Is Jeunesse A Scam Or What? Read Our Jeunesse Review First!

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Is Jeunesse a scam? What to know if you can make money from their business opportunity? Take a look at this article to find out if Jeunesse can help you grow wealth online. 

Jeunesse is an ambitious MLM that has gained rapid growth and popularity in recent years.

The products they sell can make you look younger and healthier. At least that’s what they claim.

They are a fairly large company. In fact, they’ve made over $ USD 1 Billion worldwide in the year 2016 alone.

However, the company has been charged multiple times with lawsuits.

So what is the truth?

Is Jeunesse a golden, money making opportunity? Or is it just another scam that will leave you high and dry?

To answer this question properly, we have to dive deeper and discover what Jeunesse is all about.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Jeunesse?

In short, Jeunesse is a multi level marketing company that sells beauty and health related products.

The company was co-founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in 2009.

Who are these two?

Well, before they created Jeunesse, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray were running a network marketing company.

This network marketing company was called Forever Freedom International, and it sold a type of of micro-thin coating called MPG-CAPS.

This thin coating was supposed to help vehicles burn fuel more efficiently, advertised as a way to reduce gas consumption.

However, the truth is, MPG-CAPS has been proven to not work at all. 

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These days, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray have moved on to selling beauty products instead.

They now claim that their beauty products can help you look younger by rejuvenating skin growth.

To top it off, their prices are not competitive.

They are typically much more costly then similar products from other companies.

So, how does all of this affect the business opportunity? Well, let’s talk about that now.

Can You Make Money with Jeunesse?

The majority of people who praise Jeunesse do so because they’re making money by referring people to the business. 

In the previous section of this article I’ve established that Jeunesse isn’t exactly the most trustworthy company out there.

So when they say that they offer a business opportunity that is not only lucrative, but also has a compensation plan that is highly competitive, then we naturally have our doubts.

But yes, you can make money with Jeunesse.

The question is, is it lucrative?

Most likely not. In other words, it is very hard to make money from Jeunesse.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Jeunesse MLM system:

  • Become a Jeunesse distributor. Pay an initial fee (membership fee costs $29.95 – $49.95).
  • Get a retail profit from anywhere between 25% to 45% (buy at retail, sell higher)
  • For people living in America, it comes down to having to pay $USD 85 ever month to remain qualified as a member.
  • You will also need to recruit new distributors.
  • There are a wide variety of bonuses and 15 rank levels.
  • You will of course also be able to earn a commission from the distributors you recruit. This is called a down-line.

How much is it going to cost me to be a distributor?

Well since there are 15 different ranks, the cost varies from person to person.

The initial cost is $49.95 (cheaper in some areas).

You will be given a system that will help you manage your business, this requires a yearly fee of $19.95.

However, if you are enrolled in their auto-ship program and have met their requirements, then this system will be free.

This auto-ship enrollment program is something that you basically have to buy into in order to make money.

You need your membership to become activated so that’s where the monthly costs of around $85 comes from.

Sounds confusing right?

Stay with me on this one.


Is Jeunesse a scam image

Products lines from Jeunesse include, Luminesce, Reserve, Envy, Finiti, Zen, Lifestyle Rewards, Jeunesse Gear, and Mind.

The way this system is setup makes it really hard for beginners to make money or even break even.

In fact, I noticed in their income disclaimer that most people make a negative profit.

Take a look at this screenshot from their official income disclosure…

Is Jeunesse a scam image

As you can see, at the bottom, where 66.05% of the members are, members pay between $1,001 – $5,000 and they earn an average of $213.92. 

Meanwhile, there are only a handful of people at the top who earn an average of a million dollars.

I think it’s a safe bet to assume the people who built this company are at the top while everyone else is at the bottom. 

Also, the system is based a lot on generating bonuses from recruiting new distributors.

It is more focused on getting new distributors then actually selling the product.

To compare, distributors with a down-line make around $2,100 a year in gross profit. Factor in the expenses, and still won’t be making a lot of money.

On the other hand, distributors who only sell the products, average out with less than $100 a year.

Essentially, you will be doing a lot of work with little profit.

Of course your success depends on your marketing ability, if you have a crazy lead-gen system, I’m sure it’s possible to make some decent cash.

Then again, if you do have such as system, there are much better programs to promote, to make way more cash.

Pros of Jeunesse

Despite it’s short comings, Jeunesse does have some things going for it.

Here is a list of the advantages this company has to offer:

  • Training

Although, in my opinion you aren’t given the proper training to become successful.

In fact, you will probably resort to something like spamming your Facebook friends.

They don’t teach you how to market your products, create a website (important for interested leads), or create an email list.

These, arguably are essential for a successful marketing campaign.

  • Popularity.

As I mentioned before that anti-aging or “youthfulness” products are quite popular these days.

It is a niche that could make you rich.

Everyone wants to look younger!

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Cons of Jeunesse

Here are the disadvantages of Jeunesse:

  • Heavy focus on recruiting new distributors. 

The only thing that separates an MLM scheme from an illegal pyramid scheme is that MLM schemes sells a product or service, while pyramid schemes just focuses on recruitment.

You see in a pyramid scheme, the money keeps flowing in to the top if people manage to keep recruiting.

Now, since Jeunesse has beauty, anti-aging products they aren’t illegal.

Yet, they have an extremely high focus on recruiting new members which is somewhat disconcerting.

It is your primary method of earning money, and it is unreliable.

  • Ranking system. 

Ranking systems can be a good motivation.

However, the way it is set up in Jeunesse makes all the money flow to the top.

Newcomers or people at lower levels will be taken advantage of by people with higher rank.

It isn’t an level playing field. 

  • Outrageous claims.

Some distributors claim that Jeunesse products cure aliments from shingles to skin cancer!

Obviously, it’s b.s., but that doesn’t stop some distributors from lying.

I mentioned in my Young Living review that this type of problem commonly occurs in some MLM systems.

So is Jeunesse a Scam?

The truth is you can earn money from Jeunesse business opportunity, and they do have physical products.

But I don’t recommend joining their business opportunity because it’s just difficult to make any substantial amount of income.

In conclusion, I recommend to stay away from this MLM system.

What do I recommend?

The tried and proven method of making money online, with no schemes; just make a website, write helpful content, target keywords, and include affiliate links.

Over time you develop this cool online business that’s open 24/7 and is always producing income, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself financially.

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Is Jeunesse a scam in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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