Is Home Profit System a Scam: Save Yourself From Being Scammed!

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If you found yourself wondering, “Is Home Profit System a Scam?” then you came to the right place, and you’re on the right track to avoid losing some cash to shady business practices.

Home Profit System is another one of those pop up scams that run hot for awhile and then blow up after a few months, once everyone figures out that the system is rigged and only benefits the creators.

There’s a good chance that you have seen it in internet marketing forums or Facebook, the promoters are viciously promoting it wherever possible.

Actually, the most common place to find advertisements for this scam is in Facebook comments, usually from spam bots.

Even though the product is a bit old (created at least four years ago) there are still a lot of people falling for it, and a lot of people continue to promote it, hoping that they’ll be able to make the riches it promises.

So what is it?

How Home Profit System Works

  • Name: Home Profit System
  • Price: $97 one time then $5/month. 
  • Type: Multi-level Marketing Scheme
  • One Word Summary: AVOID

Let me show you how the system works, it’s all rather simple, and nope, it won’t send thousands of dollars to your bank account every single week.

It all starts with a simple website template, members take that template and fill in the content. Most of these templates are designed to imitate news articles to create the impression that the articles are official and from trusted sources.

These templates include logos from news outlets such as: CNN, BBC, Fox News, and others.

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Obviously, none of these news outlets have written reports about this product, it’s simply an illegal use of their logos to make people think their websites carry some weight. 

Members use these templates to promote the product as an affiliate, which is a essentially the website templates and some training material on how to spam your links everywhere.

The problem is that these websites look so bad and the copy-and-paste content is so low quality (learn to write killer content that converts!) nobody will actually believe the advertisements and click on your links, thus making it impossible for you to make your money back.

The idea is to fill in the content with random details and try to create an official report about how this new work at home opportunity made it possible for you to achieve your dreams and live in a castle made of gold.

Even the articles are full of fake names and claims, such as: “So and so is a millionaire and works from home, he’ll show you exactly how he does it for $97!”, complete with a stock picture of some random, unrelated person.

Is Home Profit System a Scam Photo

Is Home Profit a Scam? A Frequently Asked Question

It’s easy to spot a scam, most scams have the exact same business model, which often involves tearing down one website and setting up another one with a slightly different name and logo.

That’s exactly what Home Profit System has been doing for these past few years! 

Whenever members catch on, the website changes and the service shuts-down, and then a new one appears a few months later, repeating the cycle over and over.

But you can spot these scams from a mile away if you know what to look for, and it really only comes down to one thing; does it promise unrealistic results?

Does it sound just a little too good?

Does it immediately ask you for cash?

(Well, technically that’s three things!)

One of the schemes that the people behind Work at Home Profits were working on is a service called Job Hunt, that requires people to pay to access a work at home job board.

Take a look at the picture below, does that look legitimate? 

Is Home Profit System a Scam Photo

What you’re really getting into is a den of outdated job boards with incredibly low salaries, not what was advertised.

As suspected, the website Job Hunt has been shutdown, it probably already switched names a few times and it’s now operating under a different name with the exact same promises.

It seems like Home Profit System has been shutdown, and now the people behind Home Profit System are promoting another work at home product, Online Home Careers University, a nearly identical product.

Is Home Profit System a Scam: Numerous Complaints

So far we talked about how Home Profit System creates fake news reports and uses them to promote it’s system, and how the product continues to change names and websites over the course of several months.

But what do the members have to say about Home Profit System? 

They took my card number for 77 dollars. Never heard or could contact to get money back. I gave them my card number for 77 dollars. I did this on November 13th and could not contact them for my money back. I realized it was a scam when I got to the application part and they asked how much money I would be willing to put up to make the business work –

This is just one of many identical complaints, and no attempt to resolve the issues have been made by the company’s representative.

  • Home Profit System’s Hidden Fees

From the looks of it, Work at Home Profits charges for your credit card information right off the bat, and if you give it to them, it’ll take out $97 – $77 and then continue to charge the credit card every month.

This costs are hidden, the product is advertised as a free trial, but there’s a tiny disclaimer that says you’re credit card will be charged once the trial expires, a typical scam technique.

There are hundreds of other complaints from other people who had the same issue, the second most common issue is withdrawals.

  • Issue Withdrawing Funds

For some reason, the company does not eagerly pay their affiliates, and they make the withdrawal process extremely difficult, sometimes even straight up denying requests for no valid reason.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working for an affiliate program, spending all your time promoting their product, only to be unable to withdraw your earnings!

How would you feel if you spent all your time working at your day-job for a month, looking forward to pay-day, with bills relying on that income, only to be told that you can’t get paid for some silly reason.

Well, I know you wouldn’t be happy… and you might even have grounds to sue!

So why take that risk when it comes to working online? 

Summary: AVOID IT

A lot of people have been asking, “Is Home Profit System a scam?” and now it’s pretty clear that Home Profit System is indeed a scam.

I suggest that you avoid all products that promise that you’ll get rich quick working from home.

On second thought, it would do you a lot more good to completely forget about quick cash and just focus on building a solid base for your online business.

How long does it take to make money online? Read this article. 

That means create a website, write content, target keywords, and promote your products or services.

That’s the tried and proven method to make money online; no need for schemes or complicated formulas, it’s rather simple; it just requires time.

Not Sure Where to Start? 

You just have to follow the steps, no need to spend hours searching for information on Google and learning by trial and error, someone already did that for you, and all the steps are in one place waiting for you to take action.

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Is Home Profit System a Scam? Leave your thoughts below and we’ll get back to you asap.

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