How to Make Money From YouTube Videos: What You Need To Know

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If you’re wondering how to make money from YouTube videos, in this article we’ll explain how it’s done and how you can turn your passion into a business.

Honestly, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. There’s no need to worry if YouTube will pay video creators; it will.

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing website and it’s revenue-sharing system has created quite a few millionaires.

But the amount that they’ll pay depends on two things; the view count, and the type of ads on the video. 

See, YouTube uses the Google Ad-sense revenue-sharing system where ad-revenue is shared with advertisers.

You can also use this program on your websites to earn some extra cash, but I have found that it does not pay as much as other methods.

Before we begin, here are a list of things that you’ll need to start making YouTube videos:

  1. Video Capturing Software
  2. Video Editing Software
  3. Good Quality Microphone
  4. Decent Computer That Can Handle Video Processing
  5. Optional: Green screen
  6. Optional: Quality Webcam from Streams

That’s not so much. In fact, most people have the equipment required to start making YouTube videos.

Even your smartphone has the features needed to create standard YouTube videos.

The challenge is not finding the right equipment; it’s figuring out what to create videos about. 

There are three main types of videos on YouTube: funny, informative, and viral.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are searching on YouTube for the solution to various problems.

Likewise, there’s a huge amount of people who are on YouTube for fun and only looking for entertainment.

Can you make funny or interesting videos? Do you have a unique idea that could be turned into an interesting video?

Before you start making videos, it’s a good idea to research ideas and niches.


How to Make Money From YouTube Videos – Research Baby!

Follow these tips and you’ll learn how to make money from YouTube videos.

Much like creating a website, niche research is required to create videos that are a hit, the main difference being that videos should be as entertaining as possible.

How do you find niches for videos that are not over-saturated? 

A lot of famous YouTube celebrities found their niche on accident.

They simply continued to make videos and slowly built up an audience.

Speaking of an audience, who is your audience? Who do you want to target? How to Make Money From YouTube Videos Photo

There are a lot of internet marketing products out there that teach you how to make super-fast YouTube videos that are supposed to bring in thousands of dollars in no time.

But if you rush the process, most of the time, you’ll end up with a sub-par video, and sub-par videos don’t really do well on YouTube.

For example, nobody wants to watch slideshows with Microsoft’s robotic voice on YouTube, make it better.

The focus should not be on creating and uploading videos as fast as possible, it should be on creating well-made content that your audience will love and find entertaining!

And remember, one video won’t make you a millionaire, and it probably won’t even bring in one dollar.

The trick is to continue creating and uploading videos on a regular basis and build for the long-term. 

More importantly, have fun with the videos.

It should be a fun experience for everyone involved, the content creator and the viewer!

Some of them will bring in a lot of views, some of them won’t.

Keep in mind, there are other ways to make money from YouTube too, not only from Google Ad-sense.

There’s a space in the description of your video where you can ad links to other websites or offers to earn even more cash.

In fact, once people build a solid channel they’ll start promoting their own merchandise or partner with companies; the possibilities are endless.

So How Do You Research Video Ideas?

I would start with keyword research.

Since Google owns YouTube, it will rank videos on YouTube higher in search engine results.

It’s a good idea to target a keyword phrase in the title of your video so people can also find it on Google.

I use Jaaxy for keyword research, and in this article I explain how I find hot keywords to target for traffic.

Does that keyword get a lot of traffic a month and is it low competition?

What you want to do is search for a key-phrase and then consider turning that into a list-style video.

Use Keyword Research Tools to Improve How to Make Money From YouTube Videos

Jaaxy is a Simple & Great Way to Break the Competition with Keyword Research Try It For Free

There are other strategies that you can use too but I have found list-style videos do quite well.

For example, if I wanted to turn this article into a YouTube video, maybe the title would be, “Top 10 Best Ways to Make Money From YouTube” or something similar.

Once you picked a title for your video, it’s easier to make the content because you already have a basic idea what will be in the video.

The next step is video creation and audio work. 

If you’re serious about your project, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality microphone for the best audio possible.

So now you want to make a script, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy but make sure its detailed and informative.

Conversational-style scripts tend to work well.

Avoid introducing your channel or video for too long (unless it really requires an explanation) because people are in a hurry and want the meat of the video as soon as possible.

It’s always a bit irritating when you’re trying to find a solution to a problem on YouTube, and the video introduces the channel for a few minutes while barely explaining the solution.

A quick introduction is fine but keep it short. 

Once the script is finished, it’s time to start making the actual video.

Making The Video: What Video Editing Software is Best?

Interestingly, YouTube does include a video editing software, but it’s an online platform.

It’s very basic and free, and if you’re not interested in fancy effects and you don’t have large files to upload, the YouTube editor could be the solution.How to Make Money From YouTube Videos Photo

You have to upload all your separate clips to use the software though, so it’s a little inconvenient.

Windows also includes a basic video editing software, Windows Movie Maker, it’s also free.

But most professional video creators will use Adobe After Effects, it’s a little pricey and there is a learning curve, but it provides the most features.

I would start with a free video editing software and then move to the more advanced programs later on.

It’s hard to say which software is the best because each one is so different.

Recording Your Screen:

Don’t video your screen with another camera, the quality is terrible.

There’s a cool free software I use called ScreenCastoMatic, and you can select the area of your screen that you want to record.

It’s awesome for making simple tutorial videos.

Snagit is another one I used, though the free version doesn’t offer many features. It’s not so expensive and, in my opinion, it’s worth the investment.

The quality is excellent too.

Another worth mentioning is FRAPS and a lot of people use this to record their video game clips.

There are others out there too, but I have found these three are the most popular and well-known.

These programs are mainly necessary for tutorials where you show someone how to do something on their computer.

Most of these programs will record audio too.

What you can do is record your script, speak into the microphone, and record it with Microsoft’s Voice Recorder.

Do it a few times if necessary to “Warm up” your voice.Fiverr Service for Voice over Option to Make YouTube Videos

Or if you don’t want to record your own voice, there are plenty of people who you can hire to do the voice over work for you.

You can hire voice over artists on Fiverr.

Information videos are easier to create because all you need to do is record your screen and provide the voice over work.

No much editing is required.

I would recommend starting with those types of videos and then progress to the more edit-intensive videos later.

Uploading and Getting Views:

Creating videos is a challenge, and a lot of people give up on their dreams because they put a ton of effort into creating a video, only to have it receive negative ratings and very few views.

Well, there are a few things that you can do to guarantee some views.

It’s also important to know that YouTube also has it’s own ranking algorithm, and it’s mostly based on “Play Time”. 

Play Time refers to the amount of times a video is played and the total viewing time from all the viewers.

If you upload a video, at it receives a bunch of views within a short time frame, it will rank higher in YouTube’s search results.

So, as a new video creator, the goal is to get as many views as possible as soon as your video has been uploaded.

How do you do this?

Well, the same way that you get traffic to your website; market the video.

Take your YouTube link and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media website that you can find.

The cool thing about YouTube videos is that you can embedded them into articles and other platforms. Click this post (How To Easily Embed YouTube Videos) to learn how..

So there are a lot of ways to share a video, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask your friends to share it too.

Videos tend to be shared a lot more often on social media, more often than pictures and articles. 

And videos can go viral too if they’re funny and interesting!

So your job is not done once the video is uploaded.

You still need to find people who want to watch it.

That means finding where your target audience hangs out and sharing the video with them.

When you have a lot of subscribers on YouTube you don’t really need to seek out more viewers, since whenever you upload a new video you already have a bunch of people who want to watch it.

But as a beginner starting from scratch, learning to market your videos is important.

YouTube Video Payments

When does YouTube pay and how much can you expect to earn?

You’ll need to create an account with Google Ad-sense.

If you enable to Ad-Sense on your videos, YouTube will place advertisements on your video, and when someone views or clicks on the ad you will earn some cash.

Ad-sense will send you a check when you reach their $100 minimum payment threshold and they’ll pay once a month.

If you don’t reach $100 in that month, the unpaid earnings will be carried to next month. 

So far Ad-Sense only allows payment via check which can be a nuisance for people who don’t live in United States because the check can take two to three weeks to arrive.

It’s difficult to say exactly how much you can earn with your videos, it depends on the interaction people have with the advertisements on your videos, and the total views.

Generally, it’s best not to worry about the exact amount, and focus your efforts on creating fun videos and marketing them as best as possible.

A common misconception people have with YouTube earnings is that the amount of views determines how much you earn.

But that’s not necessarily true.

The level of interaction that people have with your ads is more important.

In other words, to earn more, more people need to click on the ads. 

You can earn money when someone only watches an advertisement too, but only if they watch for more than 30 seconds.

But remember, this revenue-sharing system is not the only way to make money with YouTube – it’s just the most common.

You can also include affiliate links to your other projects or your affiliate websites to earn more cash.

How to Make Money From YouTube Videos Photo


Hopefully now you know how to make money from YouTube videos.

To close this article, I would like to provide a final tip:

Have fun. 

People like to watch fun and interesting videos and they always will.

Find an interesting subject to create videos about and upload videos on a regular basis and soon you’ll start to make money.

Learning from experience is also the best way to learn so I want you to go out there and start making videos.

Videos are also an awesome addition to your website, and if you want to learn how to build an online business from scratch, check out this awesome internet marketing training course.

Good luck and thanks for reading this article about how to make money from YouTube videos!

Link To In-depth Training to make money from YouTube Videos

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