Is the Work at Home Institute a Scam? Discover The Truth Here!

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Today we’ll take a look at a product by Bobbie Robinson called Work at Home Institute.

Lots of people are wondering is The Work at Home Institute a Scam?

So I wanted to write this review to shed some light on the program.

This product took me for a wild ride of the internet.

Seems like there are multiple products under Bobbie Robinson’s name… and they’re all exactly the same.

Some mysterious entity decided to put out the exact same product under a bunch of different names and different website addresses.

When people start releasing one is a scam, they take it down, and add another one with a different name.

Here are some of the products I found under the same name:

  • Work at Home Institute
  • WAH Program
  • WAH Institute
  • Excel Cash Flow
  • Online Profit Stream
  • Work at Home Paycheck

I’m sure there are more as well.

Not suspicious at all.

What is The Work at Home Institute?

  • Name: Work at Home Institute (or any of the names listed earlier)
  • Creator: Bobbie Robinson (alias)
  • Price: $97
  • Type: Link Posting
  • Verdict: Scam!

The Work at Home Institute (or WAH Institute) is another one those cheesy scams that are usually found in Facebook comment sections.

The program promises that you’ll be able to make a solid income from home without any effort.

You’ll see a lot of different income claims being thrown around, like “Earn $1,000 a day!” and “Discover how this mom makes $4,521.99 every week!“.

The sales page is full of stock photos, and even the creator’s pictures are stock photos as well.

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Its funny how easy it is to make a scam nowadays with stock photos.

But you can also find out if a program is using stock photos for their sales page with a simple Google search.

On the sales page you can also find logos of news companies, an attempt to build some trust with the audience.

The fact of the matter is this program has never been featured on any news channel.

A tactic scammers use to try to make their product credible is to find a news-clip that mentions something about working from home, edit it, and make it about their product.

Its illegal.

So what is the Work at Home Institute about, really?

Well, its another work-at-home scheme to avoid.

The program is based on a link posting scheme.

Basically, affiliate marketing for the product.

You take your affiliate link and share it in as many places as possible.

That’s why this scam is often found in Facebook comments!

There’s really not much to it.

What You Should Know:

We already mentioned a few warning signs, but there are more you should know about.

For starters, Work at Home Institute is not an actual institute.

No diplomas, classes, or any kind of training material.

Its not a course!

Secondly, there are a lot of other products, with slightly different sales pages, that promote the same system.

Nothing new!

One more thing to mention is if you try to click away from the page, the price will be slashed in half, another lazy attempt to get members.

Another interesting thing is when you try to visit the outdated pages, they all redirect to some weird support page.

The support page is for a program called Kayako, and it seems like the website is only place-holder content.

But more importantly, the website is not secure, and you’ll be given the warning below if you try to visit.

is work at home institute a scam photo

(I got the same warning from my browser on the websites that still have material)

In other words, the site could save or steal your information, so be careful.

No 90 day money-back guarantee.

Even though the sales page mentions they offer a 90-day money back guarantee, that is not the case.

There have been numerous reports from people who requested refunds but never got one.

You won’t be able to get a refund, that’s for sure.

If you did fall for this scam, the best way to get some sort of refund would be to contact your bank.

What I Didn’t Like:

Quite a lot, to be honest.

Lets start with the most obvious downside – far too much hype!

This program promises anyone can make hundreds of dollars working from home without any skills or previous experience.

Just keep in mind, making money online is actually not that hard, but you do need to offer something of value.

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Besides the hype, the sales page is infested with red-flags, like the countdown timer, and the “limited spots” notification.

Its like they’re using every trick in the book to try and force more conversions.

More importantly, the training material is practically non-existent.

It has a few guides but nothing that can’t be found on Google in a few seconds.

I also really don’t like the emphasis they place on pushing members to share affiliate links as much as possible.

They tell members to take their links to social media and forums, the platforms that are already full of spammers, and most moderators don’t tolerate this spam anymore.

You probably know the answer to the question, “Is the work at home institute a scam?” now!

So it’s a really lazy outdated scheme.

Price Changes and Up-Sells:

When you try to leave the page, the price will be cut in half.

Additionally, when you finish the first payment, there is another offer you’re supposed to sign-up for, $197/month.

Besides the up-sells, coaches will call you as well to offer their services, as well as other products.

So once you are in the system they’ll bombard you with other offers while not really sharing any useful information.

Is the Work at Home Institute a Scam?

In my opinion, the Work at Home Institute (and all its other names) is a scam.

There’s way too much hype, too many up-sells, too little training and no refunds.

There are tons of people falling for this scam and complaining about it online.

If you fell for it, contact your bank.

You can find much better training courses out there!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this is the work at home institute a scam review!

Have you tried this product? Leave a comment below!

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