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Learning how to make money in online marketing is awesome.

If you are willing to take action, I will show a proven system that works like a charm.

No joke.

1,000’s of people are replacing their jobs and breaking free of the 9-5.

They’re living a better quality of life or supplementing their income by using simple internet marketing concepts that we see everyday.

Today I’ll show you how to do the same thing.

First things first, if you want to know how to make money in online marketing, you need to know that it’s going to take some initial time to develop.
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Not the most popular thing to hear, but I want to set you straight from the start.

It takes time to start an online marketing business.

Just like any business, offline or online – It takes time to learn and grow your business.

How much time does it take to make money online?

I wrote this post to give people a better understanding of what time constraints involved.

Hope it helps 😉

Next, you need to understand the different styles of online marketing strategies.

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What is Online Marketing – A Confusing Term

The term online marketing is synonymous with internet marketing.

And internet marketing is a combination of marketing strategies, i.e. ..

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Etc.

A diagram to help you understand the components of Internet Marketing

Two common strategies of Internet marketing are Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Network Marketing is your MLM’s (multilevel marketing) and your Pyramid Schemes.

Both of these styles of marketing are considered, by most people in the world, scams or over-hyped money making systems.

And both (MLM’s and Pyramid Systems) usually equate to not making much money at all.

The average MLM’er makes less than $500 dollars/year.

Only the top sales people in MLM’s make money while the majority (99%) of the people lose money or break even.

And for that reason, we won’t be discussing Network Marketing in this article.

So what is online marketing?

Think of online marketing in the terms of affiliate marketing for now.

Affiliate Marketing – It’s Like Getting Paid For A Referral

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for anybody to get into making money online.

It costs next to nothing to start.

There’s not a lot of overhead expenses, and with a solid education, a little hard work, and some time, you can come up with a profitable online business.

One of the most under-appreciated facts about affiliate marketing is that most anyone can do it, it’s an even playing field for everyone – so to speak.

In other words, if you’re willing to learn and put in the effort, you can make yourself a profitable online business without a lot of money.

How much money does it cost to start out?

Less than $70/month.

How much money can you make?

Limitless really, or I should say – limited by your imagination.

Most online marketers I know make anywhere from a couple thousand to 50 thousand dollars + per month.

Not too shabby.

This can’t be said of most businesses where it usually takes a good deal of capital to..

  • buy products
  • advertise
  • rent office space, etc.

There are a couple of different strategies within affiliate marketing, so let’s review them in a little more detail.

how to make money in online marketing photo of the words affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote a product, brand, or service online.

You do this using an affiliate link on your website, social sites, emails, wherever online.

Whenever someone clicks that link, goes to the product website and buys something, you earn a commission for the sale.

Pretty Simple!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most utilized avenues to earn income from a website. You can create an entire online businesses with this marketing model.

Many websites you use on a daily basis already incorporate affiliate marketing in their business model.

Affiliate marketing can also be where you create a digital product (such as an educational course) or a physical product and then sell that product through affiliate marketers.

  • You are either the affiliate marketer or the affiliate product creator.

So what type of affiliate marketing is right for you?

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Producing Affiliate Products Vs. Selling Affiliate Products

1.) Producing Your Own Affiliate Products

If you have an idea for an educational course or a product that is beneficial to someone, then producing that product and selling it through affiliate networks would be the path for you.

The cons for this style of online marketing is that you will have a good deal of start up costs and potential overhead costs with marketing a physical product.

If you are making a digital product, the overhead cost can be cut down, but you still would have a good amount of expenses in your..

  • Education
  • Video Production
  • Outsourcing of Technical Aspects (graphics, infomercials, copyright, etc)
  • Paid Traffic

If this is what you are looking to do, you can start the educational process with one of the largest affiliate network’s that has a good training program called ClickBank University.

Selling Affiliate Marketing Products

If you don’t want to risk much money – than traditional affiliate marketing is by far the better way to go.

The best way to start an internet marketing business is to create a website, get a solid education in internet marketing, and begin earning income off of selling other companies brand name products.

I’m talking any brand name good you can think of:

  • popular video games
  • cameras, tv’s, shoes
  • clothing, computers, jewelry
  • furniture, apple products, etc

Practically every main stream product has an affiliate program that you can join if your niche fits with that product (and you have a website!).

The initial start up costs include..

  • Buying a domain name, which costs about $15/year.
  • Website hosting, costs around $5/month.
  • Affiliate marketing course, $50/month.

If this is more your style, then I highly recommend the training program from Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer great support, step by step guidance, and 1,000’s of hours of training’s to help your build your online business.

Plus they provide free website hosting, so you can cut that expense out.

You can read all about Wealthy Affiliate right here to see all they provide internet entrepreneurs looking to get started in online marketing.

How To Make Money In Online Marketing?

The first aspect to deal with is to know your niche. What’s a niche you may be asking yourself.

A niche can be a passion, a special skill set, knowledge base, a talent, or even a hobby.

The key is to not pick too large (or too competitive) of a niche and to pick a niche where you can help people.

Examples of Niche Ideas are numerous, but here are a couple of ideas:

  • Infant Nutrition, Neck Pain, Crafts, Wood Working, Fishing, Cheer Leading, Health Recipes
  • Swimming, Tennis, Headphones, Insomnia, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Sun Glasses
  • How to loose weight fast, Yoga, Hypertension, Hunting, Camping, Kite Surfing, Adventure Vacations

– Just to name a few  🙂

The Key To Online Success..

Help people, that’s it.

If you can help people within a particular niche, then you can make money online – plain and simple.

The key is to have a service or special knowledge that people are looking for.

If you’re not an expert at something, don’t worry, you can develop your skills as your explore your chosen niche.

Even if you have a particular interest in something that you want to learn more about, you can turn that into a great income producing online business.

how to make money in online marketing photo

The Second Step – Education

The second step is to find the right educational program.

One that will teach you the in-depth knowledge you need to know.

Things like..

  • Researching your niche.
  • Building out your website.
  • Ranking your site;s content in search engines like Google
  • Monetize your website correctly to optimize sales conversions

There’s a lot of programs out there that charge $1,000’s of dollars to learn this and a small handful of quality training programs.

You want to use a proven method from professionals that have been doing online business for years.

I see a lot of beginner bloggers and online entrepreneurs who think they can do this on their own.

And believe me, you can do it on your own. I find most who take this approach fail.

It can be frustrating entering into a new field like internet marketing without any experience or guidance..

Most people end up wasting 1,000’s of hours writing content that never gets ranked.

They usually end up giving up due to a lack of success.

Don’t let that happen to you.

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The Last Piece of Advice

Realize that like any other professional career, it takes time to develop.

Don’t go into online marketing thinking that you’ll start banging out the big bucks right away.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to work online and start making money right away.

That’s how most online scams prey on inexperienced online entrepreneurs.

It just doesn’t work like that.

How many of you out there went to college or to a technical school?

Did you go into the educational program thinking you were going to make money right away?

Probably not.

Most people don’t expect to make anything while in school, on the contrary, they expect to accumulate debt.

The difference with online marketing is you can start making money within the first couple of months while getting an education.

This is becoming the new norm these days…

…Learning while you earn.. instead of accumulating debt.

If you realize this, you will have a lot less stress and anxiety with this type of business.

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If you have any questions on how to make money in online marketing, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m more than happy to help out.

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