How To Get Paid Taking Surveys – ClixSense Review

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Want to know how to get paid taking surveys?

Then ClixSense may be the place for you.

ClixSense is a well established PTC (Pay To Click) company formed in 2007.

They pay you for a variety of online tasks and taking Photo of how to get paid taking surveys and other tasks using ClixSensesurveys is one of them.

They also have a number of other ways that you can make legitimate money online. These include…

  • Visiting Websites
  • Playing ClixGrid
  • Paid Surveys
  • Micro Tasks
  • Online Shopping
  • Contests
  • Referring New Members to ClixSense (Affiliate Program)

Today I will give you my review of ClixSense as a legitimate way to make money online, but also point out a few of the downfalls of completing such tasks as taking online surveys, clicking on websites, micro tasks, etc.

Special Note for Survey Takers: If you’re from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand, you can make some decent extra income using Survey Junkie.

We just updated our review of these guys and have reported consistent income for survey takers in the $20 to $50/day, that’s around $600 – $1,500 per month to add to your income.

Back to our ClixSense review…

The Basics

Product Name: ClixSense
Overall Ranking: 60/100
Price: Free Membership, Premium Membership ($17/year)
Year Established: 2007
Owner: Jim Grago
Verdict: Legit online way to make money with limited income potential

Photo of how much money people have made taking surveys and completing online tasks since 2007

Click To Enlarge

How Does ClixSense Work?

ClixSense is a PTC (Pay To Click) site that provides a mutual benefit to both consumers and website publishers.

For website publishers who want to advertise their products or website, they can pay for low cost advertising through ClixSense.

This allows them to get their products in front of a much larger audience at a much lower cost than say, Google AdSense.

But in general, this form of advertising doesn’t bring in warm/pre-sold leads to their websites, but mostly just clickers that are not interested in their products.

For the consumer, you get paid by taking surveys, viewing ads, visiting websites, etc. It’s a straight forward process and an easy way to earn a little extra money online.

Now let’s review how you make money as a consumer and how much money you can actually earn.

Here’s a Survey Site for Americans, Aussies & Canadians Where You Can Make an Extra $600 to $1,500/month.

How To Get Paid Taking Surveys

With ClixSense, you have to qualify for the surveys based on your age, sex, location. So you should fill out your survey profile so that you can qualify for the most surveys.

Surveys offer the highest potential payouts, but you won’t qualify for every single one of them.

The pay range is from 60 cents to $5 dollars. The time frame to complete the surveys varies.

Here are some examples of surveys and what they will pay for a specific period of time.

  • offers a survey for $1.75 for a 13 minutes
  • The same company offers another survey at $2.10 for 18 minutes
  • Toluna is a company that offers two surveys and they pay .60 cents for both surveys and one is 6 minutes long and the other is 15 minutes
  • Some surveys pay $4.00 for 17 minutes of your time
  • Others surveys pay $1.17 for 15 minutes of your time

So its tough to say what your hour rate would be for taking surveys. It can vary from $2.40/hour to $14.11/hour.

Again, not huge income potential, but surveys pay the highest out of all the various tasks you can complete with ClixSense.

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Now let’s look at other ways that you can get paid using ClixSense.

How To Get Paid Viewing Ads 

How To Get Paid with ClixSense by Clicking on Ads

Click To Enlarge

By clicking on ads and spending the minimum required amount of time on that ad, you will earn a commission. The commissions range from .001 cents to .02 cents.

You just need to look through the ads, make your clicks and earn a little money. Now if you’re like me, you’ve got to be thinking this is peanuts.

In the ad to the right, you can see that .01 cents is worth 30 seconds of your time.

A colleague of mine earns about .15 cents per day clicking on Ads. You’re not going to break the bank with this one.

How To Get Paid With ClixGrid

ClixGrid feels a bit like gambling. You click on a 600 piece puzzle grid for the chance to win up to $10.00 in a day. A free member has 30 tries per day and a premium member has up to 60 attempts/day. Photo of How To Get Paid using ClixGrid

Members report earning up to a few dollars in a day to a few cents, some days they earn nothing. You also have to wait 10 seconds to see if you’re a winner and of course while you wait, you’re exposed to different ads.

How To Get Paid With Tasks

Tasks with ClixSense can be completed as many times in a day as you like. You have Available Jobs that can be completed immediately and Potential Jobs that can be completed once you’ve completed smaller tasks.

Photo of How To Get Paid Completing Tasks

Click to Enlarge

As you can see, there is the job title along with the amount of tasks to complete the job as well as the payout. Again, pretty low payouts for multiple tasks.

How To Get Paid With Offers

Offers are broken down into sub-categories. They include sign ups, downloads, shopping, listening to the radio, and surveys. They vary based on your geographical location, age range, and sex.

Here’s an offer below so that you can see what all is included.

Photo of How To Get Paid with clixsense offersThis radio offer here pays 3 cents for every 30 minutes.

Increase Your Income – ClixSense Referral Program

ClixSense has a referral program that pays up to 8 levels, like a multi-level marketing program. So anyone who signs up under your referral link (affiliate link) will be placed under you. See how affiliate links work right here.

Then anytime one of your referrals completes one of the above tasks, you earn a commission. If your referral goes to a premium level membership, you earn a $2.00 commission.

Conclusion With ClixSense

ClixSense is a legitimate way to make money, but with seriously poor income potential for the time you spend on their site. They will pay you for the work you do and have been well established since February 2007.

They pay for online surveys and tasks through Paypal, PayToo, or you can mail a bank or postal money order to them to get paid.

So it’s a honest online system to make money.

Is it something I would do to make money online? Not a chance.

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But what I do like with ClixSense is their affiliate program, or at least the concept of affiliate marketing.

You place an affiliate link somehow online, send it out through emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and you have that forever cyber-connection where if someone clicks that link, goes on to buy something, you earn a commission.

It’s like planting apple seeds, and over time you continue to reap fruit year in and year out.

As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to break into the online money making world.

There is so much potential to earn money online with things like..

Taking surveys and clicking ads just isn’t worth the time.

If you’re really serious about making money online, you need to get a proper education.

I started out making money online by drop shipping and importing products in places like Amazon and eBay.

These also have good earning potential, but plenty of risk as well.

My recommendation to those that want to make substantial money online is to forget the online task programs like ClixSense.

They remind of programs like Swagbucks, where you can earn a little extra cash, but your income potential to earn real money is seriously limited.

Final Overview of ClixSense

Product Name: ClixSense
Overall Ranking: 60/100
Price: Free Membership, Premium Membership ($17/year)
Year Established: 2007
Owner: Jim Grago
Verdict: Legit online way to make money with limited income potential

So Now What?

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I hope you have a better understanding of ClixSense and of how to get paid taking surveys. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you, just comment below.

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