Learn to sell with eBay – An Easy to Follow Guide

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If you looking to make extra cash from selling your old stuff, then maybe it’s time to learn to sell with eBay. Why?

eBay is a fun and easy to use platform to sell used products, new merchandise, or even those annoying Christmas gifts that we all get, but we know we’ll never use. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it our little secret.Learn to sell with eBay photo

eBay is also the 7th ranked website in United States, and 23rd in the world, so you have a great advantage of getting exposure to sell your products.

Now obviously, the hotter the product that you have, the faster it will sell.

But in general, you’re going to have greater success selling on eBay verses selling on Craigslist or at your own garage sale.

And the coolest thing about eBay, is that you don’t have to do any selling, that’s one of the great advantages about selling online. You don’t have to convince anybody to buy a thing. You list your price or go auction style, and eBay sells the item for you.

Check out my easy to use guide to learn how to sell on eBay, it’s a simple and painless process.

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Learn To Sell with eBay – Here We Go!

1. Create your account on eBay, you can do this right now by clicking here.

2. At the same time, you will need to get a PayPal account set up to get paid once your item sells, you can do this right now by clicking here.

3. Once registered, you will see the SELL link on the top left side of your home page, click this link.

Learn to sell with eBay directions

4. eBay has a new feature that allows you to choose to sell it yourself or have eBay manage the listing. This could be convenient but will cut your profit margins down to 70%.

I would recommend listing it yourself, it’s easy to do and will save you money if you follow this simple step-by-step guide.

Learn to sell with eBay Photo Normally if you are listing under 50 items per month, eBay charges 10% per auction style or fixed style sale. But, they charge 10% of the whole transaction including the shipping fees. So it may be as high as 15% of the transaction depending on your shipping charges.

Make sure you go check out the cost to ship something before listing your merchandise with eBay.

That way you won’t cut into your profit margins once you sell your item.

There’s nothing worse than selling an item for say $15 and charging a 3 dollar shipping fee only to realize that your shipping charges are $9 dollars. You would only end up with a $9 dollar profit. Which would most likely be a waste of time and energy.

Do your homework first on you shipping charges before listing an item on eBay.

PayPal also charges an additional 2.9% per transaction. Kind of a pain, but PayPal is the preferred manner of payment from eBay.

For further explanation of eBay fees, see this link.

5. Next you need to create a title for your listing.

Learn to sell with eBay Photo

When creating a title, ask yourself how you would describe this item. Then add any important details.

Here is a listing that I recently sold on eBay.

example listing to learn to sell with eBay

6. Now to create your listing, fill in the relevant product details such as:

  • condition
  • photos
  • brand name
  • model
  • material
  • listing price
  • shipping
  • and a description of the product.

With my example above, I was selling a generic case for iPhone 4/4S. Here’s my description below:

  • Solid Metal Case with Industrial Strength Glass. Made for iPhone 4/4S
  • 100% brand new, high quality, great price NON BRAND NAME Case
  • Sleek Fashionable case, perfectly fit your phone
  • Durable design protects your phone from scratched, damages, shock, bumps and dust
  • This case is NOT waterproof and You CAN NOT submerge this case in water with an iPhone.

Latest Greatest Customer Review: I have already bounced this off the wall a few times and rolled 210 pounds over the face and not a problem. Love the size and weight. It’s heavy duty and perfect for me.

7. Make sure you take nice photos of whatever you are selling. Try to have a clear, transparent background and shoot your photo with the light behind you.

Make sure you have a good and accurate description and photos to improve your chances of selling your product.

Here are some quality photos from leather products I sold on eBay. Nice white backgrounds and high resolution photos.

8. You can list your products as a set price or use eBay’s auction. The auction style is more fun, but higher risk for profit or loss. My personal experience with the auction style is to be patient.

Most all the sales come in during the last 30 minutes of the auction.

– Here’s an a good example of a iPhone 4s that I bought from a friend.

My friend wanted $100 dollars for it, I check out other listings on eBay and saw that it was selling in the 200 to 300 dollar price range. Sounded like a pretty good deal for me to make a decent profit. So I bought the phone from my friend for $100.

Learn to sell with eBay PhotoI listed it for $175 on a 7 day auction. After a few days I had 5 bidders and the top bid was $187.50.

In the last 30 minutes of the auction, I ended up selling for $241 dollars, including shipping charges. My net income after eBay and PayPal fees was $209.91 or 87.1% of the total transaction.

– So my total profit was $109.91 dollars. Not too bad for 20 minutes worth of work. Now I just need another 1000 or so iPhone’s and I’d have a pretty good eBay business.

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Final Point if your selling on eBay

Make sure you put up a quality listing with good descriptions and clear photos. It just makes your job easier and will improve your buyer’s experience.

Also, make sure you provide prompt communication and always ask for, and leave, good feedback for those transactions that are positive.

You want to have a high seller rating and the more positive rating you have, the more buyers will trust and buy from you as a seller.

Selling on eBay can be a lot of fun and a fairly positive experience. But if you want to make a full time job out of it, this can be quite a challenge.

Why’s that?

There’s always the issue of where to find new product to sell. Unless you have access to tons of hot products on a regular basis, you’ll never make a full time job out of selling on eBay. Once you sell off your own stuff, you have to bargain hunt to find new products to sell or import products which can be a very risky business.

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When you learn to sell with eBay, you’ve always got a good skill that you can use to make some extra cash from unused stuff or if you find a bargain like the iPhone that I found.

If you would like to leave a comment or have any questions about selling on eBay, please comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.



learn to sell with eBay photo

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