Is Q-Bits Mega Profit System a Scam? What You Need to Know…

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Q-Bits Mega Profit System is a product that has been making the rounds, a lot of people are asking me, “Is Q-Bits Mega Profit System a Scam?“.

Today we’ll examine this product and see if it can really be used to improve our online revenue streams, or if its another scam to avoid.

Q Bits Mega Profit System is  binary trading system.

The program is supposed to be more powerful than a super computer and able to predict the future with quantum technologies.

No, I’m not making this up!

Right away, my first opinion is not great.

What is Q Bits Mega Profit System?

Is Q-Bits Mega Profit System a Scam Photo

  • Name: Q Bits Mega Profit System
  • Price: $500 Min Deposit
  • Creator: Jeremy Hart
  • Type: Automated Binary Trading Software

While researching this product, I discovered a lot of red-flags that warned me to keep my distance.

We’ll talk about those red-flags a little later on in this article.

Q Bits Mega Profit System promises to open and close trades with a 97% success rate.

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It claims members earn $100,000 in their first three months with the program.

Everyone wants to flip a switch and make some cash, but business does not work like that.

The promises are tempting and the company does look legitimate, at first glance.

At least the website is somewhat professional, even though the sales page offers crazy income claims.

How Does Q Bits Mega Profit System Work?

So this is what the system is supposed to do:

You sign-up, make an account, and register with their recommended broker.

Deposit the minimum required amount into the broker ($500) and “Activate” the Q Bits Mega Profit Software.

From there, the rest is up to the program, and you’re supposed to be able to sit back and watch the software win trades for your account.

Now, there are some funny issues with this claim.

Warning Signs with Q Bits: The Red Flags

This section should answer the question, is Qbits Mega Profit System a Scam..

We already know this product is a bit fishy due to the income and other claims, but what exactly is wrong here?

I found some pretty obvious red-flags that you should know about.

Fake Testimonials…

So I randomly selected one of the images and did a quick Google search for it, these are the results:

Is Q-Bits Mega Profit System a Scam Photo

Notice how the same image is used on so many different websites?

Its clear the portrait is a stock photo.

The other pictures of reviewers delivered similar results, some can even be found on other binary trading systems under different names.

So the testimonials are not real – we know that for sure!

Recent Trades are Not Recent…

Knowing I would be bombarded with spam, I went ahead with the sign-up to find out more about the product.

I noticed a funny little mistake on their website that doesn’t help to add credibility.

Below the activate button, there’s a section for “Recent Trades”.

The problem is none of these trades are recent, but rather from the beginning of October, take a look:

Is Q-Bits Mega Profit System a Scam Photo

Assuming these trades are legitimate, two wins out of ten trades, that’s not a 97.5% success rate, its a 80% success rate.

But I doubt that picture is even a real screenshot.

I mean, if you’re going to fake your income claims, might as well get the math right.

No Information on the Owner…

The CEO of this system is supposed to be Jeremy Hart.

Except, that name is so generic it could literally be anyone!

I wasn’t able to find any information about the person in the sales video, I’m assuming he’s an actor, and not an actual entrepreneur.

I’m sure if someone actually was able to create a system like this, it would be all over the news and he would be on Business Insider in seconds.

They Promise Free Money…

The sales page mentions you can claim your $250 bonus by completing the steps.

Basically what they’re saying is you need to deposit $250 and then… well, that’s your bonus.

You’re paying for your own bonus.

So we already have some pretty massive red-flags right here that destroy all the credibility this website had.

Still wondering is QBits Mega Profit System a Scam?

What Does Quantum Even Mean?

People throw around the word “Quantum” to make their product sound cool and interesting but I don’t think anyone actually knows what it means.

Quantum Computing is a fascinating technology that will have some amazing impacts on the world.

But its still in the beginning stages, and there are no quantum computers or algorithms at the moment.

That doesn’t stop marketers from using the word to add a level of mystery to their products.

Some people even offer quantum diets!

Personally, I think the quantum computing technology is fascinating but you should be weary of anyone who using the word quantum to describe their products or services.

Long story short, Q Bits Mega Profit System has nothing to do with quantum technology and it can’t predict the future.

I mean, imagine if you actually had a software that could predict the future?

You could own literally every company on the planet.

Conclusion: Is QBITS Mega Profit System a Scam?

To me, its clear this platform is nothing but a scam.

What is happening here is the person behind the page is making commissions off of everyone he sends to the trading broker.

He makes a commission when they deposit cash, and after that, well, it doesn’t matter.

There are tons of these scams out there, here is another one we reviewed recently, and you should avoid them.

I mean, I sometimes wish making money online was as easy as flipping an “On” switch.

But it takes a little bit more effort than that.

What now?

Well, take a look at my free training series to start off on the right track.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this QBits Mega Profit System review!

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