Is Castaway Commissions a Scam? A Must Read Before You Buy

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There’s a new product making the rounds, known as Castaway Commissions.

Today we’ll answer the question, “Is Castaway Commissions a Scam?”. 

If you have heard of this product, I recommend reading this article before you make a decision.

There are some things that you should know about this product.

Castaway Commissions Basic Details:

  • Name: Castaway Commissions
  • Creator: Ben Martin
  • Niche: Social Media Marketing Training Material
  • Price: $14.95

What is Castaway Commissions

Castaway Commissions is an online business training course created by Ben Martin, a internet marketer that specializes in creating online business courses.

Ben Martin has launched quite a few successful products in the past, such as Virtual Profit and Mailing for Money, and most of them are in the make money online niche.

Mailing for Money was one of his most successful products. It teaches people how to make money building an email list.Is Castaway Commissions a Scam Photo

His new product, Castaway Commissions, is similar to his previous products but the training focuses more on social media.

You’ll learn how to use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to send traffic to your offers. 

I have to admit the sales video was a little cheesy and quite similar to the sales videos of known scams.

The host walks you through “his” house and shows you the view, claiming the lifestyle was a direct result of what you learn in Castaway Commissions.

Let’s take a list at the pros and cons.

Cons of Castaway Commissions

Remember, this is my opinion, and there’s a good chance your opinion will be different.

Regardless, this is what I didn’t like about Castaway Commissions and has the scam alert up.

I didn’t like the hyped-up sales video and all the income promises and claims. This is typical bait from programs that don’t pay off.

If it really worked, it wouldn’t be sold for fourteen dollars!

I definitely didn’t like the tour of the mansion. 

How many programs like this have we reviewed that have a mansion and promise easy money? All do, and they all end up know as scams and abandoned.

Social media is already full of spam, and adding more to the pile won’t send millions of dollars into your bank account.

Granted, there are some useful tips on how to get fast traffic from social media.

But the hype is a turn-off, and you definitely won’t make cash as fast as promised.

You should also know traffic from social media can be incredibly helpful but it’s not always stable. 

You’ll have to continuously share links on your profiles to send people to your offers.

And you should always try to offer quality to your niche audience.

I much prefer to use keyword targeted articles to bring in a steady stream of traffic from Google.

Read this to find out how I do that. 

I also didn’t like how it looks so easy but in reality it’s a lot harder than it seems.

Maybe the creator has success with the course because he has been doing it for years, but a complete beginner will likely struggle.

Still, that doesn’t mean the product is bad.

What I Liked..

There are quite a few things that I liked about this course.

For starters, it’s a cheap!

There’s also a decent amount of material packed into the member’s area.

You gain access to over 25 videos with PDF files for offline users.

I like how they don’t charge an arm and a leg for their training material. 

There are a few up-sells within the member’s area but you can skip them.

Nothing too expensive.

The most expensive up-sell is forty dollars.

The member’s area is decently built and the training material is easy to access. 

The videos are also well-structured with excellent sound quality!

And they loaded fast too.

Each video comes with a PDF file that summarizes the lesson, ideal for people who are traveling and can’t access the internet.

The videos show you how to use various social media platforms to make sales, whether for your own a business or as an affiliate.

I admit, some of the tips were quite informative.

You’ll also see Ben Martin’s social media profiles in action.

Sure, these profiles have been around for awhile, and he didn’t build them solely from what he teaches in the product.

But some of the lessons are still powerful. 

It might not work for every niche though.

One of his tips is to share pictures from your life that make people want to learn how you did it.

For example, uploading pictures of yourself and your laptop in various hotels around the world.

Or at beaches with margaritas! 

Basically to hook people and show them what their lives could be like… if they purchase your product.

It’s extremely cheesy, but it’s amazing how people fall for this.

Personally, for success in any online business, you’ve got to provide quality and value in the form of a service or product.

This style of training poses a problem for marketers who are not selling online business training courses.

Not every product has a benefit that you can take a picture of and share it on your profile.

Still, it’s worth a look.

Is Castaway Commissions a Scam?

If you read this far, the answer to, “Is Castaway Commissions a Scam” is probably clear.

Truthfully, Castaway Commissions is not a scam. 

It’s an affordable product that does contain quite a decent amount of material, especially considering the price.

I know quite a few products that charge an arm and a leg and deliver less material than this course.

So, it’s worth a look, but it’s not something I would recommend for the long-term.

Why Not?

I don’t recommend this for the long-term because it does not teach you how to create a whole internet business.

The focus is more on how to promote a product on social media by sharing images and other “benefits” of your product.

You’ll also need to spend a lot of time on social media, interacting with members, sharing links, and uploading images.

Traffic from social media tends to come in waves, it’s not stable or consistent.

It’s quite time consuming too! 

And the results are not always ideal.

I think it’s much better to learn how to build a business from scratch, and for that I recommend you check out our 100% Free Internet Marketing Email Course.

This is the best information that I would have wanted to know years ago when I first started online.

I use this same information today to bring in streams of online income. If you want to do the same thing, get started on the first lesson.

Become Awesome at Online Business, 100% Free Training →

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Is Castaway Commissions a scam in your opinion, leave a comment below!

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