Tecademics Internet Marketing College: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Last month, thousands of internet marketers attended a seminar that was announcing the upcoming Internet Marketing College product.

One month later, the website is online, and the whole system can be accessed for free.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this product so I wanted to cut through it all and see what’s at it’s core.

I took a look at the product to see if it’s worth your time, and my thoughts are compiled in this Tecademic Internet Marketing College Review.

First, let’s start with the details.

Tecademics: Product at a Glance

  • Name: Tecademics
  • Founder: Chris Record
  • Price: Free Membership 
  • Website: https://tecademics.com/

What is Tecademics?

Tecademics is an interesting new online platform designed for affiliate marketers and people who want to learn more about internet marketing and online business.

It’s definitely a well-made platform and I can see that there is potential to make money promoting their products.

Creating an account is free, and with a free account you can access most of the features.

P.S Our Training Course is Free!

There’s also some free training material, mostly webinars and interviews, but there are some guides as well.

Personally, I found the interviews to be quite interesting because they find people who have achieved success online and interview them.

This gives you an idea about what it takes to make a real online business! Internet Marketing College Photo

Basically, a live case study for you to watch.

So the free training is definitely worth a watch, it’s free after all.

But the focus of the platform is not on training material.

The focus is more on promoting their products as an affiliate.

Tecademics makes it very easy for anyone to start promoting their products as an affiliate.

When you sign-in, the first page you’ll see contains all your unique links and affiliate links to the products you can promote.

Some of these products are quite high-ticket, for instance, the second level of training is priced at $2,000!

And the first level costs $100/month!

These are also the products that you can promote as an affiliate.

What Does it Take to Become a Tecademics Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is free but you’ll have to fill in some personal information and submit an application, it should be approved within a day or two.

You’ll earn 40% commissions so that’s not bad. 

One cool thing about this platform is that you can start promoting right away as a free member, there’s no need to purchase the product you want to promote.

You simply have to grab the affiliate link and start sharing it wherever you can.

I thought that was pretty cool because similar platforms require you to purchase the products in order to promote them as an affiliate.

Let’s talk about the products:

Tecademics Internet Marketing College – Core Products

There are quite a few different products that you can promote, but the platform is based on three core products listed below.

  • TEC. The Entrepreneur’s Club
  • IMPACT. Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training
  • Masters. Live and Online Internet Marketing College


The TEC product is membership based and costs $100 a month. This grants you access to an exclusive business forum and hours of training videos. It also lets you access the LIVE webinars that are held once a week, these webinars are only available for members. So, it essentially includes access to a forum, training videos, and exclusive webinars.


IMPACT is the second product and it costs $2,000 one-time fee. It grants you access to over 12 modules of internet marketing training that include some of the best strategies for short-term success.

You’ll also have access to the forum and the material that is included in the TEC membership level.

You’ll also be able to access The Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing which includes the top 12 strategies to making money online, with live case studies included.


This is the main product that was advertised in the seminars prior to launch. It’s a similar to attending classes at a regular university or college. This product is interesting because instead of teaching you online it allows you to attend a real class in a physical location.

I thought that was interesting because I feel that it’s easier to pay attention when your in a classroom with a real teacher and other students.

The fee includes 120 credit hours. 

Basically, it’s a full-scale tuition for an online business class.

It’s unclear where the classes are held.

Tuition costs $10,000 one-time fee for two people.

Internet Marketing College Levels

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Tecademics Internet Marketing College Pros..

Here’s what I like about the company:

  • Well-made platform, fast loading times and easy to understand.
  • Easy to start promoting as an affiliate.
  • There seems to be an emphasis on quality training material.
  • Real-life classrooms.
  • Access to an exclusive business forum where you can meet like-minded people.
  • Free membership!
  • No need to buy the products you want to promote.
  • Lots of different products to promote, including tickets to seminars.
  • Decent commissions.
  • Matching bonuses. If you earn a certain amount, the company will match it with a bonus.

Tecademics Internet Marketing College Cons..

Here’s what I don’t like:

  • Expensive products.
  • Basically a Top Tiered Product – Not a big fan of these typically. Many scams use these systems and many people lose money.
  • Limited classroom locations. If you don’t live in the area then you’ll need to book flights and hotels, another business expense.
  • Multi-level marketing system. Commissions are split and sent upwards. I’m not a fan of these systems.
  • A lot of rewards that look fishy like chances to win sports cars and other rewards.

Tecademics Review: Our Conclusion

To conclude this Tecademics review, after taking a look at the website, I can honestly say that it looks like a decent course.

It’s very well-made and there is potential to make money as an affiliate for the business.

The main problem with this platform is that the products are just too expensive. 

Sure, they might have a lot of value, but not many people have that much cash to blow on training material.

I liked the physical classroom aspect of the business though and I think there should be more internet marketing classes like it.

So, in a nutshell, Tecademics is a decent product with a cool affiliate program but all their products are very-high ticket.

I don’t see the point in spending thousands of dollars to learn things that you can learn for much much less money!

The reality is, if you want to create a successful (long term) online business without risking 1,000’s of dollars, you can do it.

You Can Learn How to Build a Successful Site Right Here for Free!

It has the same features, more training, more topics, and amazing community support.

And it costs much less and it doesn’t have any suspicious multi-level marketing systems.

I pay $1 dollar/day and get free cloud hosting for all my sites and endless support and training about internet marketing.

Click the image below to check out my favorite online business training product. 

Thanks for reading our Tecademic Internet Marketing College review!

Please leave a comment below and socially share our review.

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