How to Work and Travel: Build Your Online Business While Traveling

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“No, I can’t travel, I need to work.”

Does that sound familiar? Chances are you have said that a few too many times!

Most people who work ordinary jobs don’t have much time to take off and enjoy their lives.

Their lives essentially become all about work.

And that’s work for someone else! 

Well, if you’re wondering how to work and travel you came to the right place.

It’s not that difficult.

I’m going to lay out a simple plan that you can use to work and travel the world.

But plans are useless unless you use them. It takes action, that’s the key to success.

I can tell you what you can do to travel the world and make money, but I can’t do it for you.

One more thing to remember, a laptop and a decent internet connection is all that’s required.

That’s really all you need to make money to travel the world.

How to Work and Travel – Think in Terms of Passive Income..

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How to work and travel all depends on passive income.

First of all, I suggest that you remove the idea of instant results from your head.

Focus on passive income and think in terms of passive income, that’s income that comes in whether you work or not.

$50/day, $100/day, $400/day, $1,000/day – What’s Your Number?

Think about your actions. Will this task bring in passive income? Does it have the potential to bring in passive income?

This article will focus on one source of passive income, affiliate marketing for beginners. 

See, all it takes to make money with affiliate marketing is the ability to share links online.

It’s not that hard but many people over-think the process and never take action.

But really all you have to do is share your affiliate link online.

Now, there are tons of different ways that you can promote your affiliate links, but the one way I recommend has the potential to bring in cash day in and day out.

I recommend…

  • Create a niche based targeted website

  • Target keyword phrases that people are searching in Google on a Daily Basis

  • Write articles with those keywords

  • Include affiliate links to products that help your niche audience 

There, I summarized up my entire business plan in 4 bullet points. It sounds simple because it is simple!

People tend to get stuck and over-think the process or procrastinate forever, but don’t worry, we’ve got a set plan with action steps to get you on your way.

I know what you’re probably thinking; “But I have no idea how to make a website!”. 

Traveling And Working Online Goes Hand In Hand..

It really has never been easier to make a website than it is today!

For instance, there are plenty of website builders out there, and the one I like the most is called Site Rubix.

Read this detailed Site Rubix Review! 

how to work and travel photo

Site Rubix is a tool that’s included in Wealthy Affiliate and you can use it to build multiple websites.

There’s no need to worry about the technical aspects, simply choose the themes and fill in the details, there’s no need to write any code or hire a web-designer.

So that solves the first part of our plan, what about keywords?

Finding keywords is also easier than ever with modern tools.

Write Articles Online That Bring in Cash

To learn how to work and travel you need to learn how to write for cash.

That is, you need to write posts about things that people are searching Google online.

Target those topics related to a website theme, and you’ll do great. You need one other tool that I use daily.

The tool for me is called Jaaxy and you can read this full in-depth review for further information. 

Just look for keywords with the green circle next to them, those are easier to rank.

It’s that simple.

Find a few decent keywords and then it’s time to write articles! You can write whatever you want as long as it’s related to the keywords that you found.

I suggest that you don’t think about the word count so much and focus on writing until the article feels complete.

If that means writing 3,000 or more words that’s fine! 

In fact, search engine optimization research has revealed that articles which are longer than 1,500 words tend to rank higher.

Definitely don’t make the articles too short, around 1,000 words is a decent article length.

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Can You Travel And Publish a 500 Word Article?

We need to write articles that make cash, otherwise there would be no point, at least from a financial perspective.

Reviews are one way to bring in cash and they’re pretty easy to write too.

Take a look at some products in your niche and buy the ones that seem interesting and compare them.

Boom, there’s an article idea for you, one that can bring in a bunch of traffic and sales. 

You simply have to recommend the product you like the most and then include your affiliate link. Or you can write related posts and link to a centralized review.

This gives the reader more confidence in you as an authority within your niche and allows them to feel secure about your recommendation.

Once trust is earned based on providing quality information, you can make a ton of online sales.

When people click your affiliate link and buy the product you earn a commission.

That’s cash you just earned from your laptop. 

So that’s how you work and travel at the same time. As your site builds helpful content and gets ranked, you’ll receive targeted traffic that’s already searching for what you offer.

Don’t want to write content, no worries!

If you don’t want to write content or need more targeted content for your website? Then check out our review of Human Proof Designs.

They can make you a niche site and have keyword niche-based articles for an extremely reasonable price. This isn’t spun content, but original, quality content.

how to work and travel photo

Promote Content To Increase Online Revenue!

Of course, if you write one article and publish it to your website that’s only a few days old you won’t receive much traffic.

Definitely not enough to make sales!

So that’s where promotion comes into the picture.

Here’s an article I wrote about how to get fast traffic from social media, read it. 

You have to promote your article, share the link so people find the article and buy the products you promote.

Use social media to promote your content, the link above explains more about how to do this.

Get comments! 

There are quite a few groups and membership websites that you can use to get traffic and comments.

Comments are important because not only do they let you collect some feedback but they also improve search engine optimization. This improves your post rank to increase what’s called organic traffic.

That’s also free traffic which is what you want. An article with a bunch of comments will always rank higher than an article with no comments.

With Wealthy Affiliate, collecting comments is easy because there’s a tool you can use called Site Comments.

It’s a pay-it-forward feature where you earn credits for posting comments and you can use those credits to get comments on your website.

Or you can buy comments for a dollar per comment. Fiverr sellers charge $5 dollars per comment, so this is a great feature for those who don’t mind investing in their site as well as a great way to save time.

It’s a really useful feature and I highly recommend it.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more details!

How to Be Successful Online? Repeat The Process..

See, it’s not so difficult, is it?

Now all you have to do is repeat the process until your website is bringing in consistent income each month.

That’s money that will come in whether you’re surfing in a tropical island or snoozing in an airplane.

It will always come in.

And that’s the type of business you should work towards because the rewards are so worth it.

Now you know how to work and travel, the next step is to take action and make it happen. How long does it take to make money online? Check out the link for the complete answer.

I started this site a few years ago while living in Colombia, South America. I was lucky to have found Wealthy Affiliate and each day I worked on my site. Soon the traffic came rolling in as well as the online sales.

Now I make full time income online and you can do it too.

It just takes education and action, if that’s you, go for it. I wish you nothing but success.

Want more ideas on travel? Read Our Travel Tips! or you can Read About My Travel’s Through Colombia While Working!

Thanks for taking the time to read our How To Work and Travel Post, we’d love it if you could kindly leave a comment and socially share this post, you might help someone. 

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