How To Check Your Website Ranking – The Fast And Easy Way

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Today we’ll show you how to check your website ranking within Google, Yahoo and Bing. We’ll also show you how to rank quickly and at the top of the SERPS.

This is a simple system that any website owner can benefit from who is trying to enhance their site with free (organic) traffic that targets a specific niche audience.

To do this, all’s it takes is the use of the proper keyword research tool.

Our favorite tool is simple to use and makes all the difference in ranking quickly. You can also track you sites progress by measuring your post and page rankings.

The keyword research tool I’m referring to is called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy works like a charm to find the right type of keywords that allow you rank quickly in search engines like Google and YouTube.

There are other benefits to using Jaaxy that we’ll discuss later in the post.

How To Check Your Website Ranking – Jaaxy’s Site Rank

Check out this short instructional video to see how I use Jaaxy to check my website ranking in seconds.

You’ll also notice in this video that as you start ranking under your specified keyword phrase, that you will begin to rank for similar keyword phrases.

The ranking section of this video takes just a few seconds to show.

It starts at 1 min 3 seconds.

The rest of the video discusses how to find low-competition keyword phrases and briefly discusses the metrics of the Jaaxy Keyword Search feature.

You can see that with Jaaxy it’s rather easy to check your website ranking in seconds.

Wanna Check Your Website Ranking Right Now?

First, go to Jaaxy by clicking this link – GO TO JAAXY

You will be taken to the Jaaxy home page, I have set the link to open up in a new tab. Then you can follow the directions listed here to check your website ranking.

Once there, sign up for a free trial account and get your 30 free searches. It looks like this..

How To Check Your Website Ranking PhotoNo credit card information is required to use the tool, just put in your name, email address, and make up a password.

Once you enter, you will come to the home page which is set on the Keyword Search Tab as shown below.

Click on Site Rank tab on the top, it looks like this..

How To Check Your Website Ranking Screen Shot

Put in your information as shown below and in the video.

Step 1:

Place your website URL in the box as shown below.

Step 2:

Put your keywords under the Keyword Box as shown below.

Step 3:

Hit search and see where you stand.

How To Check Your Website Ranking Photo

Note: If your post is not in the top 20 pages of Google, you will get a message saying.. NOT FOUND IN SEARCH RESULTS.

This may mean that you need to give your post some time, or that you chose keywords that are too competitive, or even that you may need to go back and review the quality of your content for that particular post.

Other Cool Site Ranking Features From Jaaxy

Once you’ve initially checked your website ranking for a particular post or page, Jaaxy will save that information.

The next time you check your website ranking for that same article, you can see exactly where you stand and if you’re page or post has moved up or down in it’s rankings.

Jaaxy will show you how many positions your post or page has changed. Hopefully your ranking position is moving up 🙂

This free online business course will teach you everything you need to know about website rank!

You can see this feature by looking at the position indicator.

There is a small arrow that points up or down with the exact amount of positions your post or page has changed. It looks like this.

How To Check My Website Ranking Photo

How To Check My Website Ranking Photo

Other Cool Features of Jaaxy

You can use Jaaxy to search the competition of keywords or keyword phrases that you want to use for…

  • Domain Names
  • Post & Pages
  • Related Affiliate Programs

Jaaxy also offers some other great features that help you…

  • Build website content
  • Find affiliate programs
  • Access domain name availability and purchase domain names directly
  • Brainstorm content ideas when you’ve got writer’s block
  • And offers a great affiliate program

Why Check Your Website Ranking?

When I check my website ranking, it gives me insight as to how well my site is performing.

It gives me a better understanding on how well I am writing quality content and researching my targeted keywords.

Checking your rankings is fun and easy when you use a tool like Jaaxy.

And it’s a bit addictive when you start seeing multiple posts rank within the top spots in Google.How To Check Your Website Ranking Photo Diagram

Using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool saves me time and resources.

The learning curve is next to nothing and within no time at all you will understand how to choose “low competition” keyword phrases that rank quickly.

Low competition phases will have lower amounts of monthly traffic, but as you continue to write quality content using this method, the traffic builds up naturally over time.

If you don’t have a good understanding on how to find or use SEO keywords, read this article for a detailed breakdown of the process.

Knowing how to check your website ranking really gives you the insight as to how your site is perceived by search engines.

And even though this is the case, try to produce quality content for your niche audience. Strive to help them.

Website Ranking Will Fluctuate

Ultimately, we all want our websites to be ranked page one of any search engine.

You should know that your site ranking will fluctuate daily, sometimes hourly.

The key to improve your websites ranking is simple. You need to strive to produce quality content that is based on solid keyword research.

And to produce content on a regular basis. If you can do these two things consistently, you will see consistent rankings and traffic.

Got questions on how to check your website ranking, or how to naturally rank your content? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

To learn how to write content that will rank, get the same guide we use daily to rank page one in Google.

income shops photo

Know anyone that will benefit from this post, please feel free to share it via the social share buttons.

You now have a firm grasp on how to check your website ranking, go out and start checking yours.

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