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Can you believe this? The keyword phrase “how to learn how to make money online” currently has 8,316 people searching for this phrase on a monthly basis. Yet there are only 21 websites completing  for these keywords.

How do I know this, do I have a crystal ball, you may ask.

No, I use Jaaxy – the most simple and efficient keyword research tool I have come to know.

You can see the results below.

how to learn how to make money online photo of keyword results

Click To Enlarge. Search Results Provided by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

To Learn More About Jaaxy – Check Out This Post!

Friends, if you want to know how to learn how to make money online, you’ve come to the right place and you’re going to want to read this post in it’s entirety.

Why are keyword phrases  critical to making money online? 

Because keyword phrases are the way to get top rankings in search engines like Google, and that in turn will bring traffic to your website.

If you have a good amount of targeted traffic (meaning people who are already interested in products you’re selling) coming to your website searching for whatever you sell, then you’re going to make…Lots of Sales! Woo Hoo – it’s what we want, right?

Special Tip: You can use keyword phrases not only for getting content to rank for your websites or landing pages, but you can also rank your YouTube videos as well  😉

Let’s look a little closer at my keyword phrase, how to learn how to make money online, so that you can see the results provided by Jaaxy.

how to learn how to make money online keyword search results

Click To ENLARGE. Search Results Obtained From Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

I have 21 other websites/articles to compete with to get this post to the number one position in Google using this keyword phrase within this post.

What do I get if I hit the top position in Google, a scientifically calculated estimate of 1,414 visitors to my site on a monthly basis.

If you don’t know, that’s a good amount of visitors (a.k.a. – free traffic) to bring into a website for one post.

And it only cost me my time, knowledge, and creativity in putting it together.

How Hard Is It To Get To The #1 Spot in Google?

Not that hard if you’re using low competition keyword phrases like the one discussed above.

Your keyword phrases need to be…

  • Low in Competition
  • Have a Decent Amount of Monthly Searches
  • And be Relevant in Your Niche Market

And if you are writing QUALITY CONTENT that is based on what the reader (who made the search) is really looking for, you naturally achieve good rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In this case right now, it’s you who is searching – how to learn how to make money online or some variation of those keywords.

Below is a screenshot of Jaaxy’s Site Ranking feature and you can see that my posts rank pretty well.

how to learn how to make money online by ranking you web content

Here are the Ranking Results of a few posts from this site that were created using Low Competition Keyword Phrases

If you learn how to provide quality information to those searching for something online, and you use a few good SEO tactics as you structure your article, you should be able to rank on page one in no time.

Sometimes my posts rank in less than 12 hours, other times, it takes a few day or weeks. And not all my posts rank on page one.

But as I continue to write quality content based on my niche, Google starts showing my site more – Google Love!!!

And as the Google Love grows, my rankings get better with time. As my rankings improve, my site sees more traffic, and my sales numbers go up.

Are you  seeing the connection with little comp keyword phrases and making money online ?

If I can teach you how to learn how to make money online by showing you what I’ve learned, then it should be easy for me to get that number one spot in Google using this keyword phrase.

How To Easily Rank In Google?

21 websites competing for one keyword phrase is SUPER LOW keyword competition.

As a matter of fact, anything under 100 competing websites/articles for a particular keyword phrase is what’s we call LOW HANGING FRUIT in the online world.

how to learn how to make money online by choosing low competition keywords for your posts

Low Hanging Keywords Are One of the Most Important Keys to Making Money Online

Like easily picked fruit that’s low to the ground, so are low competition keyword phrases easy to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing (and YouTube too, remember YouTube videos are first indexed in search engines by written content).

And you know what happens if you get ranked in the #1 position in Google?

You get more traffic than the estimated 1,414 website visitors.

How’s that possible?

Once you hit the top position in Google using low completion keyword phrases (also referred to as long-tail keywords phrases), you start to rank for other associated keywords related to your keyword phrase.

Rank For 1,000’s of Keywords In Google

I wrote a post about selling fake products, basically counterfeit products from China.

I wrote, what I think, to be a fairly informative and decent article. I did my keyword research using Jaaxy (keyword tool) to find my low competition keyword phase.

My keyword phrase for the post was Does Amazon Sell Fake Products (Click the link to read the post if you like).

But if you search Google for any of these keywords listed above, like Amazon Fakes, Does Amazon Sell Fake Goods, Fakes, Fake Products, Counterfeits, Counterfeit Watches

– Whatever you search that’s related to the keywords of.. Amazon, Selling, Fake, and Products, and you will see my post on page one in Google.

Most of the time it’s in position 1, with other keywords (that I didn’t target) it’s in position 2, 5, sometimes 7, but it’s held page one for almost a year now. See below

how to learn how to make money online photo of top search results based on keyword research

Google Search Results for the keyword search phrase: Does Amazon Sell Fakes

Let’s look at the competition of this phrase using my keyword tool called Jaaxy.

how to learn how to make money online photo of keyword competition

Search Results Provided by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Now you’re probably thinking, Todd, there’s not many people searching this phrase on a monthly basis.

And you’re right. But because I used a long-tail low competition keyword phrase, I’m getting ranked under a ton of similar keywords and keyword phrases.

As well it’s ranking in combinations of other words related to my keyword phrase.

How do I know, let’s look at my Google Analytics page.

Below is my monthly traffic for the latter part of March 2015. Normally I get about 1,500 hits to this website with this post, but it’s a bit lower this month at 1,276.

how to learn how to make money online screenshot of high traffic using low competition keywords

Google Analytics Results for my post Does Amazon Sell Fake Products – 1,276 hits to this site per month

Update 2/13/2016 – This post currently has gotten over 5000  organic visits per month for the last six months. I mean, every time I look at my Google analytics live statistics, there’s someone on this post.

By using a long-tail (meaning a phrase of 3-5 or more keywords placed together) low competition keyword phrase, I pick up much more traffic than one would originally think.

How Hot is Your Customer?

By targeting longtail keyword phrases, I’m able to connect with my online audience at a later stage in the buying process.

People who search make money online, for example, are not nearly at the search stage where they’re ready to make a move and buy an online training program to learn how to do it.

But people who search – How To Learn To Make Money Online or How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners are.

So what does this mean for YOU and your quest to make money online?

It means you need to get educated on how to do the same thing for whatever niche idea you may have for an online business.

How To Learn How To Make Money Online – Get Educated

If you really want to learn how to make money online, I mean if this is really your mission in life, then you have to get a solid education.

There are no magic push button systems to do it, and there’s no get-rich systems that works to learn how to make money online photo

Just like any other profession, it takes education, time, work and dedication.

I know, I know, I know – NOT what you wanted to hear, we all want the easy cash – but it doesn’t work that way.

Advisory Warning: there are a ton of internet money making SCAMS out there – choose your education wisely.

But there are also real quality educational systems to teach you how to make an online business that makes excellent money.

Plain and simple, you have to learn to walk before you can run, and  it is highly recommended to learn from those that know how to make a buck in the online world.

You wouldn’t want to learn medicine from a fortune teller would you?

And this is Absolutely NO Different.

You need to get educated from those that have the knowledge and experience and have already made extremely successful online  businesses.

You need someone in your corner that cares about your online success.

And that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

They are easily the best educational institution to learn how to make money online  by creating your own niche based online affiliate business.

I’ve use them myself, and simply put, what they teach works.

They teach how to…

  • Build & Run an Online Business
  • Create Websites/Landing Pages
  • Write Content That Ranks
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click)
  • And Ridiculously So Much More

And What’s Better Yet – You can learn to do the same thing, as long as you’re willing to take action on what you learn, you can find online success.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to come in and check them out as well. They offer a Free Starter Membership so that you can see what they’re all about.

photo of how to learn how to make money online course offer

The Free Starter Membership Includes:

– 7 Day Full Access as if you were a Premium Member (so all resources are available to you)

– 2 Free Websites and Free Hosting for those sites

– 10 Free courses to help you set up your website and understand the basics of making money online.

And after the free trial period, you don’t have to pay anything, you can keep your sites/hosting/and 10 free classes.

But if you’re really serious about making a living online, you’ll want to continue the program.

And it’s not expensive, $19 dollars the first month (59% discount off regular price), then $47 dollars/mo after that. If you go on a yearly plan it comes out to $29/mo.

That’s next to nothing for a professional education, the average 4 year college degree costs over $100,000 dollars.

According to, in 2014 over half of the 22 year old college grads that found a job after they graduated, found work in jobs that didn’t even require a college degree.

This is a night out for a dinner and a movie for the cost of one month’s education with Wealthy Affiliate.

It takes time to learn how to make a profitable online business, but all the resources are available to you to help you succeed if you want it.

As a matter of fact, sit in on this classroom to get a basic feel and orientation to the WA educational platform.

Click on the picture and you’ll be taken directly to the Wealthy Affiliate University – You can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

This classes discusses how people make money online, enjoy.

how to learn how to make money online photo of the online money making process

Click This Photo To Be Taken To The Online Class

What To Do Next

Well, you can leave this site and keep searching for Fast Cash Systems that don’t exist, or you can ask yourself if you are really interested in learning a new career and creating a new life for yourself.

A career online can surpass you current income and allow you to work from the comfort of your own home, or even travel the world (today I’m working in the beautiful Andean Mountains of Colombia).


View from my weekend getaway retreat. Working online definitely has it’s advantages. Photo taken outside of Medellin, Colombia

If you are really serious about making money online, don’t waste time. Take the time now to invest in your education and invest in your future.

Set aside a couple hours a day and go through the courses one step at a time.

To get started….

Step #1: Click the link here – Free Starter Membership

Step #2: Fill in your name, email, and create a password – NO CREDIT CARD OR ANYTHING IS NEEDED

Step #3: Fill out your profile, get immersed into the WA community, and start taking classes

Once you get to Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll be sending you a welcome email with a little guidance on getting stated.

If you have any questions about this post, don’t be shy, send me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And please share this post (via the social share buttons below) with anyone who might also be interested in making money online – you’ll save them a lot of time, money, effort, and frustration.

Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible  resource and the value is priceless. If you are serious about this and want to know how to learn how to make money online, there’s no better place to start than Wealthy Affiliate.


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