Internet Income University Review – a.k.a. Skill Pay

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In our Internet Income University review we’ll reveal our take of this internet marketing training program and see if it’s right for you.

Internet Income University is a course that promises to turn the average person into a successful internet business owner.

It’s training focuses on teaching people how to become successful affiliate marketers as well as other ways to make money from your website (and how to set up a website too).

Some people say it’s a scam, others say it’s the promised-land of internet marketing training courses, who should you believe? 

In this Internet Income University review, I’ll do my best to search for the truth and present it to you so you can make an unbiased decision. Then again, remember that this review is based on my opinion and I’m not affiliated with this product at all, so I have no reason to praise it.

Product at a Glance 

  • Name: Internet Income University/Skill Pay
  • Website:
  • Price: Free Membership available, Premium 67$/month
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Creators: Kevin and Drain Blue

Internet Income University Review

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to keep in mind that Internet Income University recently upgraded and changed it’s name to Skill Pay but the concept remains the same, training for online business.

Skill Pay is not, as you might expect, about how to find and learn skills that you can offer as services, but instead it’s all about how to create a niche specific website, collect leads, and sell affiliate products.

Personally, this is one of my favorite ways to make a profitable long term online business. One that can potentially create passive income!

However, it is clear that the company didn’t only choose to change their name, Skill Play is a complete upgrade, and I can honestly say (from what I saw) that some of their training is pretty useful.

It doesn’t live up to my #Recommended affiliate marketing training program due to the lack of keyword research training, SEO (search engine optimization) skill development, and stellar community support, but it’s got some positive features that we’ll review below.

Most people say that Internet Income University is a scam but Skill Pay (the upgraded and more in-depth version) is not a scam.

Does that mean it’s worth the price?

Skillpay: What You’ll Learn…

We all know that there are so many different paths to make cash online and it can be really confusing for beginners to pick one, not to mention the fact that there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there.

Yes, making money online is not as simple as it seems (at first), and the confusion can, and does, stall progress.

Yet, when you find a plan that works, one that suits you and your passions and desires, then everything seems to fall in place, and it becomes really simple, because you know what to do to make progress.

 Internet Income University Skill Pay Review Photos

So, Skill Pay is a little different from most online business training products. It won’t teach you all about search engine optimization, keyword research, and other essential methods needed to create a successful niche affiliate website.

But it will show you how to use social media to create a thriving community around your business.

I thought how Skill Pay’s training recommends creating a community first, on Facebook, and Twitter, before you launch a website or product was intriguing.

The idea is if you create a community first, then you already have an active audience that’s waiting for content, as opposed to creating a website, writing articles, and slowly building an audience.

Skill Pay’s training teaches you how to create a community around your website which I think is an under appreciated skill.

Of course, before you create a community and a website you’ll be told how to find a niche, one that aligns with your personal interests and has income potential.

I particularly enjoyed their videos on how to find a niche and I like how you’re told to take your time and really think about a niche before you pick one. This is something we preach about here on Shaymurat all day long. Good advice Skill Pay – Nice Job!

There are also some awesome tips on how to identify a passion and stick to it.

What I Liked

There are a few things that I found refreshing about this product.

For starters, the training material is really in-depth and on-point. You’ll see exactly how to complete certain tasks from an over-the-shoulder view of the screen. It’s really easy to follow and you really don’t need to have any previous knowledge of internet marketing to make this work for you.

Secondly, I loved how the Skill Pay makes everything as transparent as possible. For instance, if you want to know what type of videos to expect, they offer a video library, the videos will be locked but you can see the titles and descriptions.

 Internet Income University Skill Pay Review Photos

I really like how you can see exactly what’s waiting for you behind the doors. So many internet marketing training programs lack this aspect.

Third, training that focuses on building a presence on social media. We all know that we should promote our websites and businesses on social media but most people don’t really know how to do that.

Internet Income University/Skill Pay will show you how to build a Facebook Page and Twitter account, not to mention how to drive traffic with Facebook ads and other sources.

Internet Income University Skill Pay Review Photo

What I Didn’t Like

I admit that I do like most features this company offers and I think the training material is valuable for anyone who is getting started in online business. On the other hand, there are a couple of areas that I believe could use some improvement.

For instance, I noticed that there’s no material about email marketing and building a list. I think building a list is quite important for website owners, in fact, it’s one of the first things that you should do when you create a website.

But in Internet Income University/Skill Pay’s defense, creating a community on Facebook or Google Plus is kind of like building a list.

Lastly, Internet Income University/Skill Pay seem to only allow a few members a month, their doors are currently closed to new members! 

Now What?

Skill Pay has created a really good internet marketing product and I’d love to test out a few of their methods, but it’s currently closed and doesn’t seem to be as all inclusive of a support system like the folks at Wealthy Affiliate provide.

They’ve created a refreshing environment that focuses on your success.

I think Skill Pay and Wealthy Affiliate would be valuable to any internet marketer, regardless of skill level.

Like Skill Pay, Wealthy Affiliate takes you lesson by lesson, and shows you how to build an online business that’s based on a niche that you love. They teach you sound ways to break into the online market and help people based on passions, skills, and/or interests.

With an online business, you’re only limited by your imagination!

With the daily classes, weekly Webinars, one on one support from the owners and community, you can’t go wrong.

Plus, it’s free to check out and the monthly rate is $18 dollars less than Internet Income University/Skill Pay. And the yearly rate makes it $38 dollars less per month.

To conclude, Skill Pay (formerly Internet Income University) is not a scam and it’s indeed one of the better products that I have had the pleasure of reviewing on this website.

Skill Pay’s doors are closed at the moment, so instead of waiting for them to open, get started building you business correctly from the proven methods taught by Wealthy Affiliate? They’ve been teaching people how to create online success for over a decade now, and don’t have their doors closed to new member.

Here’s my Wealthy Affiliate Review (there’s a free trial as well).

I would love to see you in the community!

Take care,

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