How to Create Business Cards with QR Codes – In 10 minutes or Less

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In today’s post, we’ll teach you how to create business cards with QR Codes.

QR codes are machine-readable codes, similar to bar-codes, but designed for smart phones.

When scanned, the QR code will take you to a specific online destination.

As you can imagine, QR codes can be a quite powerful marketing tool, when used correctly.

Business cards have been around since printers have been invented and they will always be a powerful marketing tool.

Thanks to photo-editing tools, anyone can design their own business card without any problems.

So what happens when you bridge the two, and learn how to create business cards with QR codes? 

Create Business Cards with QR Codes = Marketing Potential

There are quite a few advantages to learning how to create business cards with QR codes.

For starters, having a QR code on your card makes it much easier for people to visit your website.

Normally, a business card will contain your business logo with contact details and a website link.

To visit the link, readers have to either type the website address directly into their web-browser on their computer or smart-phone.

With QR codes, that step can be completely eliminated. 

To visit your website, the reader will only need to open the QR Code Scanner app on their phone and scan your card.

In less than a second, their phone will take them to your website, where they can find more details about your business.

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As you can see, there’s a lot of potential for marketing with QR codes.

We’ll talk about some QR code marketing ideas later on in this article, but first lets learn how to create business cards with QR codes.

What You’ll Need:

  • Internet Connection
  • A Website (We’ll talk about how to make one in a few minutes later on in this article)
  • (completely free image-editing tool. You can even do this in MS Paint but Canva is a little more user-friendly)
  • Your QR Code (we’ll walk you through how to make one for your business)
  • Time Required: 10 minutes

To get started, we’ll open Canva (complete the simple sign-up form) and hit “Create New Design”.

Next, browse through the templates to find “Business Card” template:

create a business card with qr codes screenshot

Here you’ll find a bunch of business card templates that you can edit to include your details.

Creating a QR Code:

Creating a QR code is really easy – there are plenty of free QR code generators you can use to make a custom QR code.

I used this one, and all you have to do is enter the destination of the QR code and click the generate button.

The destination should be your website. 

Don’t have a website?

Of course, we need a destination, so first we need to make a website.

If you never made a website before, it might seem really complicated, and something that’s best to left to website developers and coders.

But to be perfectly honest, nowadays making a website is really – really – easy and anyone can do it.

The hard part is not making a website, it’s marketing and getting traffic to the website.

I built this website with our recommended business training course’s website builder, and so far I have had no problems whatsoever. 

create business cards with qr codes photo

Build yours now, it’s super easy with hand holding instructions!

You need a website because you need a place where you can include more information about your business or services.

There’s only so much free space on a business card, and if you try to include all your business information on a business card it will be far too cluttered.

Even if you only provide small-time services; its still very important to have a website with some samples of previous work, testimonials, and other details. 

Add The QR Code to Your Business Card Template:

Once you have a website, type it into the QR Code Generator and download your QR code.

Next, we need to move elements around in the Canva template to find a place for our QR code. 

QR codes don’t look very nice; they have to be white and black, otherwise they won’t be readable.

Take a look at the example below.

How to Create Business Cards with QR Codes Example

On other side of the business card template, I moved the name and title up a bit and the space below is perfect for a QR code.

(Hint: Make sure not to tamper with the width to height ratios – sometimes if a QR code is too stretched it won’t be readable) 

When you resize an image with Canva the ratios will stay the same, unless you hold SHIFT, then you can edit more freely.

In the case of QR Codes, don’t hold the shift button when you resize the image.

Once all your details and the QR code has been added, download the files to your computer and open them.

Then, take out your phone, open the QR Code Scanner, and see if the code works.

You don’t want to send the template to a print shop with a faulty QR Code.

If everything works, send the files to a print-shop!

You Just Learned How to Create Business Cards with QR Codes!


See, it wasn’t that difficult.

Nowadays, its always a good idea for businesses to include a QR code in their marketing material, chances are you have seen billboards and other advertisements with them.

One idea would be to make a QR code that – when shown – provides a discount or a free product.

People are always looking to save some cash so they’ll be more likely to scan the code.

You can also create “Dynamic” QR codes where you can track how many times they have been scanned or set a limit on the amount of times it can be scanned, along with other features.

Bonus Idea: Create a QR code with your affiliate link to a specific product you want to promote. 

Speaking of affiliate marketing – would you like to learn how to make a profitable website?

Our recommended training course walks you through the process of..

  • Creating a website
  • Marketing the site
  • Sending traffic to it
  • And converting online sales – It’s pretty cool!

You’ll also learn how to find products to promote on your website to make cash.

Does that sound interesting?

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Have you made a business card before? Leave a comment!

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