Is My Cash Table a Scam? Lets Take a Look…

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People have been asking me, “Is My Cash Table a Scam?” so I decided to do some research into the product and see if it’s worth my time.

This opportunity is usually advertised on Facebook and in comment sections.

I won’t waste your time with too much suspense here.

I think My Cash Table is a scam.

Lets take a closer look.

Is My Cash Table a Scam?

My Cash Table is one of those cheaply made products advertised as a work at home opportunity.

The website is marketed as a job portal for people looking to make money from home.

In the sales page they guarantee that you’ll make over $1,500 in your first week in the system.

Tall claim.

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In reality with My Cash Table is.. it’s not a job portal but a sneaky scam.

I’ll show you exactly why I think this product is a scam in a minute.

But first, it’s important to remember exact copies of these scams appear online almost every day, and I reviewed quite a few of them.

The last product I reviewed was quite similar to this one – and yes – it was also a scam.

As I mentioned in other articles, once you learn to spot one, it’s easy to spot the rest.

My Cash Table is a clone of other scams out there, under different names.

Why Is My Cash Table a Scam?

Why do I think My Cash Table is a Scam?

There are a number of reasons, a few minutes on the site was enough to set off my scam radar.

For starters, the hype is unreal.

Pretty much no systems will bring in $1,500 in the first week.

Making that kind of money is not impossible, but it takes awhile to learn the ropes, and build a system that works.

What My Cash Table wants you to believe is all you have to do is sign-up with them and start sharing your affiliate link on social media to earn thousands of dollars.

That is the essential idea of affiliate marketing but it’s not nearly that simple.

The My Cash Table system is based on clicks – it promises hard cash for simple clicks.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link you are supposed to make money from that, regardless if they buy the product or not.

The payout threshold is $300.

That is a bit high, not many systems have such a high minimum pay out.

I mean, it will take a long time to reach that limit in the first place.

But wait… it gets worse.

To unlock the Pay-Out Page you will have to complete surveys!

And you have to pay to complete some of these surveys.

I’m not sure if you can even get paid after jumping through all these hoops.


Is My Cash Table a Scam Photo

How Does My Cash Table Make Money?

Once thing I like to do with these scams is figure out how the owner is making money from them.

From the looks of it, My Cash Table is a funnel for CPA offers.

CPA offers are advertisements that pay when an action is completed.

For instance, one company might offer to pay advertisers a dollar for every new registered account.

Promoting these CPA offers can be profitable, if the traffic is there.

There are some businesses, like casinos, that pay really well for leads.

But it’s quite difficult to find an honest way to promote those offers.

My Cash Table baits people in with a promise of making money from home, and then forces them to complete CPA offers to get paid.

When someone completes the survey or offer, My Cash Table makes money from that action.

Now you know why I think my Cash Table is a scam.

Besides that, the info you enter will be in their sales funnel forever, and I doubt you’ll be able to get it removed.

My Cash Table also asks for your physical address and phone number.

So what it comes down to really is the site is basically a lead-gen system.

It generates leads and then sells those leads to other companies, with no care for the actual members.

Too New and Already Dead

The original site, as registered at the beginning of last year and its already down.

That was fast.

It seems to have migrated to another home, under a different name, as so many scams do.

Looks like the site moved to but that site is down as well.

Its nice to see people catching on to these scams so quickly!

People are wising up – and it won’t be so easy to scam people in the future!

Be careful with these new sites that promise the world.

I’m sure you still have some questions, and I won’t leave you hanging!

What Now?

For one, it’s possible to make money online – I do it – and tons of other people do it too.

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You can make good money online too.

But it takes time, a bit of education, and effort.

Not what you wanted to hear – I know, but well worth it.

What about Surveys?

Can you make money taking surveys?

I know most survey websites have a bad rep!

It doesn’t mean all of them are scams though.

In fact, I have tried quite a few that are legitimate and can be used to make some pocket change – nothing amazing – but a bit of extra cash.

This is one survey website I recommend.

Conclusion: Is My Cash Table a Scam

Yep, its another scam.

And quite similar to products we reviewed in the past.

I know it might seem tempting to take a look at a new system that seems like a unique business opportunity, but more often than not, they’re scams.

My Cash Table is a pretty obvious scam – they don’t even try to hide it that well.

I recommend avoiding this company and all similar companies – stick to something that works.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Is My Cash Table a Scam review!

If you have any experiences with this business, leave a comment below and let me know!

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