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Jaaxy is an incredible Keyword Research tool I use to build websites and climb Google rankings.

It does a ton more than just provide invaluable Keyword Information.

You can build online businesses with this application.

July 2017 Update: I’m happy to announce Jaaxy has recently been updated to Jaaxy 3.0 which includes even more awesome features! Continue reading to discover what new changes have been made to the world’s most powerful keyword research tool. 

It not only gives you targeted information about keywords that your niche audience is googling as we speak.

Then it finds related keyword ideas related to the topic you’re searching.

It actually brainstorms for you.

How cool is that that?

Jaaxy allows you to find..

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Website Rankings
  • Domain Names
  • Site Competition

All at a click of a button…

The best and most comforting thing about Jaaxy is that it’s so easy to use.

If you are trying to get your site ranked on PAGE ONE of Google, then Jaaxy is the perfect tool to give you the advantage over your competition.

Welcome to my Jaaxy review, a comprehensive breakdown of the amazing keyword tool called Jaaxy.

Product At A Glance

Product Name: Jaaxy
Owner: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
Price: Free Membership of 30 Free Searches, Pro Membership at $19/month, Enterprise Membership for $49/month. Yearly discounts.
Website: http://jaaxy.com/
Verdict: An amazing keyword tool worth every penny

What’s JAAXY All About?

Jaaxy is a powerful Keyword Research Tool that is super easy to use.

The learning curve is about 5 seconds, I kid you not.

Jaaxy has multiple functions related to finding keywords that people are Googling every second online.

If you have a niche website, blog, eCommerce biz, you’ll find learning how to do proper keyword research extremely beneficial to your business.

To know what your niche audience is Googling is a good thing.

Wouldn’t you agree?

By researching keyword phrases that people are searching online, you can target your content to get it to rank fast and on the first page of Google.

Let’s Get Familiar with Jaaxy First

Take a look at the video below to learn the basic functions of Jaaxy and how you can leverage Jaaxy in your business.

The video uses the sample niche of Bluetooth Headphones.

Check it out.

You can see that Jaaxy is very easy to use.

It can save you precious time and resources by targeting keywords that are low in competition, but are still receiving a decent amount of monthly searches.

You can also see that Jaaxy can help you come up with other niche and content ideas for your own website.

Speaking of building your own website…

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If you try to target keywords blindly based on a hunch or Google search, you’ll find most of the time you’ll pick keywords that are extremely competitive (depending on your niche of course).

You’ll never get your content or website to rank using the wrong keywords.

How To Use Jaaxy

Find Low Hanging Fruit Keywords. 

The “low hanging fruit” concept is a term that refers to finding “low competition keywords”.

These are really phrases that your niche audience is Googling daily.

How to blah blah,  What is the blank, etc..

I use Jaaxy with every single post I write to find keyword phrases that are easy to rank.

Not only do I focus on the QSR score (basically the number of competing websites), I find the SEO score equally as important.

If I can find an SEO score over 90 (Scale is 0 – 100), I can get the post to rank in a matter of minutes. If I target a post with a score of less than 85, I find it next to impossible to rank.

Believe me, I’ve tried.

I also want the total monthly search volume to at least have a 100 monthly visitors or more.

The more the better, but focus more on the SEO and QSR scores.

Take a look below at my niche example to see what I’m talking about.

jaaxy review photo

Women’s Yoga Pants

Let’s say I’m interested in targeting women’s yoga pants as a niche website business.

Yoga pants are very popular these days and Spandex is back.

Women love yoga pants for working out or casual wear.

Below is a list that Jaaxy produced in seconds from the keyword phrase “women’s yoga pants”.

Notice that it doesn’t just give the results for my keyword phrase, but it also gives me 29 other related keyword phrases that are similar to “women’s yoga pants”.

A little brainstorming for you, nice.

With Jaaxy, I can use any one of these phrases to create a domain name and tons of content ideas.

Each one of these phrases could be a title post or page and I can target these keywords to get my site ranked quickly.

By writing quality content associated to the keyword phrase, you can get your posts to rank with ease.

Take a look at the chart below…

Notice the Monthly Searches, Estimated Traffic and QSR (competing webpages using the same keyword) fields.

If you rank on page one of Google using any of these keyword phrases, you can see the amount of monthly traffic that your site would receive.

There are a ton of awesome keywords that I could use for a niche business related to Yoga Pants.

From the screenshot below, can you tell which keywords would be easiest to rank?

In general, if a keyword has a QSR of less than 100 that means you’ll have a decent chance to rank in the number on spot for that keyword.

So from the screenshot above, we can easily dominate the search results for all the keywords, except for the first result.

And that’s only one example. 

Lets take things a little further to show you the true power of this keyword tool…

With a few minutes of digging I found a handful of keywords that have a decent amount of traffic and very low competition.

Take a look.

Notice how low the competition is for these keywords? 

I could write an article and target a few of these keywords and easily rank on the first page.

If you can rank for all the above keywords (and that’s quite easy!) that is an additional 335 hits to your site a month.

And you can find even better keywords with a little more research.

Now can you see how useful this tool is for keyword research?

So if this was my niche business, I would use GIRLS YOGA PANTS as my website domain name.

GirlsYogaPants.com would be best.

But I could still go with .org or .net.

Then I would use the other keyword phrases marked above in Red to begin writing blog posts.

Low competition keywords can be leveraged to easily get your content and website to rank on the first page of any search engine.

Jaaxy Photo Linked to 30 free searches

Tip: Avoid High Competition Keywords

If you have 2 billion other competing websites that are utilizing the same keywords that you’re using, it will be extremely difficult to ever see your site posts rank.

It might seem like a good idea to target a keyword that has really high traffic, but in reality none of that traffic will find your site, unless the competition is low.

But if you’re competing with only 100 or 200 other websites, and you are producing quality content for your audience, then you can easily get your website and blog posts to rank high.

I’m talking page one here.

With rankings comes traffic, and with traffic comes sales.

And that’s what we all want, right?

The Proof is in the Pudding

Take a look at this site here, shaymurat.ru.

Currently get around 12,000 free visitors to this site per month based on 90 posts and 9 pages, and all of this is FREE TRAFFIC.

Learn How I Did it Right Here. Free Training Series! Build Your Site Today!

I also have over 45 posts out of 90 (50%) ranked on the first page of Google and another 25 posts ranked on Page 2 in Google.

The combined traffic from these 7 posts listed below is on an average of over 4,300 monthly hits to my website.

Jaxxy Review photo of keyword rankings in Google

Click To Enlarge

As my site continues to produce quality content, I’ll move up in the rankings and continue to see more traffic.

I can also improve their ranking through various white hat SEO strategies.

Affiliate Programs in Just One Click

Another great feature about Jaaxy that streamlines your online business is that it finds affiliate programs with a single click.

Check out this short video to learn how to do this easily with Jaaxy in just a few minutes.

Jaaxy 3.0 Update: New Features!

As of July 2017 Jaaxy 3.0 has been launched.

With it, a whole bunch of awesome features have been added.

One of the new and most useful features is called Search Analysis.

This feature allows you to “Spy” on your competition.

Type in the keyword you plan to target and you can see which website’s rank for that keyword.

Taking our example from earlier, “Girls Yoga Pants” and entering it into the Search Analysis, we can see there’s only one competitor…

Immediately we can see our competition, this reveals websites that have the exact keyword match in their URL.

You might think it will be difficult to beat Old Navy as their site has been around for a long time, but that’s not necessarily true.

As long as you optimize your site better, its possible to take the number one spot from them.

So this new feature allows you to take a peak at your competition and see how you can make your website better.

An excellent feature.

Another added function is the ability to monitor your keyword’s rank in real-time.

No need to manually check Google!

You’ll see all the information you need in once place.

In my opinion, that is incredible useful.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Jaaxy has 3 membership options. Take a look at the chart below to see the difference between the 3 memberships that Jaaxy offers.

July 20th 2017 Pricing Update: Jaaxy’s price structure will change within 5 weeks. They have added so much to Jaaxy 3.0 that they have had to increase their prices. New Pro will be $49/mo and Entrerprise at $99/mo.

However, they will grandfather people in that get Jaaxy now at the current price, so if you’re thinking that Jaaxy will work for your online business, now’s the time to get it!

Jaaxy Membership Levels

You can enter Jaaxy for free and get 30 free searches to check it out.

Use the suggestions I’ve listed above to find your next keyword phrase for your next website article.

Or check out some potentially awesome online niches that you’d like to investigate.

I personally love to check my rankings, kind of a silly thing, but it’s fun to see my pages rise up the Google ranks.

Other Features worth Mentioning:

Some more features you will love:

  • Built in Alphabet Soup Technique using Google Instant to find current keywords and keyword phrases that internet users are typing into Google on a daily basis.

jaaxy alphabet technique results

  • Search Progress Bar: Now as you are completing your keyword searches, you can see the amount of time it will take to complete your search. The speed it takes for searches has increased noticeably, as well.

jaaxy times search bar

  • Keyword Search Analysis using Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Previously, Jaaxy results were based solely off of Google. Now you have Bing and Yahoo at your disposal.

Jaaxy Search Engine Options

  • Site Rank History: Now you can see if your site is increasing or decreasing in the rankings. There is an arrow next to your ranking of any specific post or article that lets you know if you are climbing or falling the search engine rankings. Hopefully you’re climbing up the rankings 😀
  • Increased Server Power: Jaaxy has added to their server infrastructure and you can feel the power as you’re researching keywords, affiliate programs, site rank, and domain name searches. It’s awesome!

Overall Summary of Jaaxy

Product Name: Jaaxy
Owner: Kyle and Carson
Price: Free Membership of 30 Free Searches, Pro Membership for $19/month, Enterprise Membership for $49/month.
Website: http://jaaxy.com/
Verdict: An amazing keyword tool worth every penny.
Ranking: 90 out of 100

I love Jaaxy because it’s so easy to use.

It gives me the data that’s most important to me as a website owner, affiliate marketer, content creator, and niche site developer.

The problem with most keyword research tools is that they are either too complicated (too many statistics and analytics that end up wasting my time), or they don’t provide relevant data.

With Jaaxy, I can investigate niche website ideas, keyword power and viability, analyze my own website rankings and much more.

I also get great support and training with Jaaxy and can verify Jaaxy search results with Google.

See how Jaaxy can benefit your online business with a free trial today.

Thanks for reading my Jaaxy Review and please feel free to comment or share this information with anyone that may benefit from it.

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