How Long Does it Take to Make Money Online? Good Question

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I just got asked “how long does it take to make money online” by a new student at our training center.

It’s a great question and here’s the answer.

The student actually asked a couple good questions and so I’ll list them below as well as give you a screenshot.

how long does it take to make money online screenshot question

  • How much can you gain from this training each month.
  • What amount of time do you need to spend (on the training and I assume to be successful). – Notice he was going to pay a $450 one time fee and a monthly fee of $300/mo with high traffic academy.
  • The cost you need to invest (this is a total to start an online business).

Special Note: I’ve placed links in this post to other resources for further explanation should you need it.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Online?

Here’s My Response..

Excellent questions. I’m glad you made it here, most people feel it’s a God send or a blessing once they get into the Wealthy Affiliate training, webinars, and feel the community support.

The training takes time. I think of it like going to college without the 100K of debt that you rack up.

But it takes a little time to get used to working with WordPress and to learn how to build out your site, but it’s not that hard and really cool if you like to learn new things.

Affiliate marketing is where you’ll start out because this is the LEAST expensive system and can lead to very profitable websites.

After you build the foundation to your online business, you can later add…

  • email marketing
  • advertising
  • selling physical products and services
  • or sell reoccurring services and programs.

You Need to Pick a Niche

Niche websites based on affiliate marketing take time to develop (about a month before you start getting traffic), but really can convert a high number of sales if done correctly.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money Online Photo

Why’s that?

Think of the last time you were looking to purchase something online.

You most likely googled a product with some sort of question.

Then went on to read a review about the product.

Afterwords, you finally clicked a link to make your purchase.

Still with Me Here? Come On.. We’ve All Done This..

This is how many people make online purchases and this is essentially affiliate marketing through a niche website.

So if you’re going to start an online business without a lot of overhead costs, niche websites will do the trick.

I’d really encourage you to pick a niche that you’re passionate about.

It could be on most anything that has products related to it.

It could be about fishing, biking, hobbies, dating, etc.., but you need to have products that you can review and/or recommend that will be beneficial to other people who also share your niche/passion/hobby.

This is called your niche audience.

My site that referred you to Wealthy Affiliate is all about making money online concepts, affiliate marketing, website stuff, keyword research, search engine optimization and reviews of online products.

I have another niche site based on my view point as an Occupational Therapist. There I review therapy based products and create posts to help that niche audience.

Those products that are beneficial to my reader, I will then recommend through affiliate marketing.

This could be as easy as using Amazon Associates as my affiliate.

You’ll also want to add email marketing and advertising once you start getting traffic to your site.

Do You Have to Write Content?

I didn’t like this at first but now have found myself enjoying it. You actually can develop your skills as a writer and a marketer.

Think of marketing as the ability to present information to people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now I outsource various tasks in my online businesses that free up my time to do other things, and writing is one of them.

I’m just taking my profits and reinvesting them back into my site.

You can always pay Fiverr writers for articles for $5 – $10 dollars, but you should try your hand at writing or at least know how to edit posts and do the SEO (search engine optimization).

  • If you’re looking for original content packages or even a short cut to creating your niche site, check out Human Proof Designs. They only utilize white hat SEO strategies so all you photos, content, and keyword targeted posts are optimized for search engines like Google.

You can also create videos as part of your marketing strategy. This is another great thing WA teaches and strongly recommends you do for every post you write.

Check out our recent post on How to Make Money on YouTube for some great tips!

As well, you can create landing pages and then pay for traffic via pay per click with Google or Facebook.

But this is more expensive and is really not the right way to start.

You need to learn to write content to some degree and by doing so, you’ll learn to build natural, or what’s referred to as organic traffic.

Once You Have Your Niche..

You then need to learn to do keyword research and start writing content for your site. Content is how people search the world, written and video.

WA teaches you to write quality content and how to get that content to rank.

You’re building an online business through a website. You start this way because this is the best way to build a site for free.

The monthly cost for this program is nothing for the value of education you get.

I feel like it’s a college level education for $1/day.

It does take time and you can always learn new things, but it’s up to you how far you want to take it.

I still have tons of education to go through myself personally.

If you like life long learning, building an online business is a good thing, but you can understand the basics within a month.

By the End of the Courses/Training’s..You’ll learn pay per click advertising and how to create effective ads with Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Facebook, etc..

Many people build landing pages with products they like and then learn to create Google ads and put together marketing campaigns to generate sales or email opt-in marketing.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Center (Everything Included – No Stinking UP-SELLS God Bless Them)How Long Does it Take to Make Money Online Photo

First month premium is discounted at $19 dollars, after that it’s $49/mo.

If you go premium and pay yearly, it’s less than $30/mo.

I would also encourage you to get the premium Jaaxy keyword research tool.

It comes with 30 free searches, and they have two levels of service. The $19/mo membership is what I use. And I use it daily to rank my content quickly.

JOIN NOW and Start Building Your Online Business!

I also buy domain names that I’ve research and then re-sell those for fun and for huge profits. So I buy the Jaaxy Keyword Tool yearly and that costs me $15/mo.

So I run my online business for $2.47/day – Incredible in my mind.

If you get into email marketing, you can use Mail Chimp for free until your email list is so large, can’t remember if it’s 2,000 or more.

I use Aweber and so with Aweber, Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, that takes me to my $2.47/day figure.

How Long To Make Money Online..  The Proverbial Question

This really varies from person to person and the niche you select.

If you choose a very focused niche, you can get traffic and start making sales within a month or two. If you keep building your site/online business, your sales will keep growing.

I tell most people this.. Again, remember it’s based on your niche, how frequently you post keyword based quality content, and a few other factors. But in general…

Small Niches:

1-2 months to be profitable. Actually here’s a training on it called 6 Week Schedule to Profits. Click the link to check it out later. 6 months to a year to really be making consistent money online on a daily basis.

Another great 4 week webinar course WA recently released is about building a small niche site based on one single product.

This is great for people who want to put up sites that rank quicker, see traffic and sales quicker.

You can then move on to another product based niche site.

Here’s the training for this 4 Week Niche Case Study.

Larger Niches:

Like Health, Wealth, or Dating (those are the big 3 that never go out of style), you better be prepared to work 2-5 months before seeing sales and 1 year before you make consistent income.

Maybe 2 – 3 years before you make full time income.

But the income can be major, anywhere between 5K/mo to 50K/mo.

My niche is also in the make money online niche which is extremely competitive.

I didn’t realize how competitive it was until 4 months in to this project, but that also means it potentially has much more profitability in the future.

I had already built a site (that I was proud of) that was getting a lot of traffic and making some sales.

But I didn’t really start making good and consistently money with this site until about a year into it.

There is a Wealthy Affiliate member who is like 21 years old, on his 11th month, he made over $4,300/mo all in Amazon commissions and $10,000 the following month. You can read Colton’s Success Story Right Here.

Another guy I know started making regular income for 2 years, then his business grow to the point of making over 10K/mo.

Some guys who have been in WA’s training center for years make over 50K and 100K/mo.

Are You Starting to See the Income Potential?

When you build an online business, you need to realize that you can get paid time and time again for the same work you did years ago.


There’s a snowball effect with online businesses that really can gain momentum.

It’s tough at first to swallow this fact.

At least it was hard for me, but I just came to a point that I believed in my site, and what I created helps people.

I developed a lot of awesome skills that I now use every day to make more online sales.

As well, I’ve built some new sites that are now becoming very profitable.

You need to learn to walk before you can run.

Take this experience like a college education where you are building for your future and you’ll do great.

Passive income can happen, and it’s awesome, but you need to be prepared to learn and take action on what you learn.

Build a Website That Will Keep Bringing in Cash FOREVER! Start Now!

The next time someone asks you how long does it take to make money online, just have them check out this post.

Hope this helps,

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