Is the Big Profit System a Scam? Here’s Your Answer

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Have you came across The Big Profit System and asked yourself the question, “Is The Big Profit System a Scam?”

You’re not alone – there are many people wondering what actually goes on behind the doors of this website.

In this Big Profit System review, I’ll examine the product and the business opportunity.

What is The Big Profit System?

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The Big Profit sales page says you can earn $15K a day with their system.

As usual, its not clear how you will make any cash.

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You have to dig a little deeper to figure out what the program is really about.

And from what I discovered, it’s basically a make money online scheme.

P.S. Learn how to spot online scams here.

I took a look at the website and figured out how it all works.

The Big Profit system is another opportunity based on coaching services.

Members are called “Coaches” and taught to teach other people how to become coaches.

Basically the idea is to present yourself as an expert coach so you can make more sales.

What about the products? Is there any training material?

The Big Profit System Products:

New training material is unlocked on each membership level, starting from level one.

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The first level includes Fast Cash Marketing Manual plus self-development courses and access to their success coach platform.

The next level unlocks training material for social media, called “Traffic Mastery”.

In short, the higher the levels, the more training is unlocked.

But this isn’t exactly new training material – the same material can be found pretty much anywhere… for free!

The whole foundation is built on a money-making scheme, and this is how it works: 

  1. Buy a membership.
  2. Take your lead-page that includes your affiliate code.
  3. Advertise the page.
  4. When someone purchases through you, a commission is added to your account.
  5. Continue building a team under you.
  6. Profit from your team.
  7. Make millions!

That is basically it, in a nutshell.

There are different levels, and each level unlocks more possible income.

Essentially, its built on the standard multi-level marketing model.

Here are the levels:

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Yes, the levels are based on income figures.

People at level one can promote the system and earn commissions off of anyone who registers on Level one.

What you’re not told is that there is an admin fee as well – $280 one time fee (for each membership level). 

And you wonder why people are wondering is the Big Profit System a scam?

If someone you recruited decides to register on a level higher than yours, the commission won’t be added to your account, unless you have the same membership.

What this means is you have to buy the level you want to promote.

So if you want to earn commissions off of every level, a level six membership is required ($20,000 + 280).

I don’t know about you, but I think paying $20,280 for the chance to promote an opportunity as an affiliate is a bit too much for me.

Big Profit’s Lead Gen System:

The platform offers members a few different landing pages they can use to promote the business.

Each page is assigned an affiliate code so the company knows where to send commissions.

You can find these pages by adding a random number to the end of the website address, like I did in the screenshot below.

is the big profit system a scam photo

If you go through the funnel, and buy the course, the commissions will be added to whoever is assigned to that affiliate number.

The idea is to take your page and get as many leads as possible to it.

Pretty standard.

The platform has a service that automatically dials the numbers people enter to sell them the coaching service.

Well, the coaching service that teaches them how to be coaches.

I think you should only offer coaching services when you have a good amount of experience under your belt.

Otherwise, its kind of pointless.

Is The Big Profit System a Scam?

To top it off, even if you do manage to buy highest level and make a sale, the affiliate program only offers 50% commissions.

The whole concept of the “opportunity” revolves around cash.

And the only people who profit without having to lift a finger are the owners.

And its not clear who the owners are!

So there are quite a few obvious red-flags with this business, more than enough to call it a scam.

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I’m also not a fan of presenting yourself as a success coach when you don’t have any experience – it is a little unethical.

Its like the bling leading the blind – ugh!

You see it happens a lot in the internet marketing industry and its painful to watch.

Nevertheless, The Big Profit system does have some products they do deliver, and they do seem to pay members.

So, technically, its not a scam.

But I don’t recommend it.

Why I Don’t Recommend The Big Profit System:

Here’s one reason; its far too expensive. 

Most people don’t have $20,280 lying around to invest in some sketchy system.

Though the opportunity says you don’t need any skills to make money, that’s not true – you do need skills.

You need to know how to drive traffic to your squeeze page! 

The training teaches you how to use Facebook and other social media platforms to get traffic (at least, once you sign-up for Level 2) but social media is already full of these schemes.

Newsflash – its classified as spam.

No one wants to see it.

So you pay thousands of dollars to start promoting a system in hopes of cashing out big-time.

But nobody is interested in that system!

And it will be very hard – often impossible – to make a sale!

In my opinion, the Big Profit System is not worth the trouble.

You can make much more progress by consuming free training material and building niche websites.

So to answer your question, “Is The Big Profit System a Scam?”…

Technically, no – but its not something that I recommend.

It’s a borderline scam though and I think the marketing approach is unethical.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Big Profit System review!

Leave a comment if you have any questions of have had experience with this product before.

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