How to Market with Memes? Get You Content Spiced Up with Memes!

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If you’re looking to add a bit of fun to your marketing campaigns, then you should learn how to market with memes.

At this point, we all have seen memes, they’re all over social media. 

And there’s a reason they’re so popular on social media; they’re funny!

I think too many marketers take their campaigns super-seriously, and not many people are interested at this point.

To add a little life and stay on top of internet trends, learning how to market with memes is important.

But first…

Marketing With Memes: Why Do It?

Well, in my opinion, you shouldn’t base your entire business around memes.

But memes can be fun little additions to the content on your site, as well as your social media accounts.

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I played around with Twitter quite a lot, and I found memes have the highest engagement rates.

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Other helpful image-based posts do well too, but memes – especially funny and related memes – do much better.

In other words, they add a bit of spice to your content.

Ways to Market with Memes?

I can think of two ways that you can market with memes, if you can think of more feel free to leave a comment below.

Boost Engagement on Social Media.

For one, they can be used on your social media accounts to boost engagement and get more followers.

Add Spice to Your Content.

Secondly, they can be used to add more spice and life to articles on your site.

People don’t share boring content on social media; they share content that is either fun or informative.

Unfortunately, most people don’t create fun content.

Frankly, most websites are boring! 

I mean, its pretty much impossible to publish super fun and amazing content every single day.

how to market with memes

But you can take a few minutes to try and liven up the content a bit.

The effort will be well worth it.

I see a lot of writers use reaction GIFS inside their articles as well, and that’s another way to add some fun to articles.

Personally, I like to keep the images on my site as small as possible because it drastically improves load time.

And GIFS can take awhile to load.

How to Make Memes?

Due to the popularity of memes, making one is super-easy, and there are quite a few meme creators out there.

The hard part is coming up with something creative and funny!

The tool I used to make the memes on this article is Meme Generator. 

Its very simple to use – basically add captions – and upload to your site.

You can also download the meme templates you want to use and then use a design tool like Canva or Photo Shop to make a more creative design.

how to market with memes

One of the easier ways to come up with meme ideas is to just write an article like you normally would, and then see which parts can be livened up a bit or turned into a joke.

You can also add your website URL somewhere in the image for brand exposure, but that requires a bit more effort on your part.

There’s always a chance your memes will go viral on social media, so it makes sense to add something that can lead people to your site.

How to Market with Memes:

If I want to market this very article on social media, what I could do is grab one of the images and upload it to Facebook or Twitter.

I could do this once a week or so, using a different image from the article, and including as many hashtags as possible.

how to market with memes

Do that three or four times with the same article, and the traffic will keep coming in.

Not to mention the fact that articles with memes are just funner to read, so the chances of people sharing it on social media increase too.

Basically, adding some memes to your content could be all it takes to send a wave of traffic to your site.

As mentioned earlier, there’s also the possibility to use GIF reactions inside your content.

Facebook lets you add GIFs in comments and as status updates now, so its something that you can look into.

What it Comes Down To It..

No amount of memes will make people suddenly want to share a super boring article on social media.

If your content is poorly written, riddled with typos, and doesn’t include any media; it won’t do well.

how to market with memes

So once again, if you want to build a successful online business, mastering the art of creating well-written and informative content is vital to your success.

I know, not everyone wants to sit in front of their computers writing articles for hours.

But quality content is the foundation of every successful website. 

If you do have quality content on your site, throwing in some media like memes can make that content even better.

You’re number one focus needs to be on creating content that not only is informative but also fun to read.

As you can see, its not that hard to learn how to market with memes.

how's geico insurance photo

Online Business Doesn’t Have to Be Super Serious:

Remember, the most popular content on the internet are funny videos and memes.

Learn to have a bit of fun with your work!

There are accounts on Twitter and Facebook with millions of fans that only upload memes and other funny stuff.

Inject a bit of humor into your content and your marketing campaigns and you’ll see a positive difference.

I know we can’t be creative and funny all the time – and that’s okay!

But one quick improvement you could do is go back to the most popular articles on your site and see if you can add some memes or jokes in there.

It doesn’t take long – and it can lead to some really nice conversions!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article about how to market with memes.

Hopefully now you are aware of some new marketing tricks you can use to boost traffic and sales!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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