Is ID Shield a Scam? Or Does it Really Protect Your Identity?

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A lot of people have been asking me the same question, “Is ID Shield a Scam?” so I decided to write this article to best answer them.

If you’re worried about identity theft, chances are you came across ID Shield, as it’s one of the most popular ID theft protection agencies out there.

As someone who has been working online for quite awhile now, I can tell you identity theft is a major concern of mine.

I always make sure to take precautions, such as using a throw away email address and a fake name to sign-up to questionable products.

But sometimes hackers or malware can find their way into your business, regardless of the precautions you take.

That’s where an identity theft protection service comes in handy! 

What is ID Shield?

ID Shield is a product of Legal Shield, an attorney agency that provides 24/7 legal assistance. 

The sole purpose of ID Shield is to protect confidential information from getting into the wrong hands, and offer solutions to fight back against fraud.

Credit card fraud and identity theft are incredibly common online, so it’s important to have some form of protection in place.

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ID Shield offers two packages; Personal, and Family.

The personal subscription starts at $9.95 a month while the Family subscription starts at $24.95/month.

In a nutshell, ID Shield has a team of professional investigators that provide you with smart online security solutions.

How Does ID Shield Work?

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The way ID Shield works might seem vague from the website’s homepage, but when you create an account, the details become quite clear.

There are quite a few interesting features included in the ID Shield membership. 

Members have unlimited access to free phone call consultations.

Whenever you have an issue, or need some advice, feel free to call the hotline and you’ll be connected with a professional investigator.

The unlimited consultations is what hooked me; it’s awesome to have hands-on legal advice.

Here are some of the issues ID Shield’s investigators can help you with: 

  • Social Security Number Privacy
  • Current Privacy Trends
  • Password Privacy Advice
  • Analyze Credit Reports
  • Credit Freeze Advice
  • Consultations on Common Scams
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards
  • Data Breaches
  • ID Theft

And much more.

In short, their private investigators can help with basically any problem you might face when it comes to fraud.

You might be wondering why a service like this is needed, when you can just avoid sharing personal information in the first place.

We’ll talk about that in the next section. 

Why ID Shield? What are The Benefits?

If you have never heard of ID Shield before, chances are you’re wondering how you can benefit from such a service.

Besides the previously mentioned 24/7 fraud advice hotline available to all members, there are some more benefits worth talking about.

For starters, it’s insanely cheap!

The price took me by surprise at first because I figured a service like this would cost at least a few hundred dollars a month.

But it only costs $9.95/month for the Personal plan. 

The Family plan is also super cheap, and it’s perfect for families, especially ones that spend a lot of time online.

Store your passwords and sensitive information in their vault.

Of course, this is totally optional, but it’s a cool feature.

The way it works is you enter your personal information (such as name, phone number, address, etc) and ID Shield will regularly scan the net to see if anyone is using your information.

In the unfortunate event where someone does use your information online (without your permission), ID Shield will send you an alert and provide you with the best course of action.

Speaking of alerts, this is where the ID Shield app comes into the picture. 

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ID Shield has developed which members can use to monitor the status of their sensitive information online.

For instance, if someone tries to use your full name on social media, ID Shield will send you an alert.

How cool is that!

Here are some more things ID Shield APP can monitor: 

  • Social Security Number
  • Up to 10 Credit Card Numbers
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Passports
  • Driver’s License
  • Email Addresses
  • And Much More!

The app is free to download for both Android and Apple devices.

You can also track your credit score and consult with professionals to improve it. 

Making Money with ID Shield:

ID Shield is a product of Legal Shield Corporation, which has two main products: Legal Shield and ID Shield.

Legal Shield has a business opportunity which you can join to promote either products as an affiliate.

The affiliate program is built on a network marketing system (similar to mlm’s), where the goal is to build a team of people under you to earn residual commissions.

Currently, there are three ways to earn with Legal Shield’s business model:

  • Personal Sales
  • Residual Team Sales
  • Retain Members

Network marketing systems require a steady stream of leads in order to be successful.

Most people don’t know how to generate enough leads to make a profit. 

But once you can crack that problem, it’s possible to make a lot of cash from network marketing opportunities.

In short, if you sign-up to ID Shield and you like the service, there is the option to promote it as an associate to earn some cash.

Considering how cheap the packages are and the amount of benefits included, making a sale is relatively easy and straightforward.

Is ID Shield a Scam?

To summarize, after much research, it’s clear ID shield is not a scam. 

In fact, it’s an extremely useful service, especially for people who spend a lot of time working online.

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ID Shield keeps all your sensitive information safe, and protects you from all kinds of online fraud.

But the best part – in my opinion – is the unlimited consultations.

Once you have a membership, all you have to do is call up the hotline with any question that’s bothering you, and you’ll receive an answer in a matter of minutes.

So ID Shield is not a scam, it’s actually a really cool service. 

If you value your privacy and online security, I recommend taking a look at ID Shield.

It’s cheap, there’s plenty of features, and you can make a bit of money promoting it too.

What’s not to love? Take a look.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, if you have any questions please leave them below! 

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