How to Make a Money Blog: It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

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Learning how to make a money blog could make the difference in financial success or disaster for you. Most people don’t consider blogging a viable career, more like a hobby.

But what if I told you that there are thousands of people out there who earn more with their blogs than some of the highest paying professions out there?

These people earn more than doctors, lawyers, dentists – you name it – and it all comes from typing words into a computer screen.

Shoot, some make over $1,000,000/year (over 83K/mo) can you believe that?

So How Did They Do It? And Will They Show You How To Make a Money Blog?

Well, I don’t think owners of popular blogs have time to hold your hand and walk you through the process, unless you want to invest a lot of money in their coaching services (and these guys charge a lot because they can!).

I’m talking like over $200/hour for their services.

But you can listen to their advice (in the form of blog posts) and analyze their marketing strategies. That’s one of the reasons I follow a lot of blogs; it makes it easier to figure out what I should and should not be doing to promote my website.

I suggest that you follow some of the top blogs about blogging out there, the first two off the top of my head are Copy Blogger and Boost Blog Traffic.

Take a few minutes to look for equally valuable blogs and follow them, even if you only read their free articles you will learn a lot about blogging and creating a successful website.

The Basics of How to Create a Money Blog – Follow Simple Steps

Creating a money blog is actually not that difficult, but it requires focus and determination.


Want to Make Money Blogging – We’ll Show You How

First of all, if you want to make money then you have to sell something.

It could be your own products (eBooks, courses, services, etc) or an affiliate product (which I recommend for beginners because it’s an easier path).

But you have to make a decision. You have to decide how you will make money from your blog before you start working on it. If you choose to sell your own product then you have to decide what you can sell, and it has to be a valuable product or service.

A lot of bloggers work on their blog for free and build up an audience before they start selling products. Once you have a hungry audience it’s easy to sell them pretty much anything as long as your name is on it, because you have established your voice, and you’re an authority in your niche.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. 

First, we need to figure out a topic to blog about. A.K.A. a niche.

A lot of people dive right into the make money online niche. I actually don’t recommend this niche (ironic, because I’m in it) because the competition is fierce and there’s a lot of garbage to sift through, a lot of “Gurus” that point people in the wrong direction.

I think the easiest way to determine your niche is to simply ask yourself, “What am I good at?”.

What Are You Good At? Maybe That’s The Niche For Your Money Blog!

That one question will do wonders for your blogging journey.

Take sometime off to think about it. Chances are that you have a unique talent or you have spent a considerable amount of time in a particular field, more than the average person.

It doesn’t have to be some mind-blowing activity like walking on the moon (but if you did walk on the moon, I would love to hear about it). All you need is more experience than other people in something. 

Have you been working out for a long-time? Do you have an impressive physique? Fitness might be your niche. That’s another competitive but very lucrative niche.

Or maybe your a chef and love cooking; share your recipes, recipes are always a hit (write a book of recipes and put it on Amazon, etc). Check out this recent post to learn more tips on selling eBooks.

There are so many niches, check Amazon if you want a list of niches to choose from. You can check out this video to see how the experts do it using Amazon..


Click Here to See How to Pick Your Niche

Anyways, we won’t go into too much detail about how to find a niche in this article because the gents at the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center have really got this topic covered.

Just remember, the easiest way to find a niche is to think about your experiences.

What activity do you have the most experience with? That could be your niche.

How to Find Your Ideal Momentum

Once you’ve got your niche, it’s a matter of publishing as many articles as possible, interesting resource-style articles. You’ll also need to promote your articles, network, and try to spread the word as best as possible.

This can all seem quite overwhelming, especially for someone who is new to blogging, that’s why I recommend taking things one step at a time.

I recommend my favorite business training course, Wealthy Affiliate, it feeds bite sized lessons to you, making it easy for you to progress without tearing your hair out. Check it out, it’s free to give it a try, so there’s nothing to lose.

Please feel free to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate to understand what Wealthy Affiliate offers you and your online business.

wa ad

You can make money from selling products, ideally your own products but this can be a bit more time consuming and carry higher risk. I.e. cost of creating the product, buying inventory, shipping, customer service, etc.

Affiliate products can bring in just as much profit and there’s zero risk.

All you have to do is learn to build a website (super easy these days), produce quality content about your niche, and learn how to connect with them by ranking in places like Google and YouTube.

There are affiliate programs in pretty much every niche, there’s always something that you can find and promote for a percentage of the sale. Try to include affiliate links as long as it does not disturb the flow of the article.

You’ll want to put links in your articles and in certain areas of your website’s template, like the sidebar, header, or even the footer.

But it all comes down to writing and marketing; two activities that can be very frustrating but also very rewarding. It takes time to learn how to mesh all the little processes together and find your groove, Wealthy Affiliate can help with all that.

Conclusion: How To Make a Money Blog?

Write about the activity that you have the most experience with and eventually sell products about that topic.

  • You focus and publish articles.
  • You market and network with other bloggers.
  • You interact with your audience and build connections.

You work on your blog daily, and eventually, a money blog will pop up and you’ll feel extremely proud of your accomplishment. Just remember, it will take work and time but eventually you can manage the tough tasks through outsourcing.

It will take that initial effort, but once you learn SEO, editing, how to market you blog content, and how to find the right outsourcing help – you can spend maybe 10 hours per week a make full-time income – IT’S AWESOME!

You’ll love it if you can take the time and invest in yourself. You can shorten the time it takes and that dreaded learning curve with Wealthy Affiliate, the training is invaluable.

Thanks so much for reading this article. If you could do me a favor and share it on social media, that would be very much appreciated.

What do you think about blogging or how to make a money blog? Let us know!


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