Lyoness Review: Is It a Scam or a Real Business Opportunity?

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Lyoness is a company that has been around for more than ten years. It’s a shopping platform that allows customers to purchase products at retail price and receive cash-back on credit card purchases.

In this Lyoness review we will take a look at the company and analyze the business model and see if it’s truly a legitimate business opportunity or another online scam.

Chances are somebody wanted to sell this opportunity to you and you’re looking for more information.

If that is the case, this review will make it easier for you make a smart decision.

What is Lyoness?

Lyoness is a platform that grants bonuses and other benefits to people who purchase from their stores. It is partnered with many different retail stores that make it possible for customers to find excellent deals on a wide selection of products.

The company also uses a classic network marketing business model to bring in new affiliates and customers.

Much like every other multi-level marketing system, the idea is to promote the company and collect as many people under you as possible.

So, to make money with Lyoness you have to sign-up and pay the registration fee and then recruit new people for the rest of your life.

It’s not exactly a new idea.

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How to Make Money With Lyoness

There are a few ways that you are supposed to be able to make money with Lyoness.

Friendship Bonus

This is a commission on your affiliate’s purchases within the company. In other words, if you recommend this company to someone (and they sign-up under your affiliate link) you will be able to earn a commission on everything they purchase.

How much is the commission?

Nothing to write home about. It’s 0.5% of the total cost. That’s shockingly low.

But lets take a look at some of the other ways to make money with Lyoness…

Selling Premium Member Packages

Premium members need to invest a down-payment of $2000 for future discounts and benefits. You will receive a bonus if you can sell Premium Packages.

Of course, in order to sell Lyoness packages, one must purchase the package themselves, so you have to drop $2000 for the pleasure of selling the packages.

New members can register for free but they won’t be able to participate in the opportunities. If you sign-up four free members you will become a “Independent Business Representative”.

Cash-Back Returns

One of the most popular features of Lyoness is their cash-back benefit.

It works like this; if you make purchase a product with a credit card, Lyoness will send a percentage of the total price back to you as cash.

This might sound like a dream but the cash-back rate is actually really – really – low; it’s in-between one and five percent.

There have also been reports of people never receiving the cash-back as promised. It’s not instant like you might imagine, the process takes a few months, sometimes close to a year!

So that’s pretty much it.

As you can see, none of these “Benefits” are particularly attractive or profitable.

I wouldn’t want to spend $2,000 for any of the above Lyoness perks.

But, maybe that’s just me, let’s see how other members are doing within the company…

Lyoness Income Disclaimer – What to Expect…

Lyoness’s income disclaimer from 2013 (I was unable to find the most recent income disclaimers) reveals some interesting information.

Here’s is a link to the official file.

Note that the income is annual income. 

The report reveals that approximately 24% of members did not receive any form of income.

On the other hand, 76% did receive income but the average annual income is $1,439.75 – that’s not much for a year of work.

This gives us a little glimpse into how much people earn within the company.

Of course, results may vary depending on your marketing skills and determination, but even the most advanced members don’t earn much.

One more statistic that is worth mentioning is that 17% of Lyoness members did not continue with the program.

I’m actually surprised, I thought that rate would be much higher…

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What I Don’t Like About Lyoness

First of all, multi-level marketing businesses are not my cup of tea, I’m sure plenty of people can make money with them, but in my opinion it’s not a business that is worth my time and cash.

Lyoness claims to offer insane bonuses and benefits to people who shop with their system, but in reality the bonuses are not worth the trouble.

I don’t like how you need to pay $2,000 to become a premium member, and it’s not even clear where this money goes.

Lyoness says it goes to future discounts. I’m not sure what that means.

Why would anyone want to pay $2,000 to receive some discounts on products they don’t even want or need?

(There are more expensive packages as well)

I have also read numerous reports of people who were unable to acquire a refund, it seems like Lyoness doesn’t freely hand out refunds.

Here you can find over 27 complaints for Lyoness products and services, mostly regarding refunds.


The people who founded Lyoness probably think it’s a never-before-seen opportunity but to me it sounds like a very flimsy business and all I want to do is keep my distance.

Members will have to work hard and invest a lot of money into a business that closely resembles a Pyramid Scheme.

Lyoness so far has not been classified as a scam, but there are plenty of complaints about it online, and some positive reviews too.

The positive reviews are mostly from people who are promoting the business and need some more members in their down-line.

I don’t consider Lyoness a scam.

But I don’t think it’s worth your time either, there are much better things that you could be working on, like, a business of your own.

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If you have any feedback on our Lyoness Review, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and remember to be safe out there.

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