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I get a lot of emails asking “Is Operation 10K a Scam?“, so I went ahead and investigated the product to see what its all about.

What I discovered about the product may not come as a surprise to frequent readers of this website.

Can you already spot the red-flag? Hint: its in the name of the product. 

What is The Operation 10K?

  • Name: Operation 10K
  • Creator: Matthew Neer & Desmond Ong
  • Type: Video Training 
  • Niche: Product Creation
  • Price: $19

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Operation 10K claims members can earn thousands of dollars a day with their system.

The initial sales  video is over-the-top and includes all the red-flags we discuss on this website; fancy cars, thick wads of cash, parties, and crazy income promises.

The creator of Operation 10K, Desmond Ong, is a successful internet marketer and seminar host.

Unlike other products, at least we have a real person behind this one, and Desmond has his own website where you can find more information about him.

Operation 10K is a system based on sending traffic through a custom-made sales funnel.

The sales funnels you make are based off the one for the main product.

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Basically, the idea is to make a low-cost product and then build a funnel around it, monetizing every possible part of the funnel.

This strategy is not inherently bad and plenty of marketers use the same methods. 

It’s also not new, either.

Operation 10K Training Material: What Does it Teach?

I had a hard time finding out what is behind all the hype and income promises!

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I have to admit, I was expecting this product to be another scam, but the training is not that bad. 

When you manage to make it through all the hype and up-sells, the member’s area contains some decent training to get you started with building a funnel.

As I mentioned earlier, the idea is to first create a low-ticket product.

The product could be an eBook or a little training module – anything! 

In the video training you’re told to submit the product to affiliate marketplaces, like Clickbank and JV-ZOO, to find affiliates.

So you make the product, find some affiliates, and hopefully they’ll be able to do all the work  for you.

Then, when people buy the product, they’re added to your email list, and you can market to them later on.

So its a pretty standard product-creation based strategy to making money online. 

The first video in the training series is about mindset and how to stay motivated when working on this kind of business.

The other videos are all about the system; coming up with a product idea, making the product, getting affiliates, making the funnel, adding up-sells to the funnel, traffic, and more.

Honestly, the videos are quite interesting but don’t expect to earn thousands of dollars a day! 

The product-creation route can be quite lucrative, but it might not be the best choice for beginners.

There are some things I did like, which will discuss in the pros section.

What tends to happen is marketers make one product, build up hype for it, launch it, earn some quick sales, and it withers and dies.

Wait a few months… and repeat the process.

This never-ending cycle of product launches is very common in the internet marketing industry!

Its also not very stable.

Is Operation 10K a Scam: The Cons

Operation 10K has some flaws, we’ll list them here.

For one, there is far too much hype! 

I don’t like it when products promise the world – honestly – I’m sick of it, and I’m sure you are too.

The fancy cars, mansions, and other demonstrations of wealth are cheap attempts to lure people in.

Read about some of the scams we busted here. 

If this product could cut back on the hype, I would like it a lot more.

You can make decent money with product launches, but you should be careful because not every launch goes according to plan.

If you’re not providing value and you’re only looking to make some quick cash, it won’t be long before people see through you. 

Another downside are the up-sells.

There are about four up-sells, and each one is more expensive than the last.

I also didn’t like how the video training doesn’t teach people how to make a sustainable business model.

It basically just teaches you how to continue making and launching products. 

But its not all bad.

Operation 10K Pros:

There were some things I like about this course.

One of the things I liked the most was the concept of building a buyer’s list with a simple sales funnel. 

Basically, the idea is to sell a low-cost item so you can build a list of people who are confirmed buyers.

This provides the opportunity to sell them more products later on.

It’s an interesting idea, to say the least. 

I also like the idea of making it really easy for affiliates to promote your product.

On the first page of the funnel you put links to your affiliate program, so affiliates can grab their link right away and start sharing it.

One more upside is the price is quite low – $19 one-time fee – so its not a rip-off.

So Is Operation 10K a Scam?

To be clear, I don’t think the product is a scam.

Its a video training course that teaches you how to build the exact same type of product and funnel you went through to buy it.

These funnels can definitely make cash. 

But problems tend to arise when people think only in terms of how much cash they can make.

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You shouldnt be trying to get products out there as fast as possible so you can make cash.

I think, and most entrepreneurs agree with me on this one, cash always follows value.

Make the value first, and the cash will come. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Is Operation 10K a scam review!

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