Is Project Breakthrough a Scam? Let’s Find Out…

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Is Project Breakthrough a scam? Our readers keep asking us about these guys after reading our top ranked High Traffic Academy Review.

Here’s the skinny: High Traffic Academy is the predecessor internet marketing program of the new Project Breakthrough.

Both programs are produced by Vick Strizheus (actually co-producer of Project Breakthrough) who is a serial internet marketing product producer, and known for producing several products that are considered online scams.

As well, he also was convicted of insurance fraud.

One internet training programs in particular that Vick produced, Global Success Club, was shutdown by the police.

Is Project Breakthrough a scam photo

Project Breakthrough comes up with the typical slogans that most online scams advertise, phrases like..

“Live life on your own terms…”

Earn over $100,000 a month…”

When I hear slogans like these, my Spidey Senses immediately go into scam alert mode.

Those are just some of the things that Project Breakthrough promises potential members.

The sales page is full of the usual hype and tries to hook you on a promise and an ideal lifestyle.

But, of course, it doesn’t reveal much information about what the product is all about.

So, if you’re wondering what Project Breakthrough is and if you found yourself wondering, “Is Project Breakthrough a scam?” then this review is for you.

In this review, I’ll take a look at the product, and then we’ll decide if it’s worth our time and if it really can be used to create your ideal lifestyle.

Project Breakthrough At A Glance

  • Name: Project Breakthrough
  • Owner: Vick Strizheus and Jacon Mcclain
  • Website
  • Advertised Price: Free Trial or  $297 Monthly

Is Project Breakthrough a Scam?

No, I don’t think Project Breakthrough is a scam.

It’s a video training course that claims it can teach you how to create a full-scale internet business as fast as possible.

In fact, the creators promise that you’ll be seeing cash within 14 days (which is a little unrealistic) and you will never have to work another day in your life (a common hook used to sell these kind of programs).

There’s a free version and a paid version.

The free version doesn’t offer much but lets you poke around and have a look at the member’s area (where there are lots of up-sells).

Of course, there are a few free training videos that you can check out but they aren’t very in-depth.

I should also mention that there are lots of up-sells (more than most), and these up-sells are not your ordinary up-sells.

They’re really expensive, each one is about $177/month and if you choose other up-sells you’ll be looking at a massive monthly bill (I think there are a total of 10 up-sells).

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It’s All About Value

I like to stay away from these high-ticket products, unless I know without a doubt that it’s not a scam, otherwise you risk losing a lot of cash for something that could be found anywhere else for free.

People say that you have to spend money to make money, and though that has some truth to it, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to discover what you can find in a few Google searches.

Creating a business online doesn’t require a massive investment, all you really need is hosting, a domain name, proper education and support.

All which shouldn’t cost more than $50/mo. Domains are around $15/year.

I only recommend investing in high-ticket products when you’re already financially stable and, if you lose the cash, it won’t make much of an impact on your life.

Plus the product must provide value – That’s a Must!

Having said that, the first 14 videos are free, and once you’re done consuming those training videos, it’s up to you to decide if you want to continue with the program, in which case, a membership is required.

Once you reach the third video you’ll be asked to sign-up to Elite membership which costs around $297 a month, but that’s optional, and you don’t have to sign-up to continue with the 14 day training material.

What’s Project Breakthrough About?

The main idea is to build a list and create a sales funnel. They provide sales funnel themes and recommend traffic sources.

Know This!

It does involve spending cash on traffic, but the traffic sources are not that expensive. You also don’t have to use their paid traffic.

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If you want to use free traffic (Facebook, Twitter, etc) that’s fine too, but they recommend you buy traffic, as it delivers the quickest results.

Basically, it’s all about creating a sales funnel and driving traffic to that system to scale results. It’s not a bad idea nor a new idea, lots of programs recommend creating sales funnels, and it is indeed a solid way to make cash online.

Sales funnels are a great strategy to earn money online, it can be quite effective.

But you don’t need to pay $297/mo to learn how to do this.

Is Project Breakthrough a scam photo

I love PB’s To Do List, but this style of training doesn’t need to cost $297/month

The only problem is product creation and some poor advice from Project Breakthrough. 

Most of these programs urge people to create products as quickly as possible.

And we all know when people rush a project, the quality is almost always poor at best.

The focus should be on creating a valuable product, not to create a sales page as fast as possible.

When you create something online based on quality – there will be no end to sales.

What I Didn’t Like

I didn’t like the price. It’s a bit too expensive for the average person, especially someone who doesn’t have much cash and is looking for supplemental income.

I also couldn’t tell if the value is equal to the cost.

I didn’t like the rush factor, there’s a lot pressure and promises that you’ll make money fast.

That you need to go through the training fast (i.e. create product fast, create a funnel fast, etc).

Everything feels rushed…

I think it’s best to let people take their time with training because everyone progresses at different speeds. Not everyone’s marketing knowledge is at the same level.

You have to spend a lot of money on PPC (Pay Per Click). 

I noticed there are a few videos dedicated to teach people to find reasonable paid traffic sources.

If you’re already paying $297 + a month, spending more cash on traffic might not be the best idea.

I guess it all depends on your financial situation.

What I Liked About Project Breakthrough

I did notice that the 14 day free video training is not bad and does contain some useful information.

It builds a little foundation for you to work with to decide if you want to continue with the training or not.

But, honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the price, and you can get much more value (not to mention direct support from an active community) with my #1 ranked training program.

Is Project Breakthrough a scam photo

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Conclusion with Project Breakthrough

Is Project Breakthrough a scam?

Well, not necessarily, but it does charge more than usual for their training material.

It’s created by a guy who’s had a shady past, but I can’t say that the training is totally useless.

I also can’t say that you won’t be able to find the same training elsewhere (even for free).

Most people sign-up to this opportunity for the affiliate program.


Because it’s a high-ticket item which means the commissions are quite high, in the $100 to $200 per referral range.

Personally, I don’t recommend this system.

What do I recommend. Take our free eCourse and learn to do whtat 1,000’s of people like you are doing every single day.

And that is to breakthrough the internet marketing world and create the life of your dreams. You can do it.

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Thanks for reading our Project Breakthrough Review, got comments, let’s hear them.


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