Importing Fortunes – Is It A Viable Education For Importation?

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Importing Fortunes, a.k.a. importing fortunes how to start your own internet goldmine, is an educational program that teaches the basics of the import/export industry.

But falls short as an educational system, lacking any real value to help you create a successful importation business.Importing Fortunes Logo

The program is promoted as a complete educational source for newbies who want to learn how to import or export commercial products.

As well, it’s promoted to those as an alternative way to make money online or earn a living while traveling abroad.

Is the program any good, is it worth your time?

I have gone through this program and in my opinion, the Importing Fortunes program is a sub-par education at best. It lacks…

  • Personal structure
  • Sufficient knowledge base
  • And next to ZERO community support.

If you enter this program and think you will receive a proper online education in order to make money in the import/export industry, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

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At the same time, you can learn some basic information and techniques about the importation process.

In my opinion, the value for this program isn’t there for a couple of reasons.

  • 1). You can learn this information online for free.
  • 2). There is no step-by-step guidance nor structured education to help you break into the industry.

The Basics of Importing Fortunes – How to Start Your Own Internet Goldmine

Name: Importing Fortunes – how to start your own internet goldmine
Price: $279 Lifetime Membership, but always on sale for $100 off: So $179
Owners: Marc Charles, marketed by Int. Living/The Travel Writers Life
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Importing Fortunes Product Overview

Importing Fortunes is a program produced by a man named Marc Charles.

Marc Charles claims to have had success in the importation business and has created a program to help average folks like you a me break into the industry.

The program is supported and promoted by International Living, a magazine and online website that helps people with relocation information (and income strategies) when moving abroad.

And is really targeted to anyone who wants to learn to make money online – Click the link if you’d like to read my 5 step Guide to Make Money Online

– Don’t worry, it will open in a new window so you can read keep reading this reveiw and read it later – ain’t I sweet 😉

Importing Fortunes is part of International Living’s, My Travel Programs, and consists of 5 pages on it’s website. You can see the 5 pages below.

Importing Fortunes Main Menu

The whole program consist of 8 Webinars, a series of Bonus forms, stories, and information, and a forum that is pretty much unused and empty.

Importing Fortunes provides information on styles of importation, the potential of the import/export business, and mainly promotes using sites like to find and import products (mostly from China) and sell them on sites like Amazon and eBay.

They stress using the Amazon Fulfillment Center as a means to sell and drop-ship imported goods, which is a pretty awesome idea I must say.

Amazon sold an average of 3.5 million products a day in 2012 (source).

But the program lacks serious support in the form of structured education as well as a general lack of support from the owner and community.

The community support is sup-par because there are not enough members to assist you with questions. And when you are putting together a new business in a new field like importation, you will definitely need consistent support during the educational process.

Overall the program tries to give people an honest education to the import/export business, but lacks details and consistent training.

If importing and drop shipping is really your gig, I would recommend using Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon or eBay Marketing System.

Skip is has been a power seller for years on both Amazon and eBay and I ended up using more information from his site then Marc Charles Importing Fortunes to learn how to make $1,500/week when I did importing and drop-shipping on Amazon.

What I liked About Importing Fortunes

Mr Charles does a good job educating inexperienced importers on how the process works.

He explains where to get products (mostly from, and gives recommendations on how to choose reliable suppliers.importing fortunes program update

However, this information is readily available online and is fairly common knowledge if you spend an hour searching – importation.

Also, the information on how to select reliable suppliers is already provided on sites like

The program does a good job explaining how to find hot products.

But that’s not a tough concept to understand if you’ve spent anytime on,, or any other major online retailer.

The one thing I like is that Marc Charles encourages people to start small, find a hot product, and find a reputable supplier using

There is value in this information even though one can find this information fairly easily online.

But at least Marc Charles is giving honest information to his audience.

And in an online world of scams, MLM’s, and pyramid schemes, this can be quite refreshing.

There is a 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t feel the program is right for you.

So that makes the program risk free to try.

The cost of the program entails a lifetime membership. So you are paying $179 for an educational program that mostly consists of a few Webinars and reading materials. But at least you can always return to the program and use this information as a reference.

What I Didn’t Like

Although Marc Charles points out how importation works, he really has one solution for most people to get involved in the importation business.

He mentions brokering deals but avoids answering any direct questions in his forum, almost like he is protecting himself from future litigation issues.

Importing Fortunes predominately teaches you how to buy goods from sites like and sell those products on consumer sites like Amazon and eBay.

A year ago he promoted using the site because you could buy in smaller quantities.

However, Aliexpress is no longer promoted due to the vast amount of counterfeit products and scams found on this site.

You can read my full review on Aliexpress right here

So as of a year ago, Mr Charles promoted buying products from Alibaba and Aliexpress to ship to Amazon Fulfillment Center and then sell online to Amazon customers.

This was VERY POOR ADVICE in hindsight because many new inexperienced importers didn’t realize the products they were buying were counterfeits.

And many new importers lost their selling privileges on Amazon and eBay. This is NOT a good idea if you’re in the importation business.

Since the recent update to their website, Importing Fortunes is not promoting sites like So although this is positive, the damage has been done for many unsuspecting new importers who have lost their selling privileges.

Finally Let’s Discuss the Community Aspect of Importing Fortunes

I think it’s imperative to have a strong community to support new entrepreneurs, but you need one that is active. And this one is not.

Maybe this really tells us the value of the Importing Fortunes program.

See below for today’s current community support and activity.

screen shot of importing fortunes non existent community support

Who Is Importing Fortunes For?

Importing Fortunes is for people who want to make money online, or create an online business. It’s marketed to travelers, retirees, and entrepreneurs. You need to have some start up capital and be willing to risk it.

Importing Fortunes Tools & Training

This is where I really think the Importing Fortunes program has dropped the ball.

They have a program that basically consists of watching online Webinars and reading assignments.

There are a total of 5 Webinars that range from 8 to 62 minutes long.

Other than that, basically the program consists of PDF files that are termed Bonus materials. See the Bonus topics below.

Importing Fortunes Bonus Readings

The reason this is so important to me is that when you enter into a program to learn a new career, you need proper step-by-step training.

And Importing Fortunes does not provide this.

Webinars and reading materials are great to have, but a new student needs a structured form of learning in order to be successful in a new career.

proper online education provides daily tasks that need to be accomplished. Completing those tasks on a daily basis are going to be what brings you closer to creating a successful business.

Importing Fortunes Support

As expressed earlier, Marc Charles has tried to but together a good program, but it just doesn’t have the support or structured learning that it needs.

When I was an active member, I would go to the forum looking for answers. I saw all kinds of direct relevant questions from students who needed real answers.

I would see responses from Marc Charles that were vague and honestly not that helpful. I even asked him a question myself and got a very generic answer that was no help at all.

The community was somewhat supportive, but the lack of members doesn’t add any value to the Importing Fortune’s Forum. Look below, I’ve highlighted the numbers from the screenshot I took from today’s forum.

  • 57 total members
  • 1 active member
  • 13 topics
  • 26 posts
  • And the most users on the forum at one time was 5 users and 2 guests.

To me, that’s not good support whatsoever. Especially when you belong to (and I do) an active community that teaches online business with over 200,000+’s active members.

Now that’s the kind of support I want from an online educational program.

But hey, at least Importing Fortunes has a Contact Page.

My Final Opinion On Importing Fortunes

Importing Fortunes is a real program that teaches basic importation skills. It comes with some good references that are put together as a package.

But as far as the educational value, I just don’t find it meets my standards when attempting to learn a new career.

Especially something as challenging as the importation business.

The program lacks true guidance, support, and community and although it’s a legit program, the value just isn’t worth it to me.

importing fortunes slogan

This should read “How to Learn the Basics in Importation”

Importation can be extremely lucrative, but also very risky. I still have 185 cell phone cases that I can’t sell for what I originally paid (a little over $8/case).

BTW – Do you need a super durable iPhone 5 Case?  😉

I was lucky enough to have sold other products as well, so I made back my money and a pretty sweet monthly profit.

But in general, it can be a risky process to buy products in bulk that may or may not sell.

For those that want to make a fortune in importing/exporting, you need to realize a few things.

  1. You need a large amount of capital if you’re really going to make any money.
  2. There is an extensive amount of time to get samples from various suppliers.
  3. There is even more time to coordinate clearing customs and getting your products set up in a place like Amazon Fulfillment Center.
  4. It takes an extensive amount of time to build a brand name, unless you plan to sell generic products.
  5. And the risks associated with importing products that may not sell – is a reality.

I think the importation business has great potential, but great risk as well.

I have friends that have struggled and given up on the business and a few that have made great profits in the industry.

For me, I continued to pursue making money online, and I eventually found a training program that is out of this world.

They teach you how to make money from affiliate marketing and creating niche websites. They also provide direct support from the community and owners themselves.

If you want to get started making money online without risking the bank, check out our free training series below!

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As always, feel free to leave a comment and if you need help getting started to create a real online business, just let me know.


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