How To Create A Free Business Website – Part One

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Today is the start of my training series on how to create a free business website.

I’ll be showing you how to do this using a couple of free tools and the site I will be building will be based on low competition niches that are easy to break into.

Since my background is in the medical field of Occupational Therapy, I will be showing you two niche ideas that I have already investigated… Tennis Elbow and Plantar Fasciitis.

In today’s training I’ll show you how to..

  • Start your own free business website
  • Find low competition niche website ideas
  • Find affiliate programs to make money with your online business
  • Find keywords related to your niche idea that will be easy to rank.

Let’s begin by discussing my number one recommended program that helps people learn how to create a free business website.

The program is produced by a company called Wealthy Affiliate and I invite you to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn more about all they offer online entrepreneurs.

– go ahead and click on the link, the page will open in a new tab so can keep reading this post and then check them out later.

Let’s begin…

How To Create A Free Business Website

You can create a free business website with many website platforms, but for the best training in today’s online market, I encourage people to use the website builder called SiteRubix (click this link to my SiteRubix Review to learn more).

It’s a WordPress based platform that is powered and operated by Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

It’s much superior than using the free WordPress builder because it comes with 1,000’s of free website theme templates and a FREE training program that will teach you the basics in…

  • Setting up your Website
  • Installing optimal plugins (this will protect your site as well as help you get your site ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing)
  • Understand Keyword Research
  • And get your first website pages started to form the foundation to your online business

WA also offers free hosting so you have an all inclusive system to start your free online business.

Special Note: With any free website builder, you will have a suffix name at the end of your website. For example, if my site’s name is CureTennisElbow. With a free site builder, my website name would be..

You can still get your site to rank and make money off your website, but it will look more professional if you buy your own domain name, that way my site would read..

Domain names are pretty inexpensive though, I use and my domain names cost around $12 dollars/year.

But to totally start a website for FREE, just put the name of the site you want in SiteRubix’s search bar below.

If your name is available, just click the Build It Now button and you can have the basics to your site established in about 30 seconds.

Now let’s look at how to find a low competition niche to base your free business website on.

Low Competition Niche Ideas & Research

OK, so this can be a little overwhelming to some folks when they create their first online business, but it’s really not that hard.

Learn All This and More in Our Free Training Series!

The 3 Evergreen Niches in the online world are: Health, Money, and Love.

These are also super huge niches that are difficult to break into.

Also, know that any niche is possible to break into if your understand how to do Keyword Research, feel free to read this post to see how I do keyword research – just click on the blue highlighted link.

But when looking into any niche idea, I start with Google Trends.

 It’s free to use and you can see how your niche idea is as far as popularity, past and present growth, and the amount of interest of your niche per geographical region.

To read more about understanding niche ideas related to creating an online business, you can read this post: How to Find a Niche.

So let’s check out my niche ideas of Plantar Fasciitis and see how it fares.

Using Google Trends, I’m going to look at the words Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain (they’re basically the same thing).

How To Create A Free Business Website Screenshot

Click Photo To Enlarge. Results from Google Trends for Plantar Fasciitis

Note the uprising trend for the term Plantar Fasciitis

How To Create A Free Business Website Screenshot

Click the Photo To Enlarge.

Again note the uprising trend for the term Foot Pain

So we can see that both these terms are on the rise.

And both terms are related to the Evergreen Niche of Health, but they are much more detailed and specific.

This is the kind of niche you want, it’s not too broad, so it will be easier to break into and start making money faster.

Now Plantar Fasciitis has 271,00 people per month searching this term and Foot Pain has close to 37,000.

So I know that I have plenty of people who have this condition and are searching online for solutions to their problem.

When I look at low competition keyword phrases, I found a ton of really good search terms that people are searching in Google on a monthly basis that I can target to get quick rankings.

I will get good ranking if I am writing quality content that is based on my niche.

Check out this post to learn more about writing quality content.

Now on to how to find affiliate programs to make money with our websites and low competition keyword phrases that will be easy to rank.

How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your Business Website

To find affiliate products related to my niche, I just type into Google my niche idea, add a + sign, with the words affiliate products.

In Google search results I will see various programs that I can review to see if I like the products, investigate the quality of the products, and see if they’d be a good fit for my niche business website.

For example, for a Tennis Elbow Niche Site, I would put Tennis Elbow + Affiliate Programs and this would give a list of programs that I can investigate. See below for my results.

How To Create A Free Business Website Screenshot Using Google

Click To Enlarge

Now to find low competition keyword phrases that I can use to rank my posts easily.

Low Competition Keyword Phrases For Your Free Business Website

Understanding low competition keyword phrases is the key to getting quick rankings for your business website posts and pages.

If I choose high competition phrases, I’ll never see my website rank.

Want to Learn More About Keywords? Check Out our Free Training Course!

But if I use low competition phrases with a decent amount of monthly searches, I can get my posts to rank and that will lead to increased traffic.

I can then use that traffic to guide my readers to specific products that will be beneficial to them that are related to my niche.

I start off with Google again. Using Google’s Instant feature, I can play around with various phrases and find what people are searching on Google that is related to my niche of: Tennis Elbow, see below.

How To Create A Free Business Website Screenshot Using Google Instant

Click To Enlarge

How To Create A Free Business Website Screenshot Using Google Instant

Click To Enlarge

Special Note: These are just a few keyword phrases related to my niche, there a litterly thousands of good keyword phrases that I can use for most any niche

So you can see that by just using Google Instant, I can find multiple keyword phrases that people are searching.

Now to find the true competition of these keywords, I need to use a keyword tool.

The best keyword tool to use for this job is called Jaaxy. You can read my review of Jaaxy right here.

But basically, Jaaxy will tell me…

  • how many monthly searches each phrase receives
  • how much traffic I’ll get if my post ranks on page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • how many competing websites are ranking for any particular keyword phrase.

See below for the results for the couple of keywords that I looked at from Google Instant listed above.

How To Create A Free Business Website Screenshot Using Keywords

Click To Enlarge

I labeled the Keyword Phrases Good/Awesome/Not Bad based on if they have a low competition number or the QSR, this is the number of competing websites that are targeting these keyword phrases.

Anything less than 200 is easy to rank if you’re writing quality content based on the keyword phrase that also has a decent amount of monthly Traffic.

I want my Traffic number to be above 50.

Traffic, using Jaaxy, is the number of monthly visitors I will get to my site if my post ranks on page one in Google.

Also, if I’m targeting the niche of Tennis Elbow, it’s advantageous for me if I name my site based on my targeted keywords (for increased rankings and search engine optimization).

So for that reason, I am also showing the domain names that are available in the chart above.

Since my next website is gong to be based on several niche ideas related to therapy, I went with a site name that is more brand-able (

This way I can create more of an authority website based on multiple products that I endorse as a therapist that will help people who have Therapy Related Problems.

What’s Next

In my next post, How To Create A Free Business Website – Part Two, I will be discussing how to start my website along with how to put up my first 3 pages to give my website a decent foundation.

Then I’ll discuss how I target my affiliate programs as well as draw traffic into my site using my keyword phrases.

Become Awesome at Online Business, 100% Free Training →

If you have any questions or comments about this post, I’d love to hear from you, just leave me a comment below.

Take care and thanks for reading,

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