.

After listening to this young man Kyle talk for 10 minutes, I knew everything that he was saying was right on par with what my friend had told me years back.

I took another class and I was sold on the training. I told myself…

“I can try this program out for free for a week, then pay $19 for the first month to continue to use the premium service, & see how it goes and go from there”.

Within no time I had the basic foundation to this website created and I even put up another site for a physical business of mine in less than a week. The education process within the wealthy affiliate university was simply amazing.

All I had to do was follow the daily classes, learn new information, and then apply that information to my website.

What I Learned 

I learned a TON. That’s actually an understatement, but there is a good amount of information to learn. Don’t let this frighten you though. It’s really like learning little tasks and it’s not that hard.

There’s a learning curve that goes along with learning any new profession. Personally, I’m constantly learning and that’s a wonderful thing.

Learning new information at all ages is wonderful for our brains. Actually a great way to ward off mental illnesses like dementia’s, Alzheimer Disease, etc. (Sorry, just the therapist in me talking).

Within one month, I learned…

What I Do on a Daily Basis In My Online Business?

Every day is a little bit like being back in college. Except you don’t have to get up for those early 7 o’clock or 8 o’clock classes. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to rush off in traffic, find parking, or get to class on timeHow Do I Start An Online Business photo.

You can get up whenever you feel like to start your classes, it’s awesome. For me personally, I get up at whatever time natural calls.

No more stinking alarm clocks, yeah! I get my coffee and breakfast, and I work outside on my rooftop terrace.

I go through relevant emails, review new topics presented from other members of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, and then I hit my program.

I work for a couple hours, hit the gym, and return from my workout invigorated and back to my work station. I finish whatever I’m working on for the day and that’s it.

Each day, I learn some new aspect about developing my online business. And the Wealthy Affiliate University provides me with guidance and education through daily classes and personal support.

Here’s an example of one of the classes, take a look. It’s lesson 8 of one of the free classes in the Starter Membership. I’ve linked the classroom to the Wealthy Affiliate University so that you can see what a sample day class looks like.

Click the class below and you can read the objectives and watch the video tutorial.

How Do I Start An Online Business video

Within all classes; you have videos to watch, a small amount of reading,  and tutorials to walk you through the tasks. Every online resources that you need is provided. You have a daily checklist to complete and once completed, then your done for the day.

Not to bad for an online job. I don’t have to wake up early, don’t have to listen to my oh so hated alarm clock, and I don’t have to sit through stinking traffic jams. I’m my own boss and my success is based on my efforts.

So how about the money?

The Making Money Process of an Online Business

What Wealthy Affiliate is really teaching (besides a plethora of information) is how to create authoritative websites in whatever niche you choose. So it takes time to make a steady income to start, but this is true of any business.

Once you have built your foundation and you continue to grow your site, you’ll see the most sought out thing in the online world, TRAFFIC. Once traffic comes, then the fun part happens, SALES.

Watch this easy to follow video to see the most effective way people make money online today. Hit the link below and you’ll be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate classroom.

How Do I Start An Online Business - The Online Money Making Process Class

So you can see it’s a pretty simple process. The key ingredients are having a website, providing value to your readers through quality content, developing traffic, and then selling products related to your niche.

The income potential is huge. Depending on how well you can connect with your customers and provide value to them, dictates the amount of success you can achieve.

People have niche websites that make anywhere from $1,000 dollars to $100,000 dollars per month. You just have to play with the numbers.

For example, If you have…

  • $1,000 people that visit your site on a daily basis
  • and 12% of them buy a product from your business and
  • you receive a commission of 10% for a product that cost 30 dollars
  • then that would be a profit of $360 dollars per day. That’s 10,950/mo.

How Do I Start An Online Business photo - example earnings

So it just depends on building a professional site that provides people with valuable information that generates a good amount of traffic and promotes good products.

If you want to get started doing the same thing…

How Do I Start An Online Business? Take These Next Steps 

1. Click on this photo below. You’ll be taken to a brilliantly designed sign up page that look’s like this. How Do I Start An Online Business photo - Money Making Online Course

2. Fill in you name, email address, create a user name & password. That’s it, no credit card required. Too easy. How Do I Start An Online Business photo - Free Sign Up form

3. Take a minute to add a photo and an introduction to your profile. It’s a great way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs from the Wealthy Affiliate program.

4. Click the Green tab that says Get Started. Start your first class, complete the tasks, and you’re on your way to building your own online business.

How Do I Start An Online Business photo - Get Started Course

5. Dedicate at least a couple hours a day to the program. Consistency is the key. Pursue your online business with the same passion you would pursue any other career or professional education.

Within 4-6 months, your business will start producing you income. Within a 9-12 months, you’ll be amazed at what you have created.

So there you have it, how I started my an online business.

It’s not a get rich scam. It takes work, passion, and dedication. But if you can do it, you’ll create yourself a hell of a business.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this article, please share it with them via email or the social share buttons.

Thanks for reading and take care,

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