Is The 700 profit Club a Scam? Here’s The Real Truth

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Is the 700 Profit Club a Scam?

So you’re wondering is 700 Profit Club a scam and you’re looking for more information.

In this review, we’ll look into the 700 Profit Club and share our findings.

What is 700 Profit Club?

is 700 profit club a scam sales page image

This website certainly has enough red flags to indicate that it isn’t legit.

But before we get into that, 700 Profit Club seems to be partners with a web hosting service called Coolhandle.

From the looks of it, 700 Profit Club is an affiliate for that company, so they lead people there, and earn some cash when someone signs-up, like an elaborate sales funnel.

It’s like if I would point people to Site Ground and promise you’ll make millions of dollars a day if you sign-up. You won’t. It’s just a web host. 

A website is like a foundation, it won’t make money on its own.

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You have to turn it into a profitable business… and that’s easier said than done.

Honestly, anyone can make a website, but only a small percentage of those people can turn their website into a business.

You can greatly increase those odds by having a solid education and strong work ethic – it’s like going to College!

Getting back on subject, the 700 Profit Club promises you can make $700 a day and leads you to a web hosting company.

It doesn’t teach you how to make money. It just says you can. 

The first place I looked at, of course, was the homepage of the scam website.

A brief glance already had me cringing!

Poor Website Design and False Promises:

Everything from the bleak website design, to the poorly thrown together sales videos, was off putting to say the least.

Furthermore, the introduction video on the website gives us that classic “call to action” that is completely fake.

They try to pressure potential clients into quickly buying their product by claiming that there’s only a few available spots left.

Of course, this is BS, as this type of system profits from recruiting new members and selling new products.

The more members they get, the more money they make.

It would be counterproductive to only offer web hosting services for a very limited time.

However, perhaps the most blatant lie on the sales video is the claim that you can make 700 dollars each day with just 10 minutes preparation time.

is 700 profit club a scam sales page image

Taken from the 700 profit club sales video

The truth is, this program is just another Ponzi scheme.

These schemes typically use infamous manipulative techniques to essentially steal money from innocent clients.

There are numerous programs similar to the 700 profit club that will waste your money!

For example, I’ve recently written about a similar program called Automated Daily Income that essentially uses all the same techniques to try to get you to pay for a useless product.

Over-the-top marketing isn’t exactly illegal, but the way they do it is certainly unethical.

Is The 700 Profit Club a Scam?

Besides the points we already mentioned, there are some more red flags that lead me to believe 700 Profit Club is a scam.

In this section, we will expose what parts of this program are fake.

We will talk about the major factors that makes 700 Profit Club a scam.

1. Only a limited amount of time and available spaces:

As I mentioned before that this is a technique marketers use to create pressure on their visitors to sign up.

They also want their program to look more valuable.

If a product is in short stock, naturally it would have more value right?

Well, this technique tries to appeal to that type of reasoning.

The truth is, the “opportunity” will always be there. There isn’t a time limit or a limited amount of available spots where people can sign up.

And it certainly isn’t valuable.

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2. Repetitive Advertising:

In the sales video, they say over and over again that you can earn $700 a day.

This is not only irritating, but also highly unethical.

Trying to make sales through brainwashing techniques should certainly start ringing those warning bells.

Illegal or not, this technique is very annoying.

3. Fake Promises:

The sales video claims that you will be given a free website.

They even keep pushing this topic by saying their websites are worth $2000 to $5000.

Of course this is B.S. The websites have no real value besides the design. If a website doesn’t bring in traffic, it’s pretty much worthless.

The hosting website they are promoting is called Cool Handle.

Of course they claim Cool Handle offers the best of the best in terms of services.

The reality of the situation is, that 700 profit club is just a sales funnel and/or associate for Cool Handle.

The whole “system” is designed to get more people to buy a website hosting services through Cool handle.

That’s right, the service is not for free. In fact, it is ridiculously expensive when compared to other hosting companies. 

Because of their highly noncompetitive prices, I am assuming that they are resorting to scams like 700 profit club to get clients.

Check out our comparison review of two of the best Hosting Platforms: SiteGround vs. Wealthy Affiliate.

4. You Won’t Be Making Money:

Let’s say that you do pay for the overpriced web hosting in hopes of earning a revenue.

Doing so will not give you a “financially-optimized” website.

Instead you will be given an ordinary hosting service that is overpriced.

You’ll likely end up spending more on hosting!

What’s Next?

Fortunately, you can make money online through affiliate marketing.

Basically, affiliate marketing let’s you be your own boss.

It allows you to make money for yourself and at your own pace.

The great thing about this type of business opportunity is that you can literally work anywhere, as long as you have internet and a computer.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories about global nomads who work online, usually from vacation spots.

They have the ability to do this because they can earn a good enough revenue remotely through the internet.

Heck, there are many people out there trading the 9-5 for an ‘online lifestyle’. And they’re doing largely with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing let’s you work online, and if you do it correctly, you can earn a stable, long term income. Passive income if you will.

Of course, you will have to filter out the scams to ensure that you do not lose money on your online ventures.

A good rule to rely on is to forget those “get rich fast” type of schemes, because most of them are just pyramid schemes or scams.

Growing wealth online the correct way takes training and patience. I like to think of it like going to a trade school or college.

Don’t expect to find a magical way that earns you $700 a day right off the bat.

Conclusion: Is The 700 Profit Club a Scam – YES

In my opinion, the 700 Profit Club is a scam, and I don’t recommend it.

A system that resorts to lying to you should never be trusted with your hard earned cash.

That being said, there are plenty of opportunities out there that can help you earn regular revenue online.

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Just remember to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and stay clear away from websites such as 700 profit club, then you will do just fine.

Good luck and have fun. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading this “is the 700 profit club a scam” review.

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