Is Ameriplan a Scam? And Can You Make Money With Them?

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Is Ameriplan a Scam? Can you use their business opportunity to earn a consistent income? Is there a better alternative?

Continue reading to discover the answers to those questions.

I have been receiving a lot of questions about this company, and I hope this article will answer most of the questions.

Ameriplan is a company that provides a wide range of discounts on various services, mostly within the medical industry.

Members subscribe and pay a monthly fee for the coupons and discounts included in that package.

For example, one of the most popular membership plans is regarding dental work.

(Ameriplan Dental Plus $24.95/month).

When you need to see a dentist, Ameriplan will assist with some of the bills.

They’ll provide some financial compensation to lighten the load.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that Ameriplan does not offer insurance. 

It only offers discounts if the healthcare provider is partnered with Ameriplan.

Unfortunately, most doctors and hospitals are not Ameriplan partners, so the effectiveness of these discounts are lost.

In short, members are paying for a discount that they might not be able to redeem.

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Ameriplan Business Opportunity & Memberships:

Is Ameriplan a Scam Photo

Ameriplan offers a business opportunity where you need to recruit new people, either over the phone or in-person.

One of Ameriplan’s recommended recruitment strategies is cold-calling – and that method can be quite difficult for some people.

The company works much like any other network marketing business; members are encourage to build teams under them to qualify for bonuses and residual commissions.

Its the same networking marketing system we have seen many – many – times. 

Except, with this company, the members need to promote the memberships, and build a team at the same time.

Currently, the company offers three memberships:

  • Dental Plus 
  • Med Plus
  • Deluxe Plus

Fun fact: Orders can only be made via mail order. There are no online payments. 

Let’s talk about the memberships..

Dental Plus is the most basic membership and costs $24.95/month. There’s also an additional $20 registration fee that’s revealed when you proceed to check-out.

Dental Plus provides discounts for the following services:

  • Dental Work – Oral Exams, etc.
  • Vision – Eye Exams, etc
  • Prescription – Discounts on Prescription Drugs, etc.
  • Chiropractic – X-Rays, etc.

Once again, it’s important to remember that discounts are only available if you visit a clinic that participates in this program.

Dental Plus covers and entire household.

It doesn’t work everywhere. 

I wasn’t able to find any resource where you can find all Ameriplan partners, it would be nice to know.

Med Plus. 

Med Plus costs $24.95/month + $20 registration fee.

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It costs the same as the dental plan but the services are a bit different.

Med Plus services are most based on consultations.

You can call a hotline where doctors can answer your questions, this is called Tele-Medicine.

There’s another service called Bill Negotiator that helps you find the best solutions to pay for your medical bills.

Deluxe Plus Membership. 

Deluxe Plus is a combination of the two memberships, Dental and Med Plus, and there are some additional services thrown in as well.

This combo deal costs $39.95/month + $30 registration fee.

It covers a wide range of medical issues plus some non-medical services such as discount on Dell Computers and other companies.

Making Money with Ameriplan:

In 2015 the company changed their compensation rules, and now all commission-qualified members can earn 40% reoccurring commissions.

There are also several bonuses you can earn such the Cadillac Club, Paid Cruise, and Sales Team Cash Bonuses.

Essentially, the idea is to build a team and encourage them to continue making more sales and recruiting new people to increase your income.

To become an independent business owner you’ll need to pay a registration and subscription fee.

In order to qualify for commissions you’ll need to either purchase a subscription plan or make one sale.

In short you have to buy the product you want to promote.

The price to become an distributor for the products costs an annual fee of $24.95 – on all memberships.

For example, to become a distributor for Dental Plus you’ll need to pay:

  • $24.95/month
  • $20 Registration Fee
  • $24.95/year IBO fee.

Total: $69.90 ($20 one-time, $24.95/year, and $24.95/month). 

It’s on the cheaper side of network marketing system, and the membership does provide you with a back office of marketing materials, brochures, flyers, etc.

There’s also some training included that will make it easier for you to find your first clients.

Once you have your active membership you can start looking for sales.

The company recommends cold-calling to secure clients. 

You’ll call random people and try to sell them your payment plans. Sales scripts are included in the back office.

Cold Calling – Blah, Anything Good About These Guys?

One thing I liked about this business opportunity is that you receive two free website with already-made content.

Of course, when it comes to search engine optimization, already-made content is not ideal.

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Nevertheless, its a feature worth mentioning! 

To make cash you’ll need to recruit people under you and build a team while making sales a long the way.

You can make commissions selling the products (without recruiting anyone) but you’ll make more if you recruit people because you’ll earn a percent of their commissions.

You’ll also qualify for more bonuses and rewards. 

So its not too expensive to join and there is some training material included.

If you have experience with telemarketing this might be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, if you despise talking to people over the phone, it might be good to pass on this opportunity.

Is AmeriPlan a Scam?

No. It’s not.

Its a legitimate product with legitimate services.

You can indeed make money with the business and they’ll also offer full refunds.

Though it is legal, that doesn’t mean its the best choice for you.

I found the compensation system to be quite complicated and selling discount plans isn’t such a hot niche.

I can see how most people won’t be interested because there are only a few AmeriPlan partners, and its hard to find who they are.

At least the program is not too expensive to check out. 

An Alternative?

What do I recommend?

I recommend building your own website that you can use as a platform to advertise anything under the sun.

  • Offer services.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Become an affiliate marketer. 

There are plenty of ways to make cash when you have a website.

And if you know how to drive targeted traffic to that site.

It’s actually not as hard as one may think, and even easier when you have a proven system to follow.

I wanted this and was lucky to find such an educational program to teach me how it’s done.

I invite you to join our highly praised email series to learn how its done.


It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and now I make cash online daily for the work I did one time.

You can do the same.

Do you have any experience with Ameriplan? Is Ameriplan a Scam in your opinion?

If so, leave a comment below and let us know.

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