Is Young Living a Scam? The Mixture of Alternative Medicine and MLM

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Wondering is Young Living a scam? Today we’ll take a look at the company and see if it’s worth our time. 

Essential oils have long been around for ages. But, recently it has been all the craze.

People claim that such essential oils can cure anything from common colds to autism.

Young Living is a company built on those claims, and is one of the most well known essential oil providers.

The company is also built on a multi-level marketing system.

In fact, as of 2015, they’ve made over a billion dollars in sales.

Another fact, there is a lot of controversy revolving around Young Living.

It is not uncommon for promoters to use a lot of fake information to promote Young Living essential oils.

What is the truth?

It it worth it to join their MLM program? Is Young Living essential oils a scam?

In this review, you’ll find the answers to these questions.

Is Young Living A Scam? 

Is Young Living a Scam Photo

Young Living has been the center of a lot of controversy recently, mainly due to the claims they make regarding their products. 

Young Living uses a multi level marketing business model. This means that pretty much anyone with money can be part of their marketing program.

That is usually fine for ordinary products.

However, Young Living essential oils has often been promoted as “alternative medicine”.

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Medicine that can solve all of your aliments!

See the problem here?

Usually, only licensed medical professionals are allowed to sell medicine.

They have years of training and their is a strict filtering system.

This system is in place to prevent people from getting the wrong type of medicine, which can cause unwanted side effects and even death.

However, since anyone can work for Young Living.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread.

This type of business model has caused promoters to make ridiculous claims.

Can Essential Oils Cure Ebola?

For example, some promoters claim that Young Living essential oils can even cure Ebola and autism!

Don’t believe me? Check out this letter from the FDA.

“The Ebola virus cannot survive in the presence of a therapeutic grade Cinnamon Bark and Oregano essential oil.”

This is taken from one of the websites promoting Young Living Essential oils.

It should be common knowledge that essential oils can in no way cure or prevent a virus like Ebola.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that essential oils from Young Living has any healing properties.

However, there doesn’t seem to be this type of fraudulent activity on the official Young Living website.

Furthermore, the Young Living company has ran into quite a few other illegal problems over the years.

Young Living: Legal Issues

As I mentioned before that the Food and Drug Administration has sent an official warning letter to Young Living in 2014.

They warned that they must put a stop their fear tactics and stop spreading false information.

The FDA also mentioned that anyone marketing or distributing “fake medicine” without their approval will be breaking the law. 

As for more recent news, in 2017 Young Living ran into the law again.

The company lost $760,000 when they pleaded guilty to the illegal trafficking of certain essential oils.

Can You Make Money From Young Living?

The Young Living business opportunity is advertised as a way to achieve your dreams and live a location independent lifestyle.

It’s built on three core principles:

  • Create a Foundation
  • Build Your Business
  • Become a Leader

Members are granted access to some back-end products, such as:

  • Business Tools (DVDs, Videos, Flyers, etc)
  • Essential Rewards Kits
  • Young Living Merchandise
  • Starter Kits

The system works much like other multi-level marketing companies in the health niche.

Members need to earn a certain amount of Volume by making sales, by either recruiting new members or making direct sales.

You can earn commissions on direct sales you make but the most rewarding is to recruit members and build a team.

When you have people under you, they send residual Volume to your account, so you can earn extra bonuses. 

The higher your rank, the higher your commissions.

Every member starts at Distributor rank, it consists of 94% of all members.

Here is a list of all the ranks:

  • Distributor
  • Star
  • Senior Star
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown Diamond
  • Royal Crown Diamond

Can you guess what the average monthly income for people in the Distributor rank is?

If you guessed $10 … that would be incorrect.

It’s actually $1. 

Is Young Living a Scam Photo

I’m not liking those odds!

There is also the fact that 94% of the associates of this MLM program do not make a profit.

You also have to consider that associates of Young Living have a very bad reputation right now.

This isn’t surprising since a lot of the promoters use lies to make sales.

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When you combine that with low commission rates and high start up costs, this business opportunity starts to look unattractive.

The truth is, there are far better ways to make money online.

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You can make money by E-commerce, Amazon FBA, taking surveys, making YouTube videos, to name a few.

However, most of these methods are temporarily. They will only give you a little pocket money.

If you are looking for a “real” way to make money online that will support you financially for the long term, then I recommend building niche websites that incorporate internet marketing techniques.

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Conclusion on Living Young

Companies like Young Living have associates that use fear tactics and false information to advertise their products.

Combine that with a multitude of independent distributors desperately trying to make their own sales, and you create a breeding ground for fraudulent activities.

Technically, Young Living isn’t a scam. Only their MLM associates use fake information to make sales.

However, there isn’t any scientific evidence that their products have healing properties.

As for their MLM program, distributing and promoting Young Living essential oils as a medicine could be illegal in your area. 

Even if it isn’t, the multi level marketing system is very hard to make money from!

If you are determined to stick with network marketing/mlm’s, check out our Legal Shield review. They’ve got solid product that’s in demand now and will be greater (in my opinion) into the future, especially their ID Shield program.

I hope you like this “Is Young Living a Scam?” review. What are your thoughts about Young Living? Feel free to comment below!

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