How to Sell Stuff Online – A Modern Day Fairytale

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Learning how to sell stuff online is awesome. It’s so cool to wake up, check your emails and see…Commissions Earned…

If you’re looking to do this too, then this post is for you.

Hi there, my name is Todd and I’ve sold thousands of products through giant online retailers like eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Although it was a fun experience, it has a few drawbacks.


  • Finding Hot Products that “Hopefully” Sell Fast
  • Customer Returns
  • Inventory that Doesn’t Sell at All
  • Shipping Hassles and Exchangeshow to sell stuff online photo

What if I told you that there is a much better way to sell stuff online, without the risk of buying products, dealing with customer returns, inventory, storage, or shipping issues.

Interested in learning how to do this yourself?

Good, then let’s begin.

In today’s modern day world of technology and vast internet growth, you can create your own online business that lets you sell consumer goods with ease.

All that’s required is to establish an online presence (A Website), drive customers to your business (Traffic), and sell products without ever purchasing anything (discussed below).

3 Simple Steps To Sell Stuff Online

Step 1: Create A Home To Sell Consumer Goods (a.k.a. A Website)

Whatever you plan on selling online, whether it be electronics, sporting goods, or high fashion clothing, you need a home to display your products.

Think of a website as more than just a display case for whatever you want to sell.

A website is really a way for you to connect and communicate with your customers, provide in depth product knowledge, and advise people on your recommendations.

Building a website these days has never been easier.

There are a good amount of services out there that will help you with this, but in my experience, none offer the support and user friendliness like Site (click here to read our review).

You will have a brand new WordPress website up and running in less than a minute.

Imagine this as your own eCommerce website..

how to sell stuff online photo of eCommerce website

This theme is one of over 1,800 themes that you can choose from and is responsive, meaning it’s mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop friendly.

Are you starting to think of some cool ideas for your new website?

Now, take it a step further and think of a name for your website.

Once you’ve got a name picked out, you’re ready to start building. Just put in your site’s name in the Siterubix Website Builder below to see if the name is available.

If so, your ready to go. Just click “BUILD IT NOW” – It’s that easy!

The Siterubix builder is provided by a company called Wealthy Affiliate. They also provide training to set up your website as well as guidance on how to bring in traffic and build a steady stream of online income.

They’re a great resource to have an your side, especially when first starting out.

Step 2: Drive Customers to Your Business By Building Traffic

Traffic is the life force of any successful business, online or offline, if you don’t have customers coming into your store, you’ll never make a sale.

And that’s what is absolutely amazing about selling products online.

Unlike a physical business, an online business is NOT RESTRICTED by your physical location.

Interesting Fact: Do you know that the internet is growing at a phenomenal rate, currently around 8 New Users per SECOND.

That’s 691,200 new internet users per day, Incredible!   (source)

how to sell stuff online photo of a computer mouse around the world

What this means to you as a website owner that sells consumer goods is that the internet provides an outstanding marketplace to do business.

Plus it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks/year.

Think about opening a shoe store in your local town or city.

How many people live in your surrounding area?

Now how many of those people are going to want to buy shoes?

If you play around with the numbers, plus think of all the costs to set up a shoe store, it can be a uphill battle to say the least.

With an online business, you can drive targeted traffic to your site using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

income shops photo

This will bring customers to your website who are already looking to buy shoes (or whatever other consumer products you want to sell online).

These techniques are also taught by the Wealthy Affiliate educational program (the same guys who make the SiteRubix website builder and Jaaxy Keyword Research tool as well) – the owners (Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim) pride themselves on making quality products.

Now if you already have a site set up but want to learn how to incorporate these traffic driving techniques into your current business, check out our free ecourse to get your business rolling.

Become Awesome at Online Business, 100% Free Training →

Step 3: The Fun Part – Selling Your Stuff Online and Making Money

Now earlier I mentioned that you can sell stuff online without ever buying the products. In other words, you don’t need to buy or import goods to sell online.

You can sell other companies brand name products. Even from places like Amazon or eBay, without ever needing to buy products, so you essentially have no risk.

This is completed through affiliate marketing techniques,where you, as the website owner, affiliate yourself with any number of companies that sell consumer goods.

You can also sell your own products and services directly on your website, but you don’t have to.

Almost every consumer product can be sold on a website through an affiliate relationship.

A website presence is all that’s required.

how to sell stuff online photo of add to cart message

Once you’ve got a cool product you want to sell, you then just market it.

Then when the customer comes to your site and clicks on the product link or photo, guess what?

They will be taken to the check-out page where they can make their purchase.

You, acting as the affiliate for said product, receive a commission for the sale.

You never have to deal with placing orders, inventory costs, delivering goods, or customer returns.

It’s one of the most lucrative and efficient forms of online sales.

Got More Questions On How To Sell Stuff Online?

Please promise me one thing: if you have any question on how to get started, don’t hesitate to ask.

You can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

Ready to start selling goods online? Then same system 1,000’s of people are using to make their online dream a reality.

Become Awesome at Online Business, 100% Free Training →

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