How’s Geico Insurance – A Fraudulent Scam At Best!

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Want to know how’s Geico insurance, look no further.

I had the unpleasant experience of working with Geico and I’d never recommend Geico and here’s why..

Sorry this is a bit off topic for our readers, but I’ve got to bust a scam like Geico when I see it.

And this comes to you from me personally.

My wife and I went back to visit my parents for the 4th of July holiday last year, 2016, in Nebraska.

It was a great trip of fireworks, biking, and spending time with family.

Heading home down a slow paced interstate 80 to Colorado, close to Kearney, NE, we were passing a car going 75 MPH.

We were actually ahead of the car in the left lane by about 5 feet when they just veered into our lane and hit my truck without warning.

It’s like slow motion watching this car come into you and without any ability to stop it.

You’re thinking what the is this, and boom, you’re in the median wondering “how could this have happened”.

I’m sure these guys were on their cell phone or something to have entered our lane like that.

How’s Geico Insurance – Absolutely Disgusting

So this thoughtless person didn’t take a second to look to their left to see if there was a car there.

And for that single error, we’ve got 13K in damages and countless hours of inconvenience that are’t compensated by Geico.

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After writing up a police report, fixing my back right tire and heading home, we find that Geico feels that their client is only responsible for 80% of the damage.

What the !

You hit me, it’s clear that it was the other party’s fault, yet Geico wants to deny coverage.

Is this really the type of insurance company you want?

Sure I get it, it’s a company and Geico’s cheap, they want to try to deny as much as they can to improve their profit margins.

But come on, maybe Geico should get out of the insurance business.

I always have had great experiences with other insurance companies and so this type of cheapness and low class service is pretty insulting.

Here’s some interesting facts about Geico, read this post to see over 2,900 claims of Geico ripping people off.

Geico Denies 80% – Until Arbitration 😉

My insurance company tells me that Geico will only pay 80% of the damages.

I said that.

Take them to arbitration or court, I don’t care.

How insulting that Geico thinks they can marginalize the damage and time wasted on this situation that was ZERO fault of mine.

I’m the freaking victim for goodness sake.

We go to arbitration and of course after they listen to recorded testimonies, arbitration sides 100% for me.

Now Geico’s got to pay my claim 100% because their client was found at fault 100%.

Great, But Geico Still Denies to Pay!

They pay the car repair bill 100%, but now they want to deny paying for the personal damage outside of the car.

You see, I bought my wife a new road bike and had a 3 position bike rack for our bikes.

Her’s was on the outside position and when Geico’s client hit our car, that caused a break in one of the hinges that attached my wife’s bike.

The back tire was thrown from the rack and dragged on the ground until we stopped.

Geico’s Typical Response: Before Denying Your Claim

My insurance company informs me that Geico has denied my personal property for this claim.

How can that be?

Geico Insurance has already been found 100% at fault by arbitration, why wouldn’t my personal bike/bike rack be included in the coverage.

This doesn’t seem fair so I request my money from Geico directly and they informed me that they need to see receipts for the bike rack and my wife’s tire.

Sounds reasonable.

The bike rack was purchased 5 years ago, but I was able to get a receipt. My wife’s receipt for the bike fix was also on hand and we got a video of how the back tire was messed up.

Receipts to Geico… Geico Still Denies Claim

Geico drags out the process of course.

How long?

It’s now close to a year and I’ve been out $400 some dollars, hours of time, and these jerks at Geico still want to only pay 80% of the bill for the personal damage.

How pathetic is that?

Again, is this the type of car insurance company you want to work with?

I would highly recommend you NEVER USE GEICO.

Cheap, drags out the time and expects that the customer will take it up the rear.

If you’re tired of these types of scams, stand up and ditch Geico.

There’s no other way to protest other than action.

20% of a $400 dollar bill is $80 dollars. They may not be much to you, but it is to other families and people out there.

And it’s nothing to a rich company like Geico.

I can sweat the $80 bucks, but I can’t stand being taken advantage of.

So I wrote this post because I know how to rank content quickly and this site gets around 1,000 visitors per day.

So hopefully we can get the word out on these losers at Geico.

how's geico insurance photo

How’s Geico Insurance? Our Conclusion

Don’t touch Geico, their cheap, inconvenient, and an absolute disgusting company in my opinion.

Their client made a horrible error in driving, one that could have cost us our lives.

Instead, it cost time, money, and stress. Now they don’t want to pay a mere $80 dollars.

How sad and cheap is that?

Avoid Geico Car Insurance and please feel free to socially share this post with everyone out there.

Time to get the word out on Geico.

The next time someone asks you “how’s Geico Insurance”, send them to this post and let them know what these guys are about.

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Stay away from this company!

Be Awesome! Share This Post & Help Someone..
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