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Looking for a legitimate work from home based business, then this is the article for you. We’ll show you a proven system to online success.

When browsing the internet, I’m sure you’ve spotted some ads and other promotions that mention work from home opportunities, opportunities that can make all your dreams come true, etc..

Special Note: This is what scams and inadequate training programs preach. Know why? Because it’s what people want to hear and it works. We’d love to find an easy online business that we can do from the comfort of home, the beach, wherever, that instantly produces lots of cash for little work.

Am I wrong?

This is why work from home based jobs have been getting a bad reputation recently because a lot of scams have flooded the online market.

This makes it’s difficult to separate the scams from the legitimate work from home business opportunities.

Well, I’m here to point you in the right direction. Whatever your individual goals may be; being the owner of an online business can make those goals a reality.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your family or maybe you just want to be free and live a no-strings-attached lifestyle.

I’m here to show you it is possible to create a legitimate work from home based business… in fact, it’s easier than you might think (but it does require dedication and time).

Still with me? Good  😉

Home Based Businesses Take a Little Time To Build

I know, I know, not what you wanted to hear, right?

But any online or offline business takes some time to build.

How long many people ask, I answered that question in this post… How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online (click the link, the article will open in another tab so you can check it out later).

In general, think of this like going to college, but with two major differences.

  1. You won’t rack up $50,000 to $100,000’s in debt to get your education and start making money.
  2. You can start earning money within the first several months, and, that money builds as you continue to build your online business and learn.
legitimate work from home based business photo

Earn Money While You Learn – What A Concept!

Think of this as the new norm of the way students should progress through higher level educational systems.

It also would be best not to expect instant results.

This is what a lot of people who are new to making money online struggle with; heck, it was one of the hardest things for me to accept about building a legitimate work from home based business when I first started as well.

Take note that if you can spend the initial time (2 to 10 months depending on your niche) to build out the foundation to your online business correctly.

If you can do this, it will lead to long term financial success and eventually passive income.

Why Most Work from Home Businesses Fail?

Most people expect fast results and give up when they don’t see those results. Which isn’t surprising after years of conditioning from working in hourly or salary jobs. They teach us to expect pay after work. That feels normal.

And we want the immediate reward, but this is not the case with creating your own business.

And this is the primary reason why people fail to make money online.

Yes, there are some people who struck the magical jack-pot and quickly created websites in obscure niches and had decent results. But the chances of you hitting the online business jack pot right away are incredibly slim.

Want an ace up your sleeve?

Most of your “competition” doesn’t actually follow a proven online business plan, they’re kind of grasping at straws.

But you can follow an exact proven guide to create success. It can be your secret weapon to smashing your competition. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Without further ado, I give you our..

#1 – Legitimate Work From Home Based Business Plan

Drum Roll Please…

Niche Websites & Affiliate Marketing Work Great!

Here’s what you’ll need to do to build that home based business in 5 steps.

Step #1 – Pick a Niche Topic to Build Your Online Business Around

I’d encourage you to pick a niche based on something that you love, are passionate about, interested in learning more about, or a skill and knowledge base that you already have acquired. This makes your job easier and more fun.

For more info on Niches, read these two posts… What is a Niche, and How to Find Your Niche.

You can find all kinds of niche ideas within these two posts.

The next piece of the puzzle is to raise our attention to is how we’re going to make money from our niche. The least expensive and lowest risk method is through affiliate marketing.

Note: There’s 1,000’s of ways to make money online, affiliate marketing offers many advantages and is really a great place to learn so many similar skills that you need to create a successful online business – so it’s a great place to start. Later, you can add email marketing, advertising, selling physical products, etc.

Step #2 – Find an Affiliate Product to Promote

I’m sure that you have heard about affiliate marketing before, but maybe you’re not quite sure what it’s all about, let me explain.

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting someone else’s product for a commission. Since you don’t need a product of your own, it’s one of the easiest ways to make money online.

You have No Risk to buy inventory or overhead expenses with affiliate marketing.

In fact, affiliate marketing is the cornerstone to any legitimate work from home based business, almost every popular website includes affiliate links in their articles (and they make thousands of dollars from those links alone).

It’s really easy to get started with affiliate marketing; all you need is a product to promote through an affiliate, and a website.

Step #3 – Build a Website Based On Your Niche

Thanks to modern website creation tools, it’s really easy to make a simple niche website that you can use to promote your affiliate links.

You will use your website to create helpful content based on your niche that people are already searching for online.

This is how I’ve learned to rank content quickly in Google and bring in traffic for free. It’s not as hard as you may think, but you do need to learn keyword research and some basic seo (search engine optimization) skills.

legitimate work from home based business photo

However, if you’re not into writing content, you can learn to create landing pages and drive traffic to the page via pay per click advertising. This is obviously much more costly and I think there is incredible value in learning to write content, write marketing pages, and develop your basic SEO skills.

This will be critical for your long term online success. Plus you can use these same skills to rank fast on YouTube if video marketing is your thing.

Want to have the foundation of your site built for you? Meaning the basic menus, pages, posts, photos and basic SEO all set up for you. Then I have one service I recommend – Human Proof Designs.com will get you set up. Then get your hosting and continue training with my #1 recommended training center – it’s free to sign up.

Step #4 – Bring Traffic to Your Affiliate Products, Website, Social Pages, YouTube Channel 

You can promote your link on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (but this can be considered spam and is really not that effective).

Quick note, don’t directly promote affiliate links on Google Plus, they’ll give you a warning the first time, if repeated, then it’s down with your account.traf13

You can still have success promoting on social sites, but you’ll convert more sales and produce a better user experience if your link leads the reader to a post on a website or landing page, plus it doesn’t come off as spam.

Really, you can promote your affiliate product anywhere online, but you’ll find it most effective to promote affiliate links through a website and learn to create organic traffic (discussed in further detail below).

Step #5 – Make That Money!

If you’ve created your site correctly and you bring traffic in through a number of sources, the money will flow. Then all you do is continue to repeat the process.

Why Niche Websites Make Excellent Home Based Businesses?

Short answer: Niche sites are created by ranking content that your niche audience is already typing into Google. That means your reaching your niche audience when they are actively looking to buy something.

So niche sites are relevant and create a buying response for those looking for the products you promote.

For example: Say I’m looking for a new durable case for my iPhone. What’s the first thing most people do nowadays?

They Google something like: What’s the best iPhone 6 case..

Below are the metrics for this keyword phrase. With a little bit of seo training and ability to write quality content, this phrase would be very easy to rank for naturally if you can create helpful content about the best iPhone 6 case.

Look below..

The phrase has over 3K people searching it per month with over 500 people to your site per month if you rank page one in Google, and you would only have 18 competing websites to rank against. So it would be pretty easy to rank for this phrase to create traffic that converts into sales.

legitimate work from home based business research tool results

Results Produced by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. An Essential Tool for Home Based Businesses. Click Here to Learn More!

When you search a phrase like this, you typically get two sets of results on the first page of Google. The paid search results followed by the organically Google ranked search results.

So we’re really talking about internet traffic here..

Internet traffic is how you get your product in front of your niche audience. You can pay for this traffic to come to your site using Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, etc., or you can create helpful content based on comparing the top most durable iPhone cases and rank your content naturally for free.

Makes sense?

If you think about it, you’ll find we do this type of online searching for products whenever we’re researching something we want to buy.

Today’s rising trend of online shopping is taking over the world, and it’s easy to see why, shopping online is just a more user friendly experience.

And this is a huge advantage that online businesses have over offline businesses – A far greater ability to generate more traffic.  More Traffic = More Sales.

The Benefits of a Legitimate Home Based Business

There are a lot of benefits to creating a specific niche based affiliate website. For starters, the websites will bring in a regular stream of cash, and, in some cases, they don’t need to be updated.

It’s true that domain age plays a role in search engine optimization, the older a website is the higher it’ll rank in Google. That means if you create a good niche specific affiliate website now, in a few years it’ll still be bringing in cash, and your revenue will likely increase every few months.

But there’s still one more benefit, and in my opinion this is the best part: it’s possible to replicate these websites in multiple niches. In other words, scale the business.

It’s all about repeating the process, this can be done an unlimited amount of times, and you can even scale up to massive lengths and hire people to create these websites for you.

Or… you can take another route and focus on dominating a specific niche with one website.

Both are good ideas, it depends on your goals. Websites that dominate one niche are called authority websites and they can certainly be extremely profitable, there are examples all over the internet.

With an affiliate website (or several) that bring in cash every month like clock-work… there’s really nothing that you have to do.

Once you get to that point – Congratulations! You have just separated your time from cash. You are now free to do whatever you want.

Travel the world. Spend time with your family. Explore. Be Free from the daily grind!

Of course, it’s all easier said than done… but if you follow a proven affiliate marketing training course, one that has worked for thousands of people, it’ll only be a matter of time.

In fact, if you are dedicated and work hard, it might be possible to reach your long term goals in a year or two, but you can see serious results within a couple of months.

Here’s a great story of a 21 y.o. guy who joined this training program, and on month 11, he was bringing in over $4,300/mo. Click here to read Colton’s Story.

Maybe $4,300 doesn’t seem like much to you, but online businesses that consistently produce quality content for their respective niche audiences over time create a snowball effect in respect to what they can financially produce.

Just like a snowball, the traffic and income gets bigger and bigger, and the momentum to make this happen becomes less and less. It’s not unheard of for niche website owners to make jumps from $3,000/mo to $6,500 to 10,000/mo and can climb as high as 50 to 100K/mo.

Some Perspective On Home Based Online Businesses:

It would be counter-productive to blindly work on an affiliate website. You’ll run into speed bumps and have to slow-down, maybe even delete your website and start over from scratch a few times before you find something that works.

It’s possible to figure out how it all works on your own… but it takes a lot longer. In my opinion, it’s a complete waste of time for those that want to create a profitable business from home in the least amount of time.

If you want to learn exactly how the professionals make their living online with a legitimate home based business, all you have to do is follow what works, and there’s a training course that will show you exactly how it’s done.

Why take the long route when you can follow the proven path?

I have been using this training center for a few years, and even though I went through the initial training to set up my websites, I continue to use it because there are many tools and features that I need to use to grow my business (and these tools will be an enormous benefit to you as well).

Not to mention a Community of Super-Helpful Members!

So, it’s all there for you, a complete affiliate marketing training course that you can use to create a legitimate work from home based business.

Let’s make you dreams a reality!

Click Here to Learn How it All Works! 


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