How Does Hootsuite Work? Read This Hootsuite Review!

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How does Hootsuite work and can you really use it to grow your social media accounts? Does it help with automation?

I will answer those questions – and more – in this Hootsuite review!

Managing your social media accounts can be tough, especially figuring out what to share. Hootsuite makes it easy to manage your accounts, Twitter in particular.

Two weeks ago, I made an account on Hootsuite to try it out.

I have been playing around with it ever since and I wanted to share my findings with you.

How Does Hootsuite Work?

When you grant Hootsuite access to your social media accounts, it will use each platform’s API and stay logged in (until your password is changed).

From there, it is up to you to control what Hootsuite does with your accounts.

Hootsuite manages social media accounts, with a focus on Twitter, but it works on five other social media platforms too (Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, and YouTube).

You connect Hootsuite to your social media accounts and it provides with a host of features to make the most of the platforms.

If you want to expand your reach on social media, Hootsuite is definitely worth a look.

The free version provides plenty of features you can use to grow your account but there is a paid version too.

The paid version is ideal for teams as you can add multiple people to the same account.

This makes it easy for people to schedule messages far into the future so there’s always something being published.

I Tried Hootsuite for Two Weeks, This is What Happened…

Though these results aren’t so impressive, one could argue that two weeks is not enough time to grow any social media account organically.

I started using the service in September 7 and I tried to post at least five times a day (a combination of regular Tweets, Re-tweets, links to articles, and pictures).

The arrow is when I started using the service. 

screenshot example of how does hootsuite work

The above screenshot is from my daily Tweet impressions. There is an uptick after I started using the service but it seems to balance out.

The one thing I really like about Hootsuite is you can schedule posts so they’ll go out no matter what you’re doing at the time.

The scheduling feature is my favorite Hootsuite feature, and you can also see a preview of how your Tweets will look when they do go live.

screenshot example of how does hootsuite work

The red circle indicates when I started using the service. 

As you can see, the engagement rate does increase a lot, but then it drops, and continues dropping, until today where it spiked again.

I’m not entirely sure why this happened, maybe it all comes down to the content.

Images tend to have a much higher engagement rate than plain-text Tweets. 

screenshot example of how does hootsuite work

It is clear I have been getting more Likes, but nothing too impressive.

Still, if I keep at it (and I will) the stats will continue to climb.

Keep in mind my account doesn’t have many followers anyways.

As I earn more followers, the impressions, Likes, and other stats will also increase.

All in all, I have been happy trying out Hootsuite!

I mean, the free scheduling feature alone is quite useful.

Lets take a look at how Hootsuite works…

Getting Started with Hootsuite:

Getting started with Hootsuite is really easy; connect your social media accounts, assign a password, and you’re good to go.

screenshot example of how does hootsuite work On the right hand side you will see a menu with links to different features and services.

I usually stick to the Stream menu because it has everything I need in there.

Publisher allows you to see all you schedules posts and add more to the list.

Analytics lets you make detailed reports that track specific changes, such as new followers, engagement rates, likes, etc.

Streams is the main dashboard and you can customize it as you see fit.

This is a feature I really love! 

You can add a new “Stream” for almost anything inside Twitter.

Just keep in mind the more streams you add the smaller each individual box becomes.

I usually only use three Streams (my account, schedules posts, and a stream to track specific keywords).

One type of stream I found quite interesting is the “Keyword” tracking stream.

What this stream does is show you all the new posts that contain a specific keyword.

How does this help? 

It makes it easier to build connections with people in specific niches by interacting with them and curating their content.

You can also come across interesting content that you and your followers can benefit from.

To set up a keyword stream, hit the Add Stream button, and select the Keyword tab.

screenshot example of how does hootsuite work

The new stream will appear in your dashboard showing on the latest posts that have your keyword.

It is a really useful feature! 

But the most useful feature, by far, is the scheduling service.

screenshot example of how does hootsuite work

To schedule a post, find the little text area above the dashboard, hover your mouse over it, and the menu above will pop out.

From here you can type in a message to share, schedule a time, and even throw in some media.

To attach media, drag and drop the file from your computer into the text area and it will automatically upload.

When you hit the schedule button the message will be added to your Scheduled stream (which can be found either on the Stream dashboard or in the Publisher menu).

From there you can make any final changes before the post goes out into the world.

Using this feature alone can drastically improve your engagement rates. 

Once again, it comes down to the type of content you choose to share.

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Still, this scheduling feature makes it super easy to create a steady stream of social media content to keep your accounts active.

Not to mention you can schedule messages to go out when you’re away from your computer or traveling or just taking a snooze.

You can also curate content from RSS feeds, either your own sites or someone else’s. 

This makes it easy to come up with content to share on your profile and keep it as active as possible.

My recommendation would be to link your website’s RSS feed as well as a few other RSS feeds from websites or bloggers you admire.

Or you can go all-out…

Make multiple social media accounts, connect them all to Hootsuite, and whenever you publish a new article on your site it will be shared to all your accounts.

There are some interesting strategies you can come up with to make the most of Hootsuite and social media.

Play around with different ideas and you will find one that works for your business.

Does Hootsuite Work?

So to answer the question, does Hootsuite work?

Yes it does, and very well.

Its perfect for anyone who wants to focus on social media (something every marketer should).

You can go ahead and make a free account with the link below!

Do you have any experience with social media management apps like Hootsuite? How does Hootsuite work for you and your online business? We’d love to hear.

Leave a comment below! 

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