How to Find Broken Links On Your Website – Solutions For Better Rankings

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In this post, we’ll explain how to find broken links on your website and why this is important to your websites rankings and user experience.

If you own a website then I’m sure you’ve dedicated a lot of hours towards it.

It would be a shame if your visitors are not having a positive experience because of some broken links that you aren’t aware of.

As your website grows it becomes more of a challenge to manage all your posts and pages.

Broken links can be the demise of your website in multiple ways.

How Broken Links Effect Your Website

Broken links negatively effect your website in a number of ways. Mostly it creates a negative user experience for your visitors.

Plus, you can lose your current site users as eventually they won’t like to come back to visit your website.

This will ultimately effect your brands reputation as well.

The end result is a poor user experience that can harm your SEO efforts and consequently lead to poor rankings.

I find it best to check for broken links once a month .

Let’s first take a look at what exactly are broken links.

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What Are Broken Links?

In layman’s terms, broken links are simply links that lead to a 404 error page which is a page that no longer exist.

Think back to when you landed on a website and clicked on a link that led to a broken link,

I personally leave that website 9 out of 10 times. Broken links will definitely increase the bounce rate which people leave your site and this is one factor on how Google ranks websites.

Broken links are more of a concern to bloggers than actual business owners because they don’t update their content nearly as much.

This is the very reason why broken links are critical for bloggers and why you need to protect yourself against them.

There are plugins you can use to check for broken links but I personally like executing this manually.

How to Find Broken Links On Your Website

Personally, I use this website

Just plug in your domain name and it will retrieve all your broken links. What’s cool about this website is that you will see which url these broken links are coming from.

This makes it very easy to go back to your website and edit these links.

Just two days ago I was able to fix about 150 broken links in a matter of 45 minutes because of this website.

It was my own fault as I changed the permalink in one of my most important pages. I hadn’t even checked my broken links in about 3 months and the only reason I checked was because someone left me a comment stating that one of my links led to a 404 error page.

Note: The bigger your website the longer it will take to check for all your broken links. It usually only takes a couple of minutes though so just be patient, the wait won’t be too long.

Broken Internal Links Vs External Links

Broken Internal links have a minimal negative effect on your SEO efforts in comparison to External links.

We will never know the absolute truth about ranking factors from Google but there have been hints over the years about this question.

Once a report came out that 404 error pages are expected and shouldn’t have any major negative effects on your rankings.

This might be true to a certain extent just like how it is for grammar, but I imagine that you have enough 404 errors or enough grammar errors then there will be consequences.

It all comes down to user experience, improve upon that and Google will like your site!

External links are a bit out of your control as you are linking to pages outside of your website. Just remove the link and your good to go.

The 404 error pages can appear if the website moves URL’s or if the owner lets the website expire.

Your links will be pointing to content that no longer exist. If it’s advised to link out to other related websites in your content for better rankings.

Content Ranking Secret: Always link out externally at at least 1 to 2 times per post to authoritative sites. This will give you some google juice to rank faster.

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Some Other Tools You Can Choose – It works just as well as the website I mentioned above. – This is a very good tool but you have to pay for it.

If you are doing a lot of scans on a website and see yourself doing a lot of scans then maybe you should give this tool a hard look. – Google webmaster definitely stepped up it’s game because if you used this tool more than a year ago then you would agree they were difficult to understand.

They have made their error messages a lot more friendly to understand. It helps that they notify you when they spot errors without you needing to do anything.

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In Conclusion:

I hope you found this article useful as I’ve laid out some good tools to fix your broken links.

There are other tools out there, but I have found these are the best ones to get the job done.

Plus I like free tools which is why I usually go with broken link checker.

Now you know how to find broken links on your website, so go find your broken links and get to fixing them ASAP.

This is a helpful guest post from Yunier Gonzalez from

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