Is Work at Home University a Scam? Discover The Truth

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Today we will take a look at a product called Work at Home University which is supposedly the ultimate online business training video course on the planet.

The product and URL have went through a few revisions, the name and URL change every few months. Previously the URL was but now it redirects to, the same goes for it’s older domain names.

Snapshot of Work at Home University

  • Name: Work at Home University
  • Website:
  • Price: $97 one time fee
  • Type: Instructional Videos

Work at Home University is a product that promises to make it possible for you to create a highly successful online business if you simply follow their instructional videos.

It’s a compilation of informational videos that teach people how to get started with internet marketing but there are a few notable problems that you should know about.

I found a lot of negative reviews, customer complaints, and comments from people who were not satisfied with the training that this product promises.

Upon further inspection, it’s clear that these people are correct.

I was shocked to discover that these training videos don’t provide much value to the customer, definitely not enough to warrant a $97 investment.

Classic High Pressure Sales Page – Classic Scam Warning Signs

I mentioned in the previous article that it’s remarkably easy to tell if a product is a scam by simply analyzing it’s sales page. Unsurprisingly, almost all low value products (scams) use the exact same sales page template and tricks to squeeze in a few more conversions.

To be fair, at least this sales page doesn’t display dollar bills, mansions, sports cars, models, and other signs of wealth. It’s not sugar-coated with a thick layer of hype like similar products, that’s one upside.

Maybe the copywriter was simply lazy or the sales page was copied and pasted from another website, but the sales page definitely needs improvement, it’s not clear what is waiting for you in the members area.


The description is too broad, it’s not transparent, and the tips it claims to reveal in the members area basic advice that can be found through Google in a few seconds.

Special Notice: This is Not a University and No Degrees Can Be Earned

It’s important to keep in mind that this product is not a university and you will not receive a degree or certificate upon completion.

It’s simply a few instructional videos wrapped up in a package of false promises.

What Do The Videos Teach You?

In a nutshell, the videos teach people the bare basics of internet marketing and making money online.

But the core of the videos teach people how to become auction list agent, essentially, how to sell products on website like eBay or Amazon, not exactly a brand new business idea.

I have to say that the videos are not terrible, but they’re extremely basic. Whoever made the videos was simply lazy because I found much more in-depth material on Google for free (in a couple seconds).

Even YouTube has some great videos for anyone who is interesting in this kind of business.

It is a system that is basically the same as drop-shipping; acting as the middle man between manufacturers and buyers.


Basic Drop Shipping Model

This is a viable business model and there are plenty of people who have drop-shipping businesses and earn a decent income. However, the problem is that this product only scratches the surface of creating a drop-shipping business.

Click this link to read my top recommended program for drop-shipping and selling on Amazon and eBay.

In fact, these businesses are rather complicated and I wouldn’t recommend beginners to get involved with importation/drop-shipping without a proper education, this could cost you a lot of money.

Either you get lucky to find a hot generic product that a supplier can ship to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center or drop-ship directly to your customers. Most companies the drop-ship from China have problems with delivery and are counterfeit products.

To really brand a product and sell on Amazon/eBay takes some training.

If you’re not familiar with a drop-shipping business, the seller doesn’t have to handle the stock if he or she doesn’t want to, all he has to do is send a receipt or invoice the supplier and they’ll ship the product to the customer directly.

And of course, not all suppliers are willing to ship out products to individual buyers, it depends.

But this can create problems, especially if the product is advertised as an American product and arrives from some town in China, it won’t help increase customer loyalty.

Nevertheless, drop-shipping is a interesting but complicated business model, and Work at Home University does not provide sufficient training to start a drop-shipping business. It barely scratches the surface.

Outdated Marketing Tactics


Don’t Get Penalized By Google or It Could Kill Your Site

I noticed that the training videos recommended outdated marketing tactics, such as article directory marketing for back-links and traffic.

Submitting articles to article directories is a marketing strategy that used to work a long time ago but Google has cracked down on these marketing schemes, and, currently, the back-links from article directories are practically worthless (the traffic is also non-existent).

It’s sad that product creators fill their products with outdated marketing strategies that will do more harm than good and then charge the customer a ridiculous fee.

Unfortunately, new scams pop up on a daily basis and it can be difficult to crackdown on all of them, the internet still makes it easy for people to anonymously create websites and products, making it difficult to take legal action against scammers.

Final Word: Too Expensive and Lacks Value

The sales page lures people in with promises of wealth and an online business education, but the training teaches something completely different.

In reality, the videos are all about drop-shipping and auction listings. You should also know that once you enter your contact information you will be bombarded with email spam and phone-calls.

A nuisance.

All in all, when it comes down to it, this product lacks value. It’s too expensive and the videos are no-where near worth the price tag. Work at Home University could be a great product if they deleted all their current training videos and did a complete overhaul, but something tells me the people behind this product are not truly interested in making it easier for people to create an online business.

If you want to check out a online business training course, I recommend this one, click here to read my review, it’s the best online business training center that I found so far.

Guess what? It’s free to check it out.

Here’s why I support this program; education, guidance, and support.

Please let me know your thoughts on this review of Work at Home University.

Thanks for reading,

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